Fans and the NCAA

The risk/reward calculation for cheating in the NCAA has received a good deal of attention in 2010 and 2011. With the entire Cam Newton fiasco and continued questions swirling around Auburn’s recruiting practices, it is a good idea to consider what could happen if the NCAA goes after Auburn for its recruiting activities.

There is one likely reaction to penalties. It will be a big yawn since the penalties apply after the fact. This is particularly true of any action that invalidates victories or titles.

Gene Marsh told Inside Higher Ed, “The Committee on Infractions always overstates the extent to which penalties hurt people,” Marsh said. “In my part of the country, way down here [in Alabama], folks still just care, ‘Did we beat you on the field?’ Then, if X number of years later there’s an asterisk in a media guide, they just don’t care: ‘We still whupped you.’ Some people who are more fastidious, maybe nerdy, might pay more attention to what the paperwork says, but other people operate more by gut and just care if they whupped you on the field.”

This is perhaps the biggest problem for how the NCAA operated when the Cam Newton story broke. By allowing Newton to play, the NCAA made a joke out of its process and allowed a team and fans to ignore the consequences of their actions. You might be able to blot a victory out of a book, but you cannot blot the memory out of the minds of fans. In the end if anything happens to Auburn with the multiple avenues of NCAA investigation, some fans will still claim it was worth it.

The only way to eliminate that type of thinking would be for the NCAA to get tough on serious rules violations. Will it? Was the USC case the beginning of a new era?


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      Indiana Vol

      Funny how the Bammer Media has not printed a word about the Bammer Football program’s 16 violations that were reported last week. I guess you will say it is nothing; kinda like “textbookgate”!!

      For you to still harp on Auburn, Tennessee or Ohio State with the revelations of new Bammer CHEATING is laughable!

  1. 3

    It is the beginning. Although there hasn’t been a formal LOI for Auburn YET, they are being heavily investigated and monitored. In fact, my source tells me that Gene Chizik is no different than Jim Tressel in regards to the superficial religious hypocrisy. The infractions committee pays no heed to coaches who go on book tours and try to browbeat them with manipulative stories and cover-ups. The investigation is heating up

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    Bama McKlluskey

    for me, there will always be satisfaction in knowing that the rest of the college football world knows how they were “all in”, and awbrun is now more hated than Miami of the 80’s and 90’s….

  3. 5

    IndianaVol, you are an idiot of the first order. If you had any sense, you would know that the 16 you refer to are “self-reported” secondary violations. Geez, what a toothless wonder you are. I laugh at anyone from UT pointing a finger…

  4. 8

    Hey Vol, lets see… UT is the one that got their letter, and your punishment is coming in August. Where is Bamas letter? Enjoy your probation. And that Ass-Whooping coming around the 3rd week of Oct.

  5. 9

    Hahaha, I love the way you word stuff Brando. You seem like a nice fella bro, quite the opposite of that potential molestation waitin to happen up top there. Choke on that you pitiful bastard haha. Have a great day!

  6. 10

    Bwaa Haww Haww Haww! Guess I’ve done my job. The Barnturd fahgs are more worried about me than they are about flaming Bama. Suck a big one you inbred mullets. Vol you inbred retard. Every school in the SEC – no in the country has secondary violations. Some of them don’t report them hoping they will just go unnoticed. Some don’t report them cause their scared to add more fuel to their fire. Some don’t report them cause they just aren’t that damn important. Bama reports all of them because of the NCAA microscope focused on us at the fault of people who aren’t even at Bama anymore. We don’t intend to be a motherphucking example again. Truth is textbookgate was a secondary violation allowed by the Shula staff and wouldn’t have even been noticed at a school not already on probation, especially after that school had already taken steps to fix it and had self-imposed sanctions which the lying NCAA led us to believe were sufficient. Now who’s azz is currently in new trouble with the NCAA? Umm, UThug, Barnturds, LSWho, GawGaw and Mildcats. Read it and weed numbnuts. RTR!

