REPORT: NCAA knows Auburn’s bagman

SEC Media Days has been bad for Auburn and Gene Chizik hasn’t even opened his mouth yet. The latest bad news for Auburn came on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network when Danny Sheridan reported that the NCAA believes it knows Auburn’s bagman.

“There is a wealthy supporter of Auburn that is alleged in the NCAA’s eyes to have given Cam Newton’s father $180,000-200,000 of which a portion of that $20,000 or $30,000 went to repair their church,” Sheridan said on Paul Finebaum’s Radio Show. “Whether that is true or not, I don’t know. I just know that is what the NCAA is looking at.”

Sheridan refused to predict what would happen in the NCAA investigation in the coming months.

Other bad news for the Auburn spin machine:

Sheridan said the Cam Newton investigation does not include Mississippi State. That negates one element of the Auburn talking point that this is a Mississippi State problem.

Sheridan made one prediction via Finebaum’s twitter, “If the dots get connected, major sanctions will follow- vacation of Heisman & national championship,” Sheridan told Finebaum.

This was not the only bad news for Auburn. The day started with a report from Clay Travis that indicated NCAA investigators visited Montgomery looking into Auburn’s recruiting practices including the Cam Newton situation and allegations raised by HBO’s Real Sports.

Finebaum upstaged Mike Slive and Day One of SEC Media Days. Danny Sheridan’s report on the NCAA developments will drive the public conversation on Auburn’s NCAA troubles for weeks to come.


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  1. 1

    What a great start to SEC media days! Can’t wait to read tomorrow to see how the great journalists of this state spin this story. That’s if they report it at all.

  2. 4

    Oh corpse,

    your post PROVED that Auburn people are generally considered low-life white trash in our State. Looks like u guys might get to roll your twees after your only home win this year

    • 5
      Indiana Vol

      No Rotten Crotch, it is the Bammer Morons that are generally considered low-life white trash in your state by the rest of college football!.

  3. 7

    God, there is a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow! There is a Balm in Gilead! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! And Awbie’s arse is grass! I can’t wait. It’s just like Christmas morning. Bama’s gonna get an Electric Train and Awbies gonna get a bag of switches. Although the more modern version might be Bama’s gonna get an Ipod and Iphone and Awbies gonna get the Death Penalty! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. 9
    robert garrard

    I find it amusing most information on the ncaa investigation I coming from scumbag bammer fans such as Sheridan or this lame site. Last time I heard, the ncaa doesn’t comment on investigations. So, I would like for one of you bammer tools to explain how your redneck nation has such classified information. Oh yeah – RC, if you think anyone on this site actually believes that you have ANY sources, then you are more pathetic than I thought. Maybe you are counting your toothless mommy or daddy as sources, but just because they pay for your bills and methadone, that doesn’t make either one an authority on Auburn football.

  5. 10

    How original, Robert. You’re about to witness the wrath of the NCAA AGAIN, and I have a front row seat. Don’t you want Auburn to have a clean program. We will keep investigating Auburn until they decide to clean up their own backyard!

  6. 11

    Yep….like a kid on Christmas Eve! The fact that Mississippi State is not being investigated is an “extra surprise” in the
    Christmas stocking! Roll Tide!

    • 12
      Indiana Vol

      None of this makes any difference; Auburn beat the Crimson TURD last year and there is NOTHING you MORONS can do about it!!

  7. 14

    It is the REC and Bammer rumors…it is the REC and Bammer rumors…it is the REC and Bammer rumors….

  8. 15
    robert garrard

    Have you bammers noticed that there are only about five or so regular posters on this wannabe web page. Google Auburn football and count the number of media outlets publishing anything on this Sheridan garbage. You’ll see that it is about zero, if you can count that high. We all know you idiots can’t count because 6 equals 13 in your small minds. Auburn will forever be 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Get used to it and you five or so idiots get on with your miserable lives. Auburn is clean, clean, clean! You morons wish Auburn will get sanctions in one hand and poop in the other, see which one fills up the fastest. Dream on ITK, your the biggest idiot on here. That is testimony that this site sucks almost as bad as Saban and bama. Auburn is also beating the hell out of bama in recruiting this year. The reason for that is the fact that this sorry site (that doesn’t even show up on Google) is about the only place still dreaming about Auburn being in ANY kind of trouble. I’ll come back to play with you tiny minded fools when the next Auburn obsessing garbage I written. Bama is our baby midget, retarded brother and saban can’t coach! Even Les Miles made Satan look like the amateur that he is! Till next time tuscalosers.

