Birmingham News in crisis

Pravda, err I mean the Auburn-Birmingham News announced a mandatory furlough plan for its employees. The newspaper reported the development on its online website According to the announcement, the “mandatory one-week furlough” is “for full-time workers.” This is a cost-cutting measure, the publisher said.

According to the newspaper’s Auburn fan publisher said, “We have to face a new economic reality. We must be entrepreneurial, nimble and creative.”

The paper could also try being less pro-Auburn. You could do this through actual investigative reporting of the massive NCAA investigation into Auburn’s recruiting practices. Try not getting scooped by the New York Times, ESPN, Fox Sports and other outlets when there is negative news about Auburn.

If you want a real exercise compare the professionalism on display in other parts of the newspaper with the standards used in the sports page.

For Alabama fans, this should be viewed as an opportunity. If you are still reading the Birmingham News, then you should stop doing so. Send Newhouse and Advance a message about its inept sports coverage by voting with your wallet.

It is sad for the hard-working people at the newspaper, but there is no other way to send a message to the inept Advance management.