Virgin Islanders hate Clay Travis too

Clay Travis knows how to piss people off. Just look at his record. Even Virgin Islanders hate the guy.

From a 2005 blog, “In one ‘fabricated’ interview, Attorney Travis managed to refer to Virgin Islanders as illiterate, suggest Virgin Islands women as being the ugliest in the world, refer to the Virgin Islands as a third world country, and end by suggesting that Virgin Islanders don’t know the meaning of the word ‘fabricate’.”

And even local politicians got in on the Clay Travis bashing. Senator Craig Barshinger called Travis’ work “grossly insensitive.”

Clay Travis
Clay Travis Photo via Crucian Blog

According to the senator’s newsletter, “The Senator commented recently on the article written by the St.Thomas resident, Clay Travis, in ‘The Virgin Verve’ regarding a ‘make believe’ interview with Tim Duncan. The article was a tongue and cheek (sic) opinion disparaging Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs, and Virgin Islanders. Sen. Barshinger, like many Virgin Islanders, said he ‘was appalled by the ‘make believe’ interview with Tim Duncan. Even as a fabrication, the interview was grossly insensitive…it {is} difficult to imagine why someone who harbors such disdain for Virgin Islanders would even live here…ethnic and racial hatred at any level cannot be tolerated.”

Travis hasn’t changed since his days in the Virgin Islands.

His ego and mouth overshadow his talent.

And people are shocked that he is pulling the same stunt now? First he reports something negative on Auburn. Next he prints innuendo provided to him by Auburn fans in an attempt to get something negative out on Alabama.

Travis did nothing wrong in publishing the photographs. The photographs were interesting enough to warrant publication on a blog—a place where standards are much lower than traditional media outlets. The photographs were already widely circulated and available on social networking sites. So, there was no real issue in publishing them. The photographs were already out there. But, Travis can’t decide if he wants to be a blogger or a professional journalist. Compare his piece on the NCAA’s investigation of Auburn and the NCAA’s visit to Montgomery. The article was sourced and written with details that furthered his report.

When the negative Alabama story came out, He tried to appear like a journalist when all he was really doing was publishing photographs provided to him by Auburn fans. There is nothing wrong with that, but to masquerade as something else was a mistake. Travis erred when he published without giving Alabama sufficient time to comment on the story. The idiotic attempt to get Alabama’s comment late at night when his story was being published was a giant mistake. Who would answer emails in the middle of the night? It was transparent.

Travis erred again when he inserted himself into the story. The pictures either speak for themselves or they don’t. His continued self-promotion distracts from the photographs. Why does Travis feel the need to continue to trickle out photographs and provide lame commentary on them? Why does Travis feel the need to go on various radio programs and talk about himself? It is that ego thing. It gets in the way of his ability to report. It can happen to anyone, but in this case it has put egg all over his face. Will anyone be able to trust him again? Instead of letting the photographs tell the story, Travis inserted his foot into his mouth. He doesn’t even know what mall some of his photographs were taken in—but that didn’t stop him from publishing a large amount of innuendo. So much for any attempt at verification.


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    Clay Travis is a publicity whore. He’s going to say whatever he thinks will upset the largest amount of people to get his name out there and hope to make the Paul Finebaum show. I wouldn’t waste another word on him.

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    robert garrard

    Alabama is in trouble! SBB is also on top of this and the word is that yahoo is about to break this wide open. So don’t kid yourselves into thinking that this will blow over. This is just the beginning. SBB was the gospel when the topic was Auburn, but now it’s a shady web site? You can’t have it both ways little brother. Corey Grant is an Auburn man now and he knows how things worked down at t-town. Uh oh! Get ready for the hammer losers because the ncaa is coming.

  3. 7

    Wow (palm meet forehead)… this has to be the all time weakest blog that has been published on this site. You must be in full panic mode. I can just picture it now… scrambling to find dirt on Travis so that you can discredit his statements about UA, you find… wait for it… he “hates Virgin Islanders” Man, way to nail this guy. You really made a point with this one. Of course, EVERYBODY knows that anyone who says anything less than positive about PACIFIC ISLANDERS can’t be trusted. I think it is absolutely hilarious that you guys were quick to support him and SBB when they talked negatively about Auburn. Now all of a sudden they are the poster boys for no credibility????