  9. 16

    Auburn is just like Casey Anthony, everyone knows their guilt it s just whether it s proven legally or not

  10. 18


    Alabama currently has 5 players committed from ESPN150, and Auburn has 4. Auburn beat a 3-loss team by ONE POINT. That same 3-loss team had lost 9 defensive starters from the previous year. How much you wanna bet Bama beats AU depleted team by more than one point?

    Alabama is Auburn’s big daddy, big brother, etc. Auburn’s 6 straight victories are tainted by the Shula years, per Finebaum, Scarbinsky, Segrest, and countless others. Alabama is the measuring stick of success, not Auburn. Auburn is about to be slammed anally by the NCAA because of the sinful ways and practices of their former QB, his
    daddy, and his hypocritical coach. Your argument is if Auburn beat writers and websites
    aren’t covering it, it’s not real??! AREYOU


    • 19
      Indiana Vol


      From the CRIMSON TURD’S well-documented history of cheating, it appears not!

  11. 20

    Wrong… you say Sheridan refused to predict what may to the NCAA investigation in the coming months.

    He DID make a prediction. He said it would likely be over in the next 3 to 6 months. He said it would be 50/50 as to which way the ruling may go, and he leaned toward the side that Auburn wouldn’t have to give up the title.

    • 21

      Sheridan said multiple times he could not predict the outcome. He did say the 50-50 thing but any idiot can tell that is him telling you he doesn’t know what the NCAA will find.

      Keep hope alive. Keep reading and thinking what Phillip Marshall tells you.

      It is kind of pitiful. It reminds me of Alabama fans during the Albert Means fiasco.

      • 22

        If there was a “Like” button on that comment Cap, I would click it……. I dont read Phillip Marshall though.

  12. 24

    Awbies beating Bama in recruiting this year? You dumbazz, you do realize it’s July don’t you? No probably not. Also Bama has a couple of #1 – 5 stars who haven’t commited yet. But more than that moron we have a full team and probably won’t sign more than 20 pr 22 while you don’t even have full roster and will probably sign 30. Anyway since Bama’s always in the running for the top players we always make a late run because those guys always wait until signing day or later. Not to mention that after you go on probation in a couple of months your azzes are gonna have a mass exodus. Next time how about bringing something to the table that’s relevant, idiot. RTR!

  13. 26

    This is exactly why the NCAA needs to speed up their investigation process. For someone to jump on this dead horse just after it had gotten stirred up in the media, and just before media days has one description: opportunism.
    What he really said, if you read it carefully… Is that this investigation is going to be over in 3 to 6 months.
    Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING is going to come out of this garbage. It’s just one more train jumping hobo journalist looking for a ride. But you clowns keep your hate on and your dreams alive for the next 3 months.

  14. 27

    I just saw Elvis!
    That’s what all this is starting to sound like.
    In the end it’s just going to make us omnipresent in college football. Thanks for all the attention bammers

  15. 28


    You really have nothing to worry about if you believe that. Which begs to question, “Why are you trying to convince us?” We’re not your mentors or role models, therefore, we believe Auburn is a crap University who is and has always been ethically challenged. My source tells me a LOT, so you just keep dreaming this will be over and Auburn will be in the clear

  16. 29

    One thing is for sure, the NCAA have been all over the place, and have talked to a lot of people in all of these Auburn investigations. They are almost a year into the investigations, and in that time it has expanded into even more areas of Auburns recruiting practices. Doesn’t sound like innocence to me. I would say right now it would take a bit of a miracle for Auburn to skate out of this without any kind of punishment. But you Barners keep wishing it away and saying it is a rumor. You already have your attention, Barner, and Auburn is making quite the name for themselves as one of the most corrupt cheating schools in the country right now, and in this day and time, that is saying a lot. Congratulations!

