Time to remember how good Gus really is

Now that Russell Wilson has chosen the tradition and family atmosphere of Wisconsin over the cult compound of Auburine University, and the Tiggers appear to be hot to “Trot” in 2011, perhaps it’s time to take stock of the offensive wonder boy lurking the sidelines on the Plains.

Just how good is Gus Malzahn?

Well, to find that answer, you have to throw out 2010. $Cam and the six plays he ran were almost unstoppable. But not due to offensive genius.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Billy Madison, you remember the dodgeball scene. Adam Sandler vs. a playground of kindergarten kids. That’s how $Cam looked against most defenses last season.

The only team able to take away his legs was Alabama. A string of freakish luck for the Tigers proved to be the difference in that game, and anyone who thinks otherwise also actually believes Gene Chizik is the best coach in the country.

But otherwise, for thirteen other games, $Cam pretty much had his way. And yet, even with this lightning in a bottle, once-in-a-lifetime quarterback and senior offensive line, Auburn still had to come from behind and count on shoddy officiating, pure luck and home field advantage more times than any team I can recall.

So, was Gus really a genius for designing six plays for a 6’6″ freak?


Remember, this is the same mastermind that thought Arkansas, with Felix Jones and Darren McFadden in the backfield should adopt a passing approach to the Razerback O.

Homer Smith was an offensive genius. He made chicken salad out of chicken, well, you know, with few tools to work with while at Alabama. But give me Kobe Bryant on my high school basketball team and that doesn’t make me a great coach. It just means I won the lucky player lottery. Or maybe in Gus’ case, according to the ongoing NCAA investigation, “purchased” the lucky player from the lottery.

If you want to gauge Gus’ true genius (I almost wrote that without letting out a guffaw), watch him in 2011.

In 2009, Auburn managed 400 yards of offense against only three SEC opponents: Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Tennessee. Two of those three took place in the first part of the season. And Ole Miss is an embarrassment to the conference. Once teams caught on to the dispy-doo, trickeroo offense, the Tiggers had nowhere to go but down, losing five of their last seven.

In fact, in their 5 SEC losses that season, they were held below 350 yards 4 times. And that was with a fifth-year senior at quarterback and a junior laden offensive line who had started together since they were freshmen.

This season, Gus has neither.

Auburine 2011 will be green, and no, this time I’m not talking about their pockets. Auburine fan, if Gus gets you the eight or nine wins I’ve heard some of your poor ignorant brethren blather on about, you’ve got yourself a genius. And if so, I’ll eat my crow like a man and take my hat off to the guru.

But if 2011 turns into the flop 2009 was, as I and others believe, all you’ve got yourself is a four-eyed, high school caliber con-artist.

On a side note, the most hilarious element to the Russell Wilson choosing to be a Badger over a Tigger story is the notion from the Auburine cult Fambly that “they didn’t really want him anyway.” Auburine would’ve taken Wilson in a New York minute, and reconstructing history to support your view is not only dishonest, it’s pathetic.

Wilson may have given Dyer and McCaleb a fighting chance to show the same flashes of potential they enjoyed in 2010, but Trotter or Mosely will simply leave them exposed to SEC defenses not required to honor the threat of a humongous, mobile, fleet-footed and purchased quarterback.

So with these realities in mind, and with 2011’s season almost here, come on Gus. Let’s see watcha got. Genius. (I just snorted.)

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  1. 1
    Bama McKlluskey

    Great article….I wish you had mentioned that while at Tulsa his “magical” offense excelled against teams that didn’t emphasis defense

  2. 2

    I will objectively say I think the guy is pretty smart. I credit him equally with Cam on their undefeated season despite the luck. They did have a SR offensive line that had played in some form or fashion since true freshman.

    HOWEVER, the HC of that team is a dumb ass, hypocrite, fraudulent, LYING POS. First, he says, “NO COMMENT” when Cam the Scam is under attack DURING their season, THEN writes a propaganda book AFTER the season to TRY to convince the general public and NCAA that Cam the Scam is a choirboy after all. At least Saban has the balls to tell the media to their face to phuck off while the gutless Chizik dances around the questions. Eugene Chizik attends The Church of the Poisoned Mind with the rest
    of the Auburn University cult members. He is
    dearly MISTAKEN if he thinks the NCAA takes
    heed with his propaganda. My source tells me most of the NCAA investigators compare him to Jim Tressel. More to follow

  3. 3
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Same ole propaganda. I’ll take Gus over McElshame any day of the week, moron. I’ll definitely be here again day after IB and make sure you eat your crow.

    Remember you are the losers this year. I guess it was luck when Fairly ran through your sponge O line for the sack and fumble. And let’s not forget the 15 yd sack before that was called unsportsmanlike when McElgirl bit the dust and you got a referee enabled TD next play.

    You guys are pathetic sore panty waste LOSERS. 28-27 in your face Biotch. We are the champions*.

    * = another questionable title.

  4. 7
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I thought it was a dynasty team