Auburn’s counterattack: Target Alabama’s Trent Richardson

UPDATE: Will wonders never cease! Alabama responded to media questions about the compliance situation with the Tuscaloosa men’s store. According to ESPN’s Joe Schad via a series of tweets, “Alabama has looked into relationship between players like TRichardson and T-Town menswear. Alabama concluded players did not receive extra benefits. Alabama sent cease and desist letter to company in December.”

That didn’t take long. Auburn’s family is out trying to turn the spotlight off its own cheating. Today Clay Travis reports that Auburn fans are pumping him with information in an attempt to harm the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team. He says this is a two-way street. Of course, he should be reminded that only Auburn is under a massive NCAA probe at the moment and therefore information about Auburn’s cheating is almost everywhere these days.

It isn’t shocking that Auburn would launch a counterattack. This has been Auburn’s modus operandi over the last decade.

Does anyone remember the Gadsden packet?

Grainy pictures of Sasquatch were more convincing.

Auburn has a long history of trying to drag its rival down with it. And today is no different.

Travis published a few interesting photographs of Richardson signing autographs at a men’s suit store.

Suit store! Is that like the suit store the NCAA is concerned about in its massive investigation into Auburn’s cheating?

Oh wait. Sorry. Back to today’s “news.”

Trent Richardson signed autographs at a men’s store and the owner displayed the memorabilia. Cue NCAA violation allegation now. Trent Richardson. NCAA.

The only real question and I doubt we will ever get a real answer out of the University of Alabama is this: Did UA Compliance do anything about this? Was it aware of the situation or potential violation?

Alabama has a tendency like many other schools to ignore legitimate information requests. Hopefully, I’ll be surprised by this and there will be an actual answer from the University as Travis said he asked for UA’s response.

But this story should serve as an illustration of what Auburn is, and what Alabama fans can expect in the coming weeks.

We know the NCAA has visited Florida and Louisiana about Auburn’s cheating. Montgomery was a recent stop. Is there more to come? You can bet as more bad news comes out about Auburn that we will see more of these types of attacks.

So what do you readers think? Is this a serious NCAA issue or just a minor distraction?