Death by Finebaum

Ask Mike Shula how much fun being a target of Paul Finebaum’s criticism.

Ask Bill Curry what it was like to be the target of Paul Finebaum’s wrath.

Ask an Auburn fan what it is like to suffer the drip, drip, drip of bad news on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Simple answer: It isn’t fun.

Auburn is getting more than its share of bad news about the massive NCAA investigation centered on Auburn from Finebaum’s broadcast. USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan provided most of the bombshell news in the last couple of weeks. (LISTEN to Sheridan’s interview on Paul Finebaum’s show.)

We know things are upsetting Auburn when the Defender of the Faith Phillip Marshall comes out to complain about Sheridan’s story. Auburn’s faithful lapdog Marshall wrote pleading for someone, anyone to repudiate what Danny Sheridan reported. Poor guy. The NCAA already told you it will let you know when it is finished. And guess what. It isn’t finished.

We can speculate why the Finebaum show was the center of the latest news—is it Finebaum’s greatness as an interviewer or simply laziness on the part of local Auburn beat reporters? Perhaps it is a little of both.

Sheridan again repeated his report that a witness has been identified by the NCAA and this witness could come forward to provide evidence about Auburn and the recruitment of Cam Newton. Sheridan said the witness to the allegation could provide details “that (Cecil Newton) the father was given money and the church was given money.” Sheridan said he hopes to have the name of the bagman/witness within a couple of weeks.

Instead of trying to investigate the matter, Auburn’s fellow travelers in the media attempted to divert the conversation from the real issue—Auburn’s serious NCAA troubles—and examine Sheridan’s sources or the illusion of an Alabama problem with a men’s store in Tuscaloosa.

Phillip Marshall is Auburn’s chief defender. Every column he publishes is a passionate defense of Auburn. There is no objective analysis. He wrote this in an effort to appease the Auburn lemmings before he and his fellows head off the NCAA’s Cliff of Sanctions.

Marshall’s job (and others like the Birmingham News) is to keep the lemmings from knowing how close they are to that Cliff of Sanctions.

What Finebaum does is make that job harder. He discredits the Auburn propaganda attack piece on Alabama football players published by blogs and aided by the Birmingham News, and then provides a damning report on Auburn and the NCAA by sports analyst Danny Sheridan.

It is like water torture with each broadcast spreading the truth that so many people refuse to hear. It is relentless. It takes its toll. It is a slow death instead of a big boom.

Will the drip, drip, drip continue?

Fans will have to tune in to Paul Finebaum to find out the latest information. They sure won’t get it from the local media or Auburn apologists.


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  1. 1
    Allen Times

    Awese, how cute. Little bammers still can’t stop thinking about Auburn! You are cute little brothers!

  2. 3

    Hey Allen Times, it will be the biggest story in NCAA in about 20 years since the SMU death penalty when auburn gets the bad news.

    Philiip Marshall and Goldberg can be guaranteed to keep their jobs, even if they ignore it. Other reporters will have some explaining to do if they ignore it.

    If this was Alabama, you auburn fans would be jumping up and down screaming for the death penalty. So, what goes around comes around.

    Better get used to stories like these because they are about to start coming down faster and faster and from the national media. Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride… for you.

  3. 8

    Big surprise… Bama players are photographed multiple times signing multiple jerseys, hanging out with boosters at dinner and parties, but it is a non-issue because Saban says so. Bama fans scream that real evidence should be provided and the reports are biased given the (suspected) origin of Auburn fans. Yet, Sheridan, a proud alumni of AU, makes some vague claims about knowing a bagman, and you guys treat it as undisputed fact. You guys epitomize the word “hypocrite”.

    • 9

      FYI are you really trying to say the photographs prove anything?

      The players did nothing wrong and the photographs do not provide any evidence that the players did anything wrong.

      We all know Cam Newton is the center of a massive NCAA investigation. We know the NCAA is investigating other issues at Auburn.

      The big story is the Auburn problem. Deal with it.

      • 10
        FBJ Lives

        It is the big story now cap. Now. Its not the photos themselves, its the story behind the “fan” that is the big concern. And it will get bigger.

        • 11

          And the FBJ chihuahau continues to bark.

          You’re dead in the water, friend. Sheridan ain’t Clay Travis. Danny has a 30 year track record of nailing it.

