Alabama football: Brent Calloway delays enrollment until August

Alabama Crimson Tide football signee Brent Calloway must sort out a class issue before enrolling at the University of Alabama. The star high school football player was the target of an Auburn-fan site smear campaign that was quickly discredited in April. Every allegation Jeffrey Lee imagined was debunked, but what remained were serious questions about the inappropriate actions of Auburn-fan and former Russellville High football coach Doug Goodwin. (SEE: Homewood’s coach Goodwin bullied Calloway?) Text messages were provided to newspaper outlets that showed the former coach was angry that Calloway picked Alabama over Auburn. It was a sad commentary on how far some people will go in the recruiting game.

But the early April saga has given way to another challenge for Brent Calloway—getting enrolled at Alabama. ““Everything collapsed,” Calloway told the Gadsden Times. “There was a bunch of mix-ups at my school. I didn’t know which class I was supposed to take, and I didn’t take that class. I graduated fine, but I just didn’t know I was supposed to take that class. I took the class, but they said I finished it too fast, so I had to take another class. Now I have to take this class for the next four weeks.”