Alabama football: Announcers named for radio, tv replay

Eli Gold remains the Voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Gold extended his contract as play-by-play man for the Alabama Crimson Tide through 2017, according to a statement from UA and Crimson Tide Sports Network. The official release is below:

Alabama football fans will hear Eli Gold as the voice of Crimson Tide football through the year 2017. Crimson Tide Sports Network general manager Jim Carabin announced that Gold has signed a four year extension to his current contract as Alabama’s play-by-play announcer.

Gold is in his third decade as the voice of the Tide, having called the action of every Crimson Tide game since 1989. A nationally known sportscaster, Eli is also the host of “NASCAR Live”, a weekly, nationally syndicated radio call-in show. His broadcasting career includes play-by-play for NFL, Arena Football League and NHL games on radio and television.

Carabin also announced the rest of the CTSN crew for the 2011 football season. Providing the color analysis will be former Crimson Tide assistant coach Phil Savage, who’s been on the crew since 2008. A Mobile native, Savage has extensive NFL experience, as an assistant coach with the Cleveland Browns (under then-defensive coordinator Nick Saban), Director of Player Personnel for the Baltimore Ravens and Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Browns.

Chris Stewart will patrol the sidelines during the game to keep fans up-to-date and then will head to the locker room for post-game interviews with coach Saban and Alabama players. A member of the crew since 1999, Stewart is also the play-by-play voice of men’s basketball and baseball. Stewart will also host coach Saban’s weekly television show.

Tyler Watts and Todd Robbins will start and end the game-day broadcast. Watts starred at quarterback for Alabama from 1999 to 2001 and joined the CTSN team in 2007. He will join Stewart for pay-per-view telecasts. Robbins has produced the pre- and post-game shows for the network since 2005.

The veteran of the CTSN crew is Tom Roberts, who joined the broadcast team in 1979. He hosts the pre-game show, provides scoreboard updates throughout the game and hosts the halftime report.

Since 1984 Tom Stipe has produced the CTSN football broadcasts and he also serves as president of the Southeastern Conference Broadcasters Association. Butch Owens has stood behind Gold every week as the spotter since 1989 and Brian Roberts has been keeping up with all the numbers as the statistician for the broadcast since 1998.


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    Good to see Chris Stewart on the sidelines and hosting the coach’s show. The guy is a pro, and isn’t a barner sympathizer like Jim Dunaway. Very happy to see Jim get the boot.

  2. 4

    The smoke is so thick on the plains right now it is no wonder why you all have your heads buried in the sand. Once again, the Bama issue has been handled, and well before the ‘news story’ broke. Auburn, on the other hand, has been doing damage control for over ten months now, and spent more time addressing that than celebrating the National Championship. I have a feeling that LOI will come right before the season starts, but with all the controversy that won’t go away you are effectively on probation now.

      • 6

        Who says it hasn’t? Auburn fans sending e-mail to Clay Travis? Thats where he admitted they come from. Auburn fans can’t even admit their own trouble. This is about as credible as Jeff Lee’s attempt to smear Bama. Word is that the Auburn investigation isn’t over, and it comes straight from the NCAA.

          • 8

            Yeah, that was pretty funny then, just as it is now. Bamas issues are small issues compared to the ful body cavity search that hasn’t stopped yet at Auburn. Just because Auburn fans are collaborating on a smear campaign against Bama doesn’t make it true. Bama didn’t start Auburns problems, but we are sure enjoying the hell out of watching y’all try and preach your way out of them.

  3. 9
    Indiana Vol

    “Alabama told store to stop selling some items”

    Uh oh!

    Looks like Bammer may be in the NCAA’s doghouse again! My oh my, Trent Richardson signing stuff to sell!

    Sounds like Bammer has some ‘splainin to do!

  4. 10

    Indian ballsack why don’t you go buy your fukking coach a calculator so he can keep up with the amount of players on the field! Ill give $1000 yo any prick that can post a link to a story not written by an awbarn affiliate that states Alabama IS being investigated by the NCAA about the suit store. Not maybe not might be ….is! U have 20 MIN. Time starts now it is 7:00 am cst

  5. 12

    Indy Vol back to take more hits than America Top
    Forty. Indy i give you credit you love talking crap
    to us and you and your vol buddy prick Clay Travis
    can be 2 most hated people on the blog. RTR

    • 13
      Indiana Vol

      The Bammer Moron Nation is relentless of this Cam stuff, so now the shoe is on the other foot and Bammer is under the gun!


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