Jameis Winston picks FSU over Alabama

Hueytown star quarterback Jameis Winston picked Florida State over Alabama. Winston announced his decision on ESPNU Wednesday.

“It has been tough the whole time, and I feel very confident with my decision,” Winston said as he pulled a Florida State cap out and placed it on his head before the television cameras. “I think I want to be a Florida State Seminole.”

Why FSU? “I’m just comfortable and that is where I want to be,” Winston said.

Winston dodged a key question that FSU fans are no doubt interested in hearing an answer to—will Jameis Winston play college football or skip college to play professional baseball?

“I’m thinking about that. The baseball draft is coming,” Winston said. “But right now, I’m just focused on leading my team to a state championship and that will come later.”

That has to rank as a non-answer, and rather sophisticated dodge for a high school student. Reading between the lines it likely means that draft position will play a big role in his decision, but that remains speculation since his answer did not clarify his thinking.

Winston thanked God, family, friends and others for helping him get to where he is today.

“First of all I have to thank God for supporting me and being there for me my whole life,” Winston said. “I’ve got to thank my family and friends for always being there and my coaches and my mentors for pushing me.”

Winston isn’t worried about fan reaction or pressure from Alabama fans.

“Alabama fans are probably going to hate me, but my job right now is not to please the fans or people in general,” Winston said. “I’m just focused on leading my high school team to the state championship.”

Winston is considered one of the top quarterbacks available in the 2012 recruiting class. Winston is rated a five-star recruit by Scout and the number two ranked quarterback for the 2012 class. Rivals classified Winston as a four-star recruit and the top dual threat quarterback available.


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  1. 1

    Yeah I just read it on Tide Sports. Thanks. I figured FSU since he still hasn’t decided if he’s going to play football or go for the dough in Pro Baseball. FSU is more offensive minded than Bama and the Administration has let our baseball program stagnate for a bunch of years now. Of course LSU has an even better baseball program than FSU, but their offensive philosophy sucks and Florida is a lot more fun than the swamps around Baton Rouge.

  2. 2

    Well you got that backwards. Scout or ESPN has Winston the top QB and #11 overall athlete, while Rivals has Gunner Kiel ranked #1 QB and way ahead of Winston in the top 100. As for Bama fan’s being mad? Hell I’m not. We’ve got 4 years of Phillip Simms left. We don’t need Winston. What’s more, he’s going to phuck up FSU’s recruiting if he goes pro baseball later. It’s better for Bama cause now they can focus on a QB that will stay here and not leave us a recruit short for 2012. So good luck to him, but the hell with him. RTR!

    • 3
      Rogue Elephant

      Woulda been great if JW had picked Bama, as long as he stayed and played football.
      Woulda been bad if JW had picked Bama, if he up and decides to take the money and play baseball.
      Personally, I think he oughtta take the money because it may be too good for him to turn down.
      No matter what, this is no longer Bama’s concern.

  3. 5

    Anyway it’s a damn long time to next February. Maybe an azzwhoopin on FSU by Oklahoma and a National Championship by Bama will change his mind. RTR!

  4. 7

    Now that JW did pick the ‘Noles, I too say screw CFB and take the money and run….hey wait a minute, wasn’t that song used last year and now they made a tv show out of it.
    Are there not any guidelines in place by the almighty kings of CFB up in the taj mahal in Indy that protect schools from this sort of rebuke by a recruit? Jesus, they have rules when it comes to times that athletes can wipe their ass why not this?

  5. 8
    Tina Smith

    Really thinking this is a non-issue. Seems like he will be playing baseball vs football. I personally want people at Alabama that want to be there. If he felt led to go elsewhere. Good luck to him. Quite confident that my program remains in good hands. RTR!

  6. 10

    Take this for what it’s worth, but this is what it looks like behind the curtain on pay sites. The prognosticators are saying that Jameis was aggravated about the fact that Alabama brushed his interest aside and pursued Kiel. Apparently, once Kiel chose IU (WTF?), Alabama started pouring on the rump smooching with Winston. Too little, too late. FSU never stopped recruiting him. His Twitter page even makes mention of being second choice, with an smh (shake my head) acronym beside the statement. I think Alabama rolled the dice on Kiel and crapped out with both Winston and Kiel. Without a top QB and an uncertain starter, Sims or McCarron will need a great season to pull in the remaining offensive threats on Alabama’s board (with DGB being the number 1 target). It looks as if Chris Black is headed to FSU this Friday. But, it’s a long time ’til February. A great season can change a lot of minds.

  7. 11

    It’s a proven fact that baseball players have longer careers and make more money that football players. Expect JW to never see the field in Tallahassee. An unreal talent, but a smart young man with a capable baseball future.

  8. 12

    Most any HS kid going in the first 3 rounds would be crazy to not go to pro baseball. In addition to a signing bonus ranging fro $800k to $2 mil, the kid will get a four year scholly if he never makes it to the bigs.

    The kid can always come back and play CFB after he doesn’t make it to the bigs.

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