  7. 11

    Read where Ohio State is self imposing vacating all of last years wins in the hope of heading off an NCAA body slam. Take note Barnturds. In any case, if I’m not mistaken that should push us past them on the all time wins list. Would only be fair since we dropped about 3 or 4 spots after we had to vacate and or forfeit around 20 odd wins since ’93. RTR!

  8. 12

    To me it will be well worth it when Auburn is penalized for their dream season. Ignorance is bliss, as they personify, but in the end we all know what their legacy truly is, and another tarnished season and forfeited/vacated championship will simply be icing on an already rich cake.

    I’ll have my asterisk shirt ready to sell.

  9. 13

    The cow college won it on the field but from every
    body I have talked to about the shame NC feels
    that AU cheated like Pat Dye was still coaching.

  10. 14

    Not so much concerned about you crimetonight, just trying to save women and young girls alike from you. You ignorant slut. That was for you Hamma.

  11. 15
    Lets get real!

    WOW! Another pissy,bitchy, crying post from ITK about Auburn. Who would ever seen this coming!? LMAO!!! Come on say it with me …..2010 National Champion Auburn Tigers. Still waiting on the Newton and McGregor tapes, and the Chette Williams thing that you promised ITK. Stick to your day job because this blog thing isnt working out to good for ya buddy.

  12. 16

    WOW! Another Auburn fan with his head in the sand. Just stick with your cult that is under several investigations dude. The 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, 1941, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1992, and 2009 National Champions will always be recognized as winners, while your school can’t seem to win anything without some sort of controversy. ITK didn’t put you guys under investigation. If you don’t like what is being said about your cheating school, don’t come here and read about it.

  13. 17

    WOW! Another gripe about who reads what and says what. LOL You guys are cool, and for the sake of this blog imma drop something I have been devoting wayyy to much time on. And you know who you are. ITK,Brando,Rc,Tmc, even Bamatruth, its fun to trade the barbs back and forth with you, and Im surprised you havent banned me already. No harm, no foul, and I regret turning this into a personal vendetta against someone that really doesnt even concern me. It was fun doing it, but its getting old with me now, and I’m sure it is with all of you. Call me a “troll” all you want, but as far as it goes, I enjoy comming here.

  14. 18

    Well, if I see a headline or negative article and it comes from an Auburn site, I don’t even bother to read it. I could care less about what the Aubie Cult fanbase has to say about Bama at all. The hate, inferiority complex, the denial of the truth, all of that pervades the mindset of the die hard cult member. Bama will always be Bama, and as long as Bama exists, Auburn will always be in Bamas shadow. Look at the ‘respect’ that national championship got you. If anything, you are less respected now more than ever. There are more questions about Auburn cheating than there are about the National Championship. And now with Oregons problems, the Fiesta Bowl corruption, the 2010 National Championship game is going down in history as the most corrupt college football game ever. Congratulations!

  15. 19
    Lets get real!

    You turds keep bashing Auburn fans for coming here and posting, But I have to ask how can you even consider this a “bama” site? Have you not noticed that 95% of the so called posts are about Auburn? I think the better question would be why in the hell are you bammers here? I challenge any turd here to find 1 Auburn site any where on the net that obsesses about bama as much as you readers and bloggers obsess over Auburn on this site. You guys find one single site and I will never post here again. Well gumps….Im waiting.

    • 20

      Look dipshitter. Find one Bama site that has made up malicious lies about Chargers in Gadsden and Escalades in Mobile and published them as the God’s honest truth like Mike Green did. Or how about another Barntard site that fabricated malicious stories about Brent Calloway and offered a 10 year old rental agreement that had no bearing whatsoever on anything like Jeff Lee did.That’s far more than obsessing. IT’S PURE EVIL.So hopefully, you’re a ginger of his word and we never have to view your BS again.

  16. 21

    Fire the engines. Open the bomb bay doors. Put your thumb on the button…………………

    Looks like tax evasion will be the chink in *U’s UnderArmour.