  17. 31

    Im sure they will find something….always said you look into anybody long enough they will find something. But it wont be what you think it is though. I myself dont like to listen and believe an opinion based comment over the radio that is filled with the word “if”……but my name is FinebaumJunkie so I guess I do love it 🙂

  18. 32

    Of course that is just your opinion FBJ. My opinion is there will be multiple major infractions, and the Auburn investigation will turn out to be as bad or worse than Ohio State. That is not just wishful thinking, but a real possibility that most Auburn fans refuse to realize.

  19. 33
    robert garrard

    Hey Rc, I talked to my “source” in Mobile this morning (and he is actually a pretty reliable individual), and he said the questions being asked are about a handful of colleges, including the mighty bama. It has nothing more to do than the issue of street agents and recruiting services. In the past, bama has had much more success in Mobile since saban’s arrival. I think that It’s you bammers that should be concerned about anything going down in Mobile. My friend doesn’t have much access to ncaa info, but he knows this to be fact. We all know that Rc dines with the top dogs at the ncaa and already knows the outcome of every investigation. Rc you are the man….. wait a minute, I actually meant to say you are a liar that either lives with his parents or is old, fat, and unemployed while drawing disability because of being mentally insane. bama is just another program, so quit living in the past. That drunk idiot bear has been dead for a long, long time. He would not have a chance in modern day football with the scholarship limits. Bear bryant was a bumb, little nick is a short loser, and bammer fans are trailer park Harvey update trash! Later idiots!

    • 35
      Indiana Vol


      Do you not realize where your own coach was prior to LSU??

      It was Michigan State, you MORON!

      • 36

        Wow Vol. Just when I thought you could only be so dumb, you go and do this, and prove there is no depths to your ignorance. Go back and read BamaTruths comment again, really slow. That UT education isn’t helping your reading comprehension skills at all, loudmouth hillbilly.

        • 37
          Indiana Vol


          Maybe that quality Crimson TURD education should have taught BammerLIES how and when to use caps!

          BTW, BITE ME!

  20. 38

    Gerrardo, Bama isn’t under any investigation. Auburn is. Your ‘source’ is just a fellow cult member like yourself with the blinders on. The SEC commissioner, Gene Chizik, Cecil Newton, they are sources that have proven Auburn is under investigation. Trying to somehow tie Bama in Auburns mess is just your cult-minded bias coming out. Just another desperate attempt at deflecting the truth by you. Facts are, once again, Auburn is under multiple NCAA investigations. It has been reported by reliable news outlets not affiliated with Alabama. Not one news source has reported any NCAA or compliance issue with Bama, other than the self-reported secondary violations. I know it is hard for you to accept the truth about your tainted championship, and it would be your worse nightmare for Auburn to be stripped of it and put on probation, while watching Bama get all the respect you guys crave and making yet another championship run this season.

    • 42
      Indiana Vol



      • 43

        You know that ass-whoopin is a comin. And with probation setting in on UT, your chances are getting slimmer by the year. Besides, Saban made Fulmer pee in his pants his last few pitiful non-productive years, and Saban taught your coach everything he knows.

          • 45

            Then I would sound more like you then wouldn’t I Vol? Saban hasn’t been beat by UT the whole time at Bama. And he has beaten 3 different UT coaches. UAB has more fight in them than UT. Maybe Bama can start scheduling UT for Homecoming every other year.

      • 46

        Scuse me Massa Indy, you done an wents an madesmy jawsa hurts. Alls you can see ons me is ma teefiees ohhhh yessa. All that smilin issa doin. Good goobley Roky tops aint gonna upsets Bama ohhh hells nooo theys aint. I donts likes them hills in 10nasee oh noossa i donts.