          Now quick! Say something witty. Won’t help in the end.

          SEC West, meet the new Ole Miss: Auburine.

        • 12

          And what exactly is the story behind the photos? Let me guess the bama players where signing memorabilia for free clothes? nope… Nick saban is the coach not Pat Dye. No story here. Just Aubb desperation on display.

      • 14

        We know, we know, we know. Fact is, you dont know. You have been running your licker for 10 months and what have you got? An oddsmaker that has a friend that has an NCAA source? Do you also know who killed Amy Winehouse you massive piece of information?

    • 15

      Better hope you are right… if there is any truth to it and a third party has been identified, Auburn will be in some deep doo-doo. So keep on wishing for something bad to happen to Bama. Your program is about to be front page material, and the Bama suitgate issue will be forgotten about for all the news about Cam vacating the Heisman and Auburn vacating the NC. I bet the news hits right before the season starts. What will you think if all this comes to pass FYI?

  4. 17
    DL Glosson

    No doubt that Finebaum is a POS, but he is nowhere near the likes of Kevin SCUMbinsky of the Awbarnham News. He (SCUMbinsky) is the lowest, sorry piece of shit ever placed on this earth!!

  5. 18

    BARNERGEDDON heats up! Bye bye Barntards.Don’t let the door smack that ass on the way out. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

  6. 20

    Nice try capstoner. I dont know if it’s intentional or not, but you guys do this a lot… change the topic rather than responding to what was actually said. I didn’t say the pics prove anything. In fact, if you look at my previous posts on other blogs, you’ll see that I have NEVER made that claim. That said, the pics are tangible evidence that raise many questions/concerns that warrant further consideration/investigation. Now, the blog above does appear to suggest, along with responses posted here and previous blogs, that Sheridans comments provide proof that there is a bagman. So I’ll ask you, does a UA alum making vague statements about a bagman, that he got from a source of a source, prove there is a bagman?

    • 21

      I know this, FYI, that Auburns troubles are a lot more serious than the claims against Bama players (by AUBURN fans). You don’t want the channel to change right now. Even Mal Moore has said that this was handled over 6 months ago, and the SEC AND the NCAA has been aware of it. Now if the SEC AND the NCAA have been aware of it since last year, and there has not been an investigation launched into it yet, I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up. Clay Travis and Auburn message boards are hardly proof of any hard evidence. Just speculation. Plus you guys are hardly experts in the NCAA rules area, based on all the dodging and deflecting you guys have been doing for ten months. Just hope that the NCAA doesn’t end up with a mound of evidence over 10 months against you guys. Because, if they do, it will make even your wildest conspiracy theory against Bama look like nothing compared to what Auburn is allegedly been doing. It looks like you are heading for lack of institutional control, being that your coach hardly has head coaching experience, it wouldn’t be a shock at all.

      • 22

        Well if Mal says it, then its the gospel. Is this the same Mal Moore that was your leader when you last go smacked with probation? Love it. Loser.

        • 23

          Actually it happened under Brockrath, Mal just had to clean the mess up. Another Auburn myth that has no truth to it.

  7. 24

    No one has asked the million dollar question. How much did barntards pay Clay Travis to whore out his new website? He may not be so stupid afterall.

  8. 25
    allen times

    Ahhh, once again like I said earlier, every single comment on here by an Alabama fan is talking about……….You guessed it…….big brother….AUBURN!
    Now….Repeat ofter me:
    Dear Bear,
    Our savior and one and only. Please save us. We know that deep down inside you were just a racist, sorry azz, drunk, red diaper doper baby bum, who cheated every day of your life at everything that you did, but this could save your image if you would just come up from the depths of Hell where you are at and stop this blasphemy! No one should be able to talk about us like this! Especially since you graced this great trash…..errr… with your holy presence. Please bear……PLEASE! Even though you’re dead please help us!
    Your faithful servents forever and ever,
    The mullets
    P.S. – Would you mind bringing us a couple of six packs of Colt 45 on your way up?

  9. 28
    Allen Times

    Thanks Kenny banya! It was fun to write. Really, I don’t think either school is going to get into trouble. IMHO. But I work with someone on here and I have to mess with him. He won’t reply but he did take my monitor cable! BASSTURD!!