    And so it begins.

  17. 23

    Sorry you are so sensitive there ‘real’. Us mean ol Bammers just can’t stop talking hateful about your cheating program. This is the off-season, and Auburn has providing lots of material this year. Like I said, I don’t go looking for Auburn sites to troll on, but yet here you are, another Auburn fan thinking you are going to make a difference in the opinion of Auburn here.

    Post here all you want, it is a free country. Just stop crying about what we have to say about Auburn. And I don’t go looking for Auburn sites to troll on. I am sure there are plenty of Bama bashing sites out there populated by barners. I know enough Auburn fans, heck I am related to a family full of them, to know the bullsh!t rumors and fabricated myths you guys believe about Bama. That has been going on for decades with your fanbase. But I don’t seek them out, because I could care less about what you think about Bama. Why does what we say bother you so much?

    It is your prerogative if you want to come here and get slapped around on a daily basis. Because we are all going to be laughing at you guys this season, and when those NCAA investigations that you all deny comes to a close.

  18. 24

    Hmm……. income tax evasion. The IRS is knocking at the door too? How about Jeff Rubin now being tied to McGregor and Gilley in typical barntard sleazeball fashion? BARNERGEDDON is more far-reaching than anyone could ever have imagined.

  19. 25

    Lmao, get slapped around by you on a daily basis huh? You seem to worry yourself sick about why I come here. We have talked about this before Brandy. So, to keep tossing it back and forth seems kind of redundant to me, but I digress…. Its all in fun Brando, lighten up man haha. Truthfully, if Auburn does manage to get themselves in a pile, I will still have to eat, sleep, raise, my kids, and wipe my arse after I take a Craptonite…oopps sorry Egg. If we cant poke fun at one another in a clean and funny manner, whats the point? You dont have to like me bro, if thats your forte, I just thought that this was a place I could enjoy coming to and do what interests me, talk college football and trade wits and jokes with fans of another school. To your credit…you are all of the above. I dont EVER recall you threatening anyone or using disgusting words to get your point across, and I respect that, even if you wanna give me heck for being here. Come to think of it, you actually are not doing anything wrong. However, some people want to treat this as not a blog we can do that on, but as a battle field for a gang fight, like Bloods and Crips. I guess its the contrasting colors we wear 🙂

  20. 26
    maybe next year we should spot them a 31 point lead says

    Its funny that Auburn has not been cited for doing anything wrong yet Alabama was cited for 16 violations of NCAA rules. Poor Alabama fans just cant catch a break can they?

  21. 29

    I see that you have been listening to that window licker named Kurt McNair.

    The only problem with McNair’s supposed “rumors” is that even if the FBI investigations did reveal payments, they FBI wouldn’t give the info to the NCAA. Just like in the USCw/Bush case, the NCAA will need to be in the courtroom.

    Any FBI agents passing info along to McNair or RC’s investigator will be fired.

    Do you boneheads really think that FBI agents would risk their job for the sake of a college football rivalry? Oh wait …..nevermind ….your bias won;t let you think sensibly.

    Keep jumping on every rumor there and embarrassing yourselves.

    • 30

      Most people are missing the point of McNair’s post. McNair told us that AU was pretty good covering up the nasty stuff, but some small element was enough to unravel the entire affair. My guess is that this relates to the agent/runner stuff that has engulfed Auburn and Trooper Taylor. Taylor has been associated with agents/runners in South Florida since Taylor’s days at Tennessee. Auburn has a host of agents/runner issues in multiple states at the moment with one NCAA probe going on in South Florida.

      I think the FBI investigation is real since we know the FBI questioned some Miss State people about Cam and then Cam’s dad as good as confirmed he spoke to the FBI. What the FBI is probing, I don’t know.

      As for FBI agents not talking….right. The government never leaks. Your position is an absurdity because FBI agents leak things to the press. And this is coming from a guy that had to cover a few FBI investigations. Now, I don’t think the FBI has leaked in this case. In my opinion, if you want to find leaks in the justice system you don’t look at the FBI, but you look at the lawyers. They can’t keep their mouths shut. But again, I don’t really think ANY of this new stuff relates to any legal issues.

