Kent State players come to T-Town for tornado clean up

Friday, members of the Kent State University football team were spotted in Tuscaloosa providing disaster relief and construction efforts on a Habitat for Humanity work site. Read the account from the Kent State athletic site here.

Jacquise Terry, Lee Stalker, Ishmaa’ily Kitchen and Spencer Keith made the 774 mile, 13+ hour journey to work alongside DJ Fluker, Vinnie Sunseri, John Fulton and others in the rebuilding effort.

Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban stopped off on the way home from SEC Media Days to greet the players and offer words of encouragement. Both he and wife Terry Saban are Kent State graduates.

Work will continue on these and other sites in the area all weekend.

Six Saturdays from today the Golden Flashes will be fighting for their lives against a hungry Alabama Crimson Tide football team on the turf of Bryant-Denny Stadium. But this weekend they are fighting for what’s right, and that deserves a little recognition.

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    Kudos to the Kent State athletes. It’s good to see in this time of Thug Universities that there are still athletes who are honorable. Maybe Sabear will have mercy on them in September? Quite different from robbing trailer parks! RTR!

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    any help is needed but to see these youngmen give of their tim e is heart worming may god bless and enrich them and uthers might follow this mkindess now to the sports side could it be a ploy by their coach so they can see what the huidity is really like just kidding these are great and giving men and we say thank you for the gift

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