    • 29
      84 OLB

      Did you really think Camcecil would change his stripes after he was kicked out of Florida (yes, kicked out) plagiarism and larceny. A bad seed. Period. Thinks he’s above the law. I hope it blows over quickly for AU, & for the state of Alabama (at least penalty-wise). Cecil faces federal racketeering and tax evasion charges, that is certain. Will remain a distraction for Cam in NC. Why trash Bryant? Are you addled, boy?

      • 30
        allen times

        no man. Its all a joke. Nothing wrong with the bear. Just screwing with my bud. He gives me crap about bo jackson and tommy and crap like that all the time. I’ve been on here several times and most people that see me post know that I am posting to him although I didn’t put his name on that one. And he does the same thing on the tiger sites. So like I said, I do pull for Auburn, but the only team that I actually HATE, is Tennessee. Always have. It’s all fun between us.
        By the way, I do hope that Cecil Newton goes to federal or something. He is a piece of crap that they need to make an example of. I just don’t want kids that played for Auburn for years before Cam came to have to pay for something that he did. Same thing with any team. Except Tennessee!

        • 31

          I have to agree, I am a huge Alabama fan. I dislike Auburn and I even rooted for yall in the Championship game because I like to see the SEC do well and same for the state of Alabama. The only team I will not ever, ever root for is Tennessee

          This guy sums it up for me

          • 32
            allen times

            HAHAHA!!! That shyt is hilarious! I hate Nayyland Stadium! That is awesome.
            I will say that it depends on who Alabama is playing whether or not I pull for them. But there are a lot of times that Auburn needs Alabama to win in order for us to go up in the rankings or have a chance at the SEC game. If it doesn’t matter who wins it just depends on who they are playing. I just cant find myself hating Alabama for nothing though. I don’t really think that they ever did anything to us personally. I don’t blame Alabama for Harvey Updyke. He was a low down piece of trash but I know that 99% of alabama fans wouldn’t have done that. And I also know that Auburn has some of those fans too. And I whole-heartedly apologize for the ignorant ones out there that just want to start fights and start lies. And I know alot of people on here think that I’m an ass for saying that about Bear, but I should have put a reply on there. So, sorry about that. I would definately not say someone is in hell seriously. God knows, I’ve got to do a lot better in my life before I start saying that about others.
            And lastly, Clint Travis is another reason why I hate Tennessee even more now. It is obvious that he is just trying to bring down Auburn and Alabama both so that his pathetic team has an actual chance at making it to at least 4th in the SEC in the next 5 – 10 years.

      • 33

        Hate on Cam all you want. He loves you Bama fans. You propelled him to the Heisman. Heard he actually dropped his pants and dropped a deuce on your midfield A. Hate on him all you want. He loves you and your weak, 1st half, 3 loss team.

        • 34

          You hang on to that precious memory, and remember that when Auburn vacates the NC and the Heisman fraternity kicks Cam out off the club. And remember that this season on Ass-Whooping Day 11-26. It is coming.

    • 35

      Your co-worker needs to just go ahead and punch you in the face and beat you down with that monitor cord.

  10. 36
    albert means

    Rememmbre me. I atennded alwabama and got fwee money bags.
    *point is, quit pointing fingers hypocrits.

    • 37

      Gee Al. Long time not see. The good new is that Auburn has been caught playing your song. The better news is they have players confessing to being paid. Now Al…. *stick with me here) back in your day that was a drop the hammer offense. Dont tell Aubie how it ended. I am just getting the popcorn now….

    • 39

      Another useless link barntard. CBS has Clay Travis as their only source. I’m now convinced barntards are the stupidest race ever.

      • 40

        CBS has Clay Travis as their ONLY source? Read that over and over and try to figure out how you called someone else stupid.

        • 41

          Here is the quote:

          Not anymore. SEC commissioner Mike Slive said last week that college athletics “had lost the benefit of the doubt.” Here is another example: Alabama officials say they have checked into the relationship of past and present players to the owner of T-Town Menswear in Tuscaloosa. The school’s investigators have determined no NCAA violations have occurred, even though there are pictures in cyberspace of several Alabama players in the store posing with the owner, Tom Albetar. Signed jerseys and helmets are also in the store. Even though the school claims no rules were broken, it still disassociated itself from Albetar.
          Obviously, if players got free clothes or discounted clothes, that would be a violation. There is no proof that such a thing happened. There is no fire.