      The source of the NCAA chatter is coming from people in the field.

  22. 31

    Marsh is right. “Vacating Wins” means NOTHING. The Barn must pay for its cheating by MAJOR SCHOLARSHIP LOSSES! Vacating Wins will have ZERO effect on their cheating ways!

  23. 32

    Heard that jay Jacobs dropped a little bomb on the athletic dept. Last week about the next few weeks not going to be too good for awbarn univusidy! Also that some employees in the a.d. will be looking for work! I may be wrong tho!……………..then again I just may be right too!

  24. 34

    Yeah it is easy to make up screen names isnt it? Just as long as its done in poor taste and blasphemy, and put that lil RTR at the end of it, your personal information wont be given out, will it?

  25. 35

    What????? No I just damn sure don’t believe you said that!!! Even a Barnturd can’t be that stupid! I, motherphucker, challenge you to find a Barnturd site that ISN’T as obsessed and even more, with Alabama than this site is with Aubie!! Go on azzhole – name one, and I’ll go straight there and link 50 posts that prove you are lying. Try Rivals, Try any of the sites. You phuckers even soil the Bama football posts on to the point Bama fans can’t get in a word edgewise on their own site. Try ITAT, the azzholes responsible for the bullshyt Escalades, Chargers and others. Try anybody’s team sites around the country where anything Bama is brought up and read the unsolicited bullshyt you stalking bastards spew out. Don’t come on here with your uneducated bullshyt – boy. You can’t keep up. What’s more dumbazz, Bama has not and will not be CITED for any violations. Those were self reported insignificant secondary violations. I shudder to think how many Aubie has that haven’t been reported. Oh – that’s right, Aubie doesn’t have any secondary violations – they are all major violations that you are covering up! As for a 31 point spot moron you had best get use to not even sniffing a national championship again in your lifetime. This year and for many years to come Bama will probably have to spot your azzes 31 in every Iron Bowl just to keep the bored fans from leaving early! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  26. 36

    All these bogus claims that Auburn is a cheater based on speculation.

    Well here is a guy that has checked the facts and guess what!!!

    Since SMU got the death penalty in 1987 ….Bama and Texas tech are the 2 largest cheaters in the NCAA

    Here’s the link:

    So ….until Bama drops out of that top 10 …you stoopid Bammers need to get control of your redneck egos, realize how ridiculous your bias is, then shut up.

  27. 37

    How about the Booster’s name that just surfaced as complicit in getting politicians on board in the Bingo trial?

    Paul Bryant Jr. …

    RC …you should know about all of this!!!! How come your “source” hasn’t “mentioned this? Why haven’t you mentioned it? My guess is that your “source” is a member of the REC and is playing you for a fool to go spread their false anti-auburn propaganda.

    You Bammers are so stoopid.

  28. 39

    Excuse me azzhole, but is PBJ being investigated by the FBI or the NCAA in regards to anything remotely concerning Bama athletics or illegal benefits or tax evasion? Thought not. Phuck you! RTR!

  29. 41
    Lets get real!

    I see crimsonshite is the same POS trailer park dweller as he was yesterday.Same BS day after day after day. Get a phucking life you hick! This POS site wish it could come close to the standards that The Auburn Eagle Message Boards sets day after day. Go over and try to talk your shyt there. You wouldnt last a phucking day. See over there the Mods have the balls to actually kick profanity using, meth addicted, garbage like you off the boards. Head on over and let me know how it goes for you. This site is pure trash and the 10 or less readers that actually believe half of the shyt that ITK posts on here are just as bad. This has got to be the worse collection of classless rednecks I have EVER seen on any site. Crimsonshite and BB are Phuck buddies. I guess hammah choked on his redman chew finally. ITK is a shane wannabe. RC lives in his moms basement thinking he is an FBI agent. You have that one chump that his only claim to fame is “the twees” …could you just see that idiot sitting outside during the tornadoes ” the twailers the twailers!”.The list goes on and on. We are STILL the National Champs Bitches and you cant create a big enough rumor to take that away. Now go choke away another 24 point lead.

