Nick Saban still laments loss of spring recruiting

Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban continues to lament the loss of the spring evaluation period for head coaches. Saban was in Montgomery for two days of the Alabama High School Athletic Association’s Coaching Clinic.

Saban spoke to CBS 42 during a trip to Montgomery to meet with Alabama high school football coaches. Saban said he was there to support high school football. And getting in touch with high school coaches is important to Saban.

The Alabama football coach said he misses the spring recruiting period when the head coach could visit prospects for evaluation purposes. Saban would hit the road visiting high schools at the rate of about six to eight schools per day and keep that pace up for about 20 days.

Do the math.

Saban is relentless in the pursuit of winning.

“I really miss that,” Saban said. “I really enjoy that part of it. I think it does a lot to promote high school football that any SEC coach or college coach shows the kids that what they are doing is important.”

The CBS 42 video is embedded below and there is more to the interview with Saban. The video includes more on Saban’s admiration for high school coaches: “I really appreciate what these guys do for young people,” Saban said. “I know my high school coach had a tremendous impact on me when I was growing up and playing.” Also, Saban talks about what the coaches’ All-SEC team means.

But the real insight was provided in how rule changes have cut down the contact between a head coach and high school coaches. This is something that Alabama’s football coach dislikes.

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