Auburn begins to embrace outlaw image

Phillip Marshall compares Auburn to Miami football program that NCAA said exhibited a “significant lack of institutional control.”

Auburn has a serious public relations problem. The school cheated—according to damning allegations reported by HBO Real Sports. The NCAA continues to probe Auburn’s recruiting practices ranging from Cam Newton to Big Cat Weekend to Tiger Prowl. The investigation unfolded throughout SEC country as NCAA investigators have visited South Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas to examine Auburn’s recruiting conduct.

How does Auburn respond to it?


The mouthpiece of Auburn is Phillip Marshall. You remember him salivating all over Tommy Tuberville. He continues his role as defender of the faithful with a blog on an Auburn recruiting website telling Auburn fans to embrace the culture of cheating.

Of course, Marshall doesn’t call it a culture of systemic cheating, but that is what he really means when he compares Auburn to the Miami Hurricanes of the 1980s and 1990s. Does anyone remember what the NCAA did to the Hurricanes?

In case you forgot, the NCAA said the University of Miami exhibited “significant lack of institutional control.” (SEE: the Sun Sentinel).


It looks like a good comparison to Auburn.

But maybe even Auburn’s greatest apologist is getting closer to admitting something bad is going on in the Auburn program. He attempts to reach for the judgment of history as a covering for NCAA infractions.

He declares, “Those Miami teams were widely despised. What did they do? They thrived on their outlaw image. It drove them to play harder, win bigger. And they are remembered today a lot more fondly than they were viewed then.”

In the end for Phillip Marshall and Auburn, cheating doesn’t matter if you win. History will judge you, and victory will make you look better than being a loser.

What a sad lesson. Revisionist history at its best.

Is this what Auburn football fans want?