    • 42

      I gave you 2 Barntarded sites after you posted you’d go away with 1. Your word is equal to your opinion. Worthless.

  30. 43

    Lmao lets do get real! The first got Damn thing you see coming into awbarn on 85 north and 14 East are country ass twailer parks! I mean Hell yalls two dollar ass thug football players couldn’t even find a Damn house to rob! Lmao y’all aren’t champions you just happen to be the school that won the BCS title game! If what awbarn university stands for is considered the mold of a champion well lets just say the world has gone to Hell in a hand basket! New slogan for the barn……Welcome to AU-A campus where we have to cheat to compete!….this is awbarn football the trashiest trailer park in the pasture! Get real is exactly right! The sooner you realize that the barn is for shut the better off you’re gonna be! Woe Illegal!

  31. 44

    Auburn has ALWAYS been known as a white trash ag school, and NOTHING has changed. They’re still the biggest low-life fanbase in the State. Chizik embodies the hypocrisy, and their is a warm spot somewhere down under for those who pray and knowingly cheat. I don’t mean Australia.

    I think this is hilarious, especially when everything my source in Indianapolis tells me comes to pass

  32. 45
    The Auburn Creed: "Go ahead hate your neighbor, go ahead and CHEAT your friend, do it in the name of Heaven and u can do it again!"

    War Eagle hey!

  33. 46

    hahaha ‘real’ come here to troll, but he just got mad. ‘Come over to our Super Fantastic Auburn board, and see how long you will last!’ he says. Ha! Why are you even here dude? All you need to worry about is that Ass-Whoopin coming November 26. You won’t have the guts to show up here after this humiliating season. Celebrate your 1 trophy that you will ever see in your lifetime. You are still a very bad troll, and a loser.

  34. 47

    Haha Brando, win or lose, ill be here bro. And as far as you go Rimjobtonite, did you call me “boy”? I recant everything I said in my earlier post. You really are a disgusting excuse for a man. If being a man means being like you, son I’d rather be dead.

  35. 48
    The Auburn Creed: "Go ahead hate your neighbor, go ahead and CHEAT your friend, do it in the name of Heaven and u can do it again!"

    War Eagle Hey

  36. 49

    Hey FBJ, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking to the ‘Lets get Real’ cult member that just recently appeared trolling around here. I am not in your fight with Crimsonite. Ya’ll carry on…

  37. 50

    Oh my bad Brando. I didnt read that thoroughly. Its good though, My fight with crimsonite is barely a fight though. He can talk big and use his changed cursewords all he wants. He is only interested in fat Mexican lot lizards it seems. Truth be known, I wouldnt want to touch him, as my life is a lot easier being STD free 🙂

  38. 51

    Hey shyt-for-brains FuhkButtJerkoff, I didn’t call you “boy”. That entire post was directed at your cum sucking buddy Let’sGetReal. However azzhole, if the foo shyts! As for your phuck buddy LesbianGoatRaper, welcome to the real American forum where we don’t have Commies controlling what we can say. As for those facist pig Barnturd sites, you cocksuckers spew out the most awful garbage, lies and just downright retarded bullshyt immaginable about Bama and if a Bama fan even says War Damn Beagle he gets banned. Hope you continue to be real phucking proud of your prudish two faced facist forums dickwad. And Gawd Almighty, if they’re so phucking good and we’re so phucking bad then what the phuck are you doing over here anyway fahg. Yeah you crooked motherphuckers are temporary Nat Champs last year azzhole. But last year is over and done with just like ’09 for Bama. But we’ve done 11 more times than you and we are favored to do it again this year and next year and the year after and so on. As for you maybe in 2061

  39. 53

    Not really. Keep showing that class you have ya pervert. Just how many facials per day do you really take? Just askin cause you sure are hung up on sperm.