          • 48

            Oh massa Indiana oh yessa I dids. Gots me my GEE E D too. How far dids youi agets haw haw. You can sho nuff puts up that whip oh yessa.

          • 50

            Wells then youse shoulda known betta ohhhh Lodie youse shoulda knowns betta than to say thats that big ol teama hillbillies gone beats Bama, Whatchu talkin bout Vile? Sho nuff massa vile dun bumped hisa head oh yasssir he dids. Alls us Bama boys knows yall cant beats nobodys in dis state o Lodie nos you cants… we alls no how manya times Auborn done whoops ya in a row ohhh yassssa we do. An wes know how yall gets whipped by Bama. Yall should puts UAB ons ya schedule ohh yasssir ya shoulds.

          • 51
            Indiana Vol

            “Oh massa “Peaches”nCreamed” youse shoulda known betta ohhhh Lodie youse shoulda knowns betta than to say thats’ ya” are not eat up with the BAMMER MORON DUMB ASS DISEASE!
            “Sho nuff massa “Peaches”nCreamed” yassssa we do. We know ya” is eat up with the BAMMER MORON DUMB ASS DISEASE!

  21. 52

    In the USCw, tOSU and GT cases, there were details of the alleged wrongdoing. There were names, houses, cars, tats, t-shirts.

    All there has been before now is the logic leap that because Cecil asked MSU for money, then surely Auburn paid money. There has even been silly “proof” that evaporated ….see the fired radio host as an example. Now what fan base in their right mind would be worried based on only speculation, no hint of proof and even “proof” that was fake.

    You Bammers would act similarly. If nopt then ….please outline how you would act differently.

    If Danny Sheridan has a source at the NCAA, then there are more serious problems at the NCAA than anyone has imagined. If Danny Sheridan is wrong …as he was in the Albert Means case, then he is an idiot for opening his mouth.

    • 53

      Leave out rumors and speculation, and what do you have left?

      Auburn is under multiple NCAA investigations into their recruiting practices (Big Cat Weekend, Tiger Prowl), allegations from former players for pay-for-play, and Cam Newton is still being investigated. And MSU is not involved with it anymore, the focus is on Auburn and if they paid Cam Newton now. The NCAA told Chizik, not Dan Mullen, that Cam was not in the clear yet.

      Those are the facts that are left. Hmmm… you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the odds are not in Auburns favor in all this mess. But you keep your head in the sand, and hopefully this will be long, and drawn out over several years before the hammer comes down hard. Are we Bammers enjoying watching the fall of Auburn? Of course we are! The funny part is, you can’t do or say anything about it to make it go away! And watching all the denial and deflecting from you guys has been really fun too.

  22. 54

    I think Auburn fans should go to Wal-Mart, look at their NC* trophy, and then go buy all the ‘Depends’ on the shelves. They will need them in a couple of months.

  23. 55

    Indiana vile I asked you months ago to put your money where your mouth is and never heard a response. If you are still so confident the opportunity still exists

    • 56
      Indiana Vol

      I don’t think I would trust you to pay up if you lost. You would come up with some Lame-a$$ excuse if Bammer were to lose.

  24. 57

    I like Vol better when he has a mouth full is sausage, his choking noises make more sense than his comments.

  25. 59
    Lets get real!

    Hoopie hits the nail on the head. IF Sheridan ( well known sports gambler and odds maker) has a “Source” at the NCAA this just goes to show how the entire system is screwed. Notice how every major sports site and news source basicly laughed at Sheridan yesterday? This is nothing more then cheap advertising for DS. Its funny how ITK and capstonereport understands just how ignorant majority of you bama fans really are. They continue to post RUMORS and you gumps eat it up. Could someone PLEASE remind me what the last ITK rumor came true? Me , Chett Williams, Cecil Newton, Cam Newton, Tiger Paws, Milton McGregor, and Pat Dye are waiting on your answer.

