Investigation remains ‘open’ in Douglas death

The Daily Bama Blog reports the police investigation into the death of football player Aaron Douglas remains open. The report is based on a press release issued by the Fernandina Beach Police Department. According to the report, “The news release also stated the investigation into Douglas’ death remains open.”

Earlier this week the medical examiner’s report was released that presented evidence that Aaron Douglas died of a deadly mixture of drugs including Methadone and Diazepam.

According to the police, drugs and alcohol were used at the party. “Marijuana was used at the party,” the police chief said. “We suspect that maybe pills were used.”

In news related to the Douglas death, The Daily Bama Blog reports four persons were charged in connection with the allegedly wild house party where Alabama Crimson Tide football player Aaron Douglas died.

From the Daily Bama Blog citing the police press release: “The four were charged with ‘allowing an open house party wherein at least sixteen (16) persons under the age of twenty-one (21) were present and allowed to consume alcoholic beverages and / or narcotics by those in control of the residence.'”