Jameis Winston picks FSU over Alabama

Hueytown star quarterback Jameis Winston picked Florida State over Alabama. Winston announced his decision on ESPNU Wednesday.

“It has been tough the whole time, and I feel very confident with my decision,” Winston said as he pulled a Florida State cap out and placed it on his head before the television cameras. “I think I want to be a Florida State Seminole.”

Why FSU? “I’m just comfortable and that is where I want to be,” Winston said.

Winston dodged a key question that FSU fans are no doubt interested in hearing an answer to—will Jameis Winston play college football or skip college to play professional baseball?

“I’m thinking about that. The baseball draft is coming,” Winston said. “But right now, I’m just focused on leading my team to a state championship and that will come later.”

That has to rank as a non-answer, and rather sophisticated dodge for a high school student. Reading between the lines it likely means that draft position will play a big role in his decision, but that remains speculation since his answer did not clarify his thinking.

Winston thanked God, family, friends and others for helping him get to where he is today.

“First of all I have to thank God for supporting me and being there for me my whole life,” Winston said. “I’ve got to thank my family and friends for always being there and my coaches and my mentors for pushing me.”

Winston isn’t worried about fan reaction or pressure from Alabama fans.

“Alabama fans are probably going to hate me, but my job right now is not to please the fans or people in general,” Winston said. “I’m just focused on leading my high school team to the state championship.”

Winston is considered one of the top quarterbacks available in the 2012 recruiting class. Winston is rated a five-star recruit by Scout and the number two ranked quarterback for the 2012 class. Rivals classified Winston as a four-star recruit and the top dual threat quarterback available.