          But there is smoke. A website run by attorney Clay Travis ( has obtained photos of former player Julio Jones (who had been pictured in the store) wearing 16 — that’s right, 16 — different suits to Alabama football games (some sharp stuff, I might add). Again, there is currently no proof that a violation has occurred.

          That is the only source referenced. Sorry you missed that. And all the parts that said NO VIOLATION HAS OCCURRED. Maybe you need some better reading glasses, or are you just that dumb?

    • 42

      All will go away when the NCAA hammer comes down now that the bagman is spilling the beans. All the news about Auburn vacating the Heisman and NC is going to show the true meaning of ‘All In’. And Bama is still going to kick the crap out of Auburn this coming season.

      The SEC and NCAA has been aware of Bamas issues, and Bama has handled them appropriately. Six months ago. If they didn’t launch an investigation then, slim chances there will be one now. Y’all think if you keep pushing it, it will create something. Just like the Calloway stuff, this is going to blow up in your face again.

  11. 43

    FBJ, tomorrow night 7pM, Jim N Nicks Hwy 31 S, Hoover, AL. Take exit 252 off I-65 and follow the signs to Pelham. You better show up. I’m not kidding

  12. 45
    Rogue Elephant

    FunBum is a JOKE!
    Nothing but BS Sound Offs on radio trying to stir the pot.
    I gave up on him years ago when he kept repeatin’ one day that an obscure blogger knew for a fact that Alabama Coach Nick Saban was goin’ to Notre Dame.
    Still waitin’, FunBum.
    Haven’t listened to him since.
    But he is probably right on this one.
    Who couldn’t be?
    Even a blind man can hit the bull’s eye every once in a while, now and then.
    We’ll see.

  13. 46

    This just in. Mount Cody received impermissable benefits at Ryan’s a couple of years ago when ate 2 whole extra baskets of rolls. TR’s cousin got an extra SpongeBob toy in her Happy Meal back in January. I’m surprised the barntards aren’t all over it.

  14. 47


    I found it interesting that your guys are so selective of the quality of sources reporting on the UA scandal. I sure recall making similar arguments a few months ago when you guys were referencing facebook posts, rival fansites, and SBB and Travis. It sure is interesting how things change when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • 48

      FYI, the Auburn investigation has been reported by many legitimate news outlets. But you guys dismiss the New York Times, ESPN, and even the NCAA had to tell Chizik the way it is. The whole Auburn organization and fanbase is in denial.

    • 49

      Only a bonafide fool fails to see the difference between The NY Times, ESPN, HBO, Danny Sheridan and Travis, Scardbutthead and Jeff Lee. Congrats.

  15. 50
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Your “Moses” Sheridan will lead you sandmullets to Lake Mitchell, but unlike Moses no water will part only 50 years more slavery and being little brother to AU. You know why, cause we have better coaches. That is right in your face Mullets.

    • 51

      So feeble. BARNERGEDDON is really taking it’s toll. You won’t have the strength to stand after the NCAA gets through with you.

  16. 52

    No, Dicket the PeeCock, not even the most retared motherphucker in darkest Africa would ever think you have better coaches. You just had the best team money could buy and even with that if you hadn’t got lucky with Scum Sucker you might have had a losing season last year. Your coaches had nothing to do with it. Your best coach is Malt Liquor and even his helter skelter offense didn’t exactly set the world on fire your last two games. So phuck off! RTR!

      • 54

        congrats on a FLUKE of a season. You won’t be repeating it anytime soon, so enjoy the memory of it, even when you have to vacate every win. You guys were so, so close to being a 7-5 team last year, you are just too dumb to realize it.

  17. 55

    Our coaches admitted they phucked up. That being said, Barron staying in the game hurt and giving up two length of the field td’s that you never would have gotten otherwise is the ONLY reason you won. When are your cheating coaches going to have the balls to admit that they phucked up? Oh that’s right, your athletic department and administration keeps your pussy whipped coaches in the dark so that they can weave their black magic in secret. Let’s see what your all world phucking coaches can come up with in the IB in December without their bought and paid for Son of God quarterback who sold his soul to Satan for 5 months of glory. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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