Death by Finebaum

Ask Mike Shula how much fun being a target of Paul Finebaum’s criticism.

Ask Bill Curry what it was like to be the target of Paul Finebaum’s wrath.

Ask an Auburn fan what it is like to suffer the drip, drip, drip of bad news on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Simple answer: It isn’t fun.

Auburn is getting more than its share of bad news about the massive NCAA investigation centered on Auburn from Finebaum’s broadcast. USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan provided most of the bombshell news in the last couple of weeks. (LISTEN to Sheridan’s interview on Paul Finebaum’s show.)

We know things are upsetting Auburn when the Defender of the Faith Phillip Marshall comes out to complain about Sheridan’s story. Auburn’s faithful lapdog Marshall wrote pleading for someone, anyone to repudiate what Danny Sheridan reported. Poor guy. The NCAA already told you it will let you know when it is finished. And guess what. It isn’t finished.

We can speculate why the Finebaum show was the center of the latest news—is it Finebaum’s greatness as an interviewer or simply laziness on the part of local Auburn beat reporters? Perhaps it is a little of both.

Sheridan again repeated his report that a witness has been identified by the NCAA and this witness could come forward to provide evidence about Auburn and the recruitment of Cam Newton. Sheridan said the witness to the allegation could provide details “that (Cecil Newton) the father was given money and the church was given money.” Sheridan said he hopes to have the name of the bagman/witness within a couple of weeks.

Instead of trying to investigate the matter, Auburn’s fellow travelers in the media attempted to divert the conversation from the real issue—Auburn’s serious NCAA troubles—and examine Sheridan’s sources or the illusion of an Alabama problem with a men’s store in Tuscaloosa.

Phillip Marshall is Auburn’s chief defender. Every column he publishes is a passionate defense of Auburn. There is no objective analysis. He wrote this in an effort to appease the Auburn lemmings before he and his fellows head off the NCAA’s Cliff of Sanctions.

Marshall’s job (and others like the Birmingham News) is to keep the lemmings from knowing how close they are to that Cliff of Sanctions.

What Finebaum does is make that job harder. He discredits the Auburn propaganda attack piece on Alabama football players published by blogs and aided by the Birmingham News, and then provides a damning report on Auburn and the NCAA by sports analyst Danny Sheridan.

It is like water torture with each broadcast spreading the truth that so many people refuse to hear. It is relentless. It takes its toll. It is a slow death instead of a big boom.

Will the drip, drip, drip continue?

Fans will have to tune in to Paul Finebaum to find out the latest information. They sure won’t get it from the local media or Auburn apologists.