  26. 61

    My source at the NCAA has been keeping me abreast for months, so Sheridan is correct, as AU will see come August 22-28

  27. 62

    But wait, Chizlix said they were in the clear, they did nothing wrong the NCAA said so. He also signed a big money contract! Aubruwn is innocent they swear, they Keep It Real! And have Vol nation and others on their side!
    Their Mascot is an Eagle but wait it’s a Tiger and they rubbed elbows with Obama himself! This is Americas team, practicing American ways!
    Can’t wait till this crap goes down.
    Meow! R T R!

  28. 63

    Indiana Vol, I can’t believe you are actually going to argue with that idiot, much less mimic him. Then again, arent you the one that went on a “tampon” tirade in another post?

    • 64

      You can tell Vol ain’t playing with a full deck. Every time someone puts him in his place he dodges the facts and starts name calling. You can tell he is just a window licker that rode the short bus. Picking on him just seems so unfair, and I feel bad slapping him around. (Just kidding about that last part)

      • 65

        Lmao Brando. Some may question why I’m in here on a rivals site,The answer is simple really. In state rivalry. I live this every day,and have a blast debating with you guys.I try to be original,yet funny. Sometimes I achieve that, sometimes I don’t. Rarely do I join another fanbase to belittle another, or talk smack. But if I do get in that mood, you can rest assured I’ll bring a heck of a lot more than useless “tampon” jokes. Old Peaches does have one thing right, if you can read it that is. That thing is UT has been getting their ass slapped and spanked and strown from one end of the state of Alabama to the other on a pretty consistant basis. You can also throw in Neyland Stadium, not that there would be many of your fans there to see (As based on a recent Reuters Poll, and my own damn eyes) I have a stake in here Indy. I put in my time. Oh please forgive me for tearing up right now, I cant help it. They are tears of joy, as I have found the ONE thing that Auburn and Bama can agree on…… Tennessee Sucks. Tampons indeed…

  29. 69

    I just left an Indiana Vol in the toilet while I was trying to Keep it Real! I have to put my phone down now so I can wipe my a$$ !

  30. 70
    Razorback Jack

    I hate the wait, but I love the timing. Auburn deserves the death penalty, and they deserve to hear about it as football season begins.

    And thank you Capstone for not forgetting Auburn’s willingness to trash Mississippi State over this. This puts Auburn in the catagory with Jim Tressel. Finebaum is actually guilty of this as well, but of course Finebaum is only useful half the time.

  31. 71


    it’s funny you should compare Tressel and Chizik because my NCAA source jokes around with namecalling like Jim Chizik and Gene Tressel on a daily basis. It’s hilarious. What’s even funnier is how Chizik kept trying to deflect how Ms. Julie put him in his place the prior month in Destin by saying, “I thought those were private meetings,” or “The NCAA president said we had nothing to worry about” KNOWING GD well that the NCAA President has NO AUTHORITY with the enforcement division. Chizik is a piece of shyt, and he is going down. Cam Newton and Malzahn deserve NC rings, not that piece of shyt sock puppet masquerading as a HC

    • 72

      Lmao…..source. What source do you have, or better yet, does he clean the men’s AND women’s restrooms. Pathetic.

  32. 73


    I’ll keep repeating this the more you keep asking: I AM NOT DIVULGING MY SOURCE, a family friend for over 25 years to the likes of you. Check back with me in another month. If nothing has broken by the end of August, then that means more and more bad evidence has been discovered which looms worse for Auburn and Gene Tressel

  33. 74

    Danny Sheridan better hope he has his ducks in a row cuz that old ugly man fixing to get multiple lawsuits on his arse. BTW Chiz doesnt have a dam thing to do with this shit if proven, if anyones to blame its Gus Malzahn. The sooner this idiot is gone from Auburn the better.

  34. 75

    I just saw this “article” for the first time. And a fine piece of journalism it is. Why, I’ll bet you got yourself a college degree and everything before you became a real “journalist” on this here internet. I bet you’re right proud of that great bammer alumnus; ‘Ol Danny Dracula Sheridan right about now. And how about that high-powered bammer offense? Ready to take down that lil’ nicky statue yet? This website is comedy gold. See you in November, losers. War Eagle!

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