Virgin Islanders hate Clay Travis too

Clay Travis knows how to piss people off. Just look at his record. Even Virgin Islanders hate the guy.

From a 2005 blog, “In one ‘fabricated’ interview, Attorney Travis managed to refer to Virgin Islanders as illiterate, suggest Virgin Islands women as being the ugliest in the world, refer to the Virgin Islands as a third world country, and end by suggesting that Virgin Islanders don’t know the meaning of the word ‘fabricate’.”

And even local politicians got in on the Clay Travis bashing. Senator Craig Barshinger called Travis’ work “grossly insensitive.”

Clay Travis

Clay Travis Photo via Crucian Blog

According to the senator’s newsletter, “The Senator commented recently on the article written by the St.Thomas resident, Clay Travis, in ‘The Virgin Verve’ regarding a ‘make believe’ interview with Tim Duncan. The article was a tongue and cheek (sic) opinion disparaging Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs, and Virgin Islanders. Sen. Barshinger, like many Virgin Islanders, said he ‘was appalled by the ‘make believe’ interview with Tim Duncan. Even as a fabrication, the interview was grossly insensitive…it {is} difficult to imagine why someone who harbors such disdain for Virgin Islanders would even live here…ethnic and racial hatred at any level cannot be tolerated.”

Travis hasn’t changed since his days in the Virgin Islands.

His ego and mouth overshadow his talent.

And people are shocked that he is pulling the same stunt now? First he reports something negative on Auburn. Next he prints innuendo provided to him by Auburn fans in an attempt to get something negative out on Alabama.

Travis did nothing wrong in publishing the photographs. The photographs were interesting enough to warrant publication on a blog—a place where standards are much lower than traditional media outlets. The photographs were already widely circulated and available on social networking sites. So, there was no real issue in publishing them. The photographs were already out there. But, Travis can’t decide if he wants to be a blogger or a professional journalist. Compare his piece on the NCAA’s investigation of Auburn and the NCAA’s visit to Montgomery. The article was sourced and written with details that furthered his report.

When the negative Alabama story came out, He tried to appear like a journalist when all he was really doing was publishing photographs provided to him by Auburn fans. There is nothing wrong with that, but to masquerade as something else was a mistake. Travis erred when he published without giving Alabama sufficient time to comment on the story. The idiotic attempt to get Alabama’s comment late at night when his story was being published was a giant mistake. Who would answer emails in the middle of the night? It was transparent.

Travis erred again when he inserted himself into the story. The pictures either speak for themselves or they don’t. His continued self-promotion distracts from the photographs. Why does Travis feel the need to continue to trickle out photographs and provide lame commentary on them? Why does Travis feel the need to go on various radio programs and talk about himself? It is that ego thing. It gets in the way of his ability to report. It can happen to anyone, but in this case it has put egg all over his face. Will anyone be able to trust him again? Instead of letting the photographs tell the story, Travis inserted his foot into his mouth. He doesn’t even know what mall some of his photographs were taken in—but that didn’t stop him from publishing a large amount of innuendo. So much for any attempt at verification.