  40. 54
    The Auburn Creed: "Go ahead hate your neighbor, go ahead and CHEAT your friend, do it in the name of Heaven and u can do it again!"

    Wah Eagle hey hey hey

  41. 56

    I rest my case! 2 posts by LesbianGoatRaper 1 of which was a 1000 word essay and 4 by FuhkButtJerkoff and hardly 10 words total about Bama. Purely personal attacks on Capstone Report’s Bama posters. Personally I can handle it. I’d much rather defend myself than listen to all that retarded Barnturd bullshyt about their “all in”, “got Jesus”, “where’s the proof”, “2010* National* Champs*”, “1 point Iron Bowl beatdown*” horseshyt. ROTFLMMFAO! Hell I’m having more fun than a nymphomaniac at a the Worlds Biggest Dick competiton! Bwaa Haww Haww! Bring it Barnie Tards! RTR!

  42. 57

    Only one I’m attacking is YOU. The rest are ok in my book, and actually know what the hell they are talking about. You being in Mexico and all, I dont know how abreast of Alabama news you are, but we have a controversial immigration bill going on here. I would rather have them all here, as long as you keep your filthy arse over there. And by the way, I’m positive that you would love to be at said competition…thats all you ever talk about. What a nasty bastard you are.

  43. 62

    According to this Bama program, Bama only had 6 national championships in 1983. Hmmmm …..I remember 1992 and 2009. What were those other years since 1983?

    Of course in 1983 Bama didn’t need to stretch the truth to get respect. During the Mike Shula years it was really necessary. Notice how the stoopid Bama fanbase fell for the ruse?

  44. 63

    I REST MY CASE! Bwaa Haww Haww! ROTFL! Yeah I know all about Alabama’s immigration bill. It’s a crock of shit and racist. May as well kick our azzes back to the Jim Folsom, George Wallace era. Why not just go ahead and do like Arizona and shoot ’em when they cross the State Line. As far as where I live numbnuts has nothing to do with with keeping up with current events. Guarantee I know more about the State of Alabama than you. Except who’s the phucking governor???? Oh yeah – Nick Saban. And I’ll put my pay check against yours you can’t find one thing I’ve said regarding football that you can prove was wrong. Dumbazz. RTR!

  45. 64

    Hoopie, just know that Bryant won 6 AP National Championships, Stallings won one, and Saban has won one. That is 8 right there. I wasn’t around in the 30s or 40s, but I am pretty sure some of those Rose Bowl wins were considered by many to be National Championship teams at the time. So I think at least 2 of the remaining five are legitimate claims. That would make 10. If you can dispute 2 or 3, whatever. Bama has still won a pile of National Championships that your Auburn Tigers, and Indiana Vols still can’t match. Who cares? The only people that gripe about it is people like you whose team haven’t won many NCs. Disputing 3 claims doesn’t discount the vast majority of them. Bama has the history and tradition that Auburn only wished they had. That’s why you and all the other cult members spread the myth that Bama hasn’t won 13 championships. Keep on trying though!

  46. 65
    The Auburn Creed: "Go ahead hate your neighbor, go ahead and CHEAT your friend, do it in the name of Heaven and u can do it again!"

    War Eagle Bodda Getta Hotty Totty Hey

  47. 67
    Indiana Vol

    Crimsonite (aka EGGHEAD WHITE) is one of the main reasons the college football world laughs at Bammer, because the Bammer Moron Nation is a bunch of uneducated hillbillies made up of idiots like EGGHEAD!

  48. 68

    I’ll take that bet against you anyday, slimeball. Talk about body fluids all you want. Its out in the open now Eggie….congrats on turning that knob on that closet door you have been in all these years. Now, just start taking baby steps out of it. Wait a minute…..oh the irony of this all. I know now why you walk around spouting sperm stories, its because you have begun to realise what the rest of us already know….that you are a total waste of it. And don’t call me Shirley.

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