    Let me just get this straight so that we can move forward and make sure we all know where you guys are coming from.
    1. As a general rule, you have complete confidence in a reporter or blogger, so long as they are reporting negatively about Auburn and favorably about UA.
    2. Nothing should be believed or even considered to be possibly true if it somehow supports AU, particularly if the writer has ties to AU, and reporters that say anything negative about UA are wasting their time and should be reporting negative information about Auburn.
    3. Concerns about bias in the media are not applied to information that supports a negative view of AU or a positive view of UA. For example, P. Marshal should be automatically discounted because he has ties to Auburn. On the other hand, Sheridan, a UA alumni, is 100% believable when he says he knows about a bag man, irregardless of his UA ties. Another example? The Birmingham paper is biased and should not be read because they recently reported the T-town scandal. On the other hand, the New York Times, which owns the TUSCALOOSA news, is a reasonable resource to obtain non-biased negative information about AU.
    4. How about this one… The Auburn AD, head coach, SEC, and NCAA all state multiple times that there is no evidence AU did anything wrong with regards to the recruitment of Newton. Of course, that means he is guilty. When a plethora of very questionable pics are released portraying UA in a bad light, however, it is clear that further consideration/investigation is not needed because the compliance department and the head coach say so.
    5. The definition of “investigation” changes when it is applied to anything that involves Auburn. Rather than the typical definition (“a searching inquiry for ascertaining facts; detailed or careful examination”), investigations in the context of AU indicate guilt. In other words, investigations are done, not when allegations have been made, but when the investigating body knows the university is guilty. Hence, it is acceptable to reference the AU investigation as evidence of AU’s guilt. The “investigation” by UA’s compliance department did NOT mean UA is guilty… rather, it confirms that they are innocent of any wrong doing.
    6. Along those lines, Auburn, who has not been in trouble with the NCAA since the early 90’s clearly has a compliance office that can not be trusted. Bama’s compliance office, on the other hand, should obviously be taken at its word, never questioned, and assumed to be correct. After all, the fact that they have been on probation so long clearly suggests that they know the rules and how to comply. I mean, come on, who isn’t more likely to believe someone who has cheated regularly over the last 20 years relative to someone who hasn’t?

    Keep up the good work fellas!

    • 8
      robert garrard

      FYI, that is the best, most comprehensive post I have read in a long, long time! Kudos my friend and WAR DAMN EAGLE!

    • 9

      I didn’t dig up his racist past. Someone sent it to me.

      I also made a point of looking at his larger problem: either the photographs prove something or they don’t. Clearly, they don’t….except to delusional AU fans hungry to distract from their own impending NCAA doom.

      Have fun with that.

      As for credibility, I refuse to typically link to because of bias and other issues. However, when there is a story worthy of linking….I link it.

      I did the same thing with Travis suit story. I linked the Auburn story.

      See the difference between what we do and what AU fans do?

      I’m also highly critical of UA and its general problems obeying the Open Records law.

      One final thing….

      Sure, Auburn hasn’t cheated at all over these last 20 years.

      Just ask Terry Bowden. Whoops.

      Just ask Tommy Tuberville. Hmm. Or maybe the NCAA already has.

  4. 11

    For FYI… while I am not going to go into a whole diatribe like you just–you must be a lawyer or a sicko fan that has not been around long enough to know that such things will kill you if you let them fester. Obviously you see it important enough to make detail notes then present a dissertation.
    You know it just has a bit of sand lot bullying going on and very suspicious that on the night that Travis is having a launch party during SEC media days that his inbox gets filled up with already been released detailed info from 8mos ago from AU fans. Travis admits that he got his “scoop” this way–whatever Clay, bringing up old news like it is new news–shotty “republishing” on his part. Now that is a true definition of paranoia that I have ever seen. “well, if we (AU) keep getting hammered then Bama is going down too.
    While I will never deny that some irrational fans will gloat at the other’s demise, Cecil brought this on himself–not UA and certainly not their fanbase. Bama did not report this issue. The fact that it has drug out this long has been annoying for everyone withe exception of the aforementioned sensationalist journalist and this includes Finebaum and every other sports radio shows that thrive off of these sorts of stories. So take this crap for what it is worth-mudding the waters sensationism journalism.
    You know what? Most college teams wake up every morning just hoping that the proverbial hammer has not hit on their own program. So watch out for that hammer, it could very easily happen to both teams and even at the same time. Roll Tide Roll

  5. 12
    Tina Smith

    I do think it is just a matter of time before things come out about Scam Newton! What I can’t wait to hear is, when all of the Barners who have supported and defended him so strongly, have to put up and shut up. I can hear the excuses already. RTR!!

  6. 13
    john hampton

    As an Auburn fan, I do have to agree with parts of this article. There are many things that really need to stop. I’m not here to say that Alabama is doing everything wrong or Auburn is doing everything wrong. There are plenty of people other than me that do that on a daily basis on here and every other blog site. What I do know is that Auburn and Alabama both should call out Clay Travis. Its easy to pull for his “reporting” when he is bashing the other team. But it is very apparent that he is going to continue to make non-stories into stories on his site about both schools. The real stories I guess don’t bring in enough views, he has to be the “first” to “break” a story. It is obvious that he is doing this because his beloved Tennessee has no chance of competing with either of our schools. We might yell at each other, cuss each other, talk bad about one another, but he needs to keep his trash talk to his rival or someone else. His “reporting” is going to cost his school a serious azz whooping when they have to face us and it will be because of him.
    So, as much as we disagree with each other, I don’t think what he is doing to your team is right and I personally, will no longer visit his anti-Auburn/Alabama site.
    War Eagle guys and good luck this year. Hope your team stays healthy and has a lot of success in the upcoming year……except the Iron Bowl of course

  7. 14

    I, a Bama fan, have never gone to an auburn site. I have zero interest in what they have to say. I just wonder why they populate this site as much or more than Bama fans and what their fascination is with all things Bama.

    • 15
      john hampton

      I come on here, even though I am an Auburn fan, because I also like Alabama. I am one of the few I know. But the only reason I pull against bama is if they are playing Auburn or if Auburn needs bama to lose to better Auburns chances of the SEC game or Rankings or other reasons. But I do like bama and I like to keep up with them just as I do Auburn. If I hated Bama I promise I wouldn’t be on here.

  8. 16

    Dang ….everytime SBB or Clay Travis spew some speculation about Auburn, you fools post it right up front and drool over like it is the gospel.

    Then they do the same with the clothing story and you act like they are just fools.

    You biased stoopidity is once again ….overtly evident ….and as always …..laughable.

    • 17

      Thing is, Hoopty, you all can talk about the clothing story all you want. It has changed nothing. No NCAA investigation, no suspensions, nada. What will be the next deflection story? I am sure you and your cult brethren are cooking up something new, but you guys better hurry before the season starts…

  9. 18

    Brando …read my post carefully again, because your pathetic Bama education reading comprehension has let you down again.

    The point of my post was that you fools are biased to the level of laughable lunacy.

    Your comments are basically on a 5th grade level.

  10. 19

    I read your post. The hypocrisy cuts both ways, dumbass. You guys were in an uproar of the SbB hit pieces on Auburn, and now all you guys are flocking to it in droves, swearing it is the truth when it is against Bama. See how that works? Your ignorance is laughable, if only because you try to act like you are so intelligent. You really are just another dumbass cult member in denial.

  11. 20

    To me attacking Travis or any Journalists personal life, although he sounds like someone who deserves it, is Auburn and/or Travis like.

    • 21

      Fair enough. I actually agree.

      However, is it personal life to examine his writings and other public comments?

      I don’t think it is private if you publish something.

      I don’t think it is personal if you are condemned by a politician for insensitive remarks.

      Just my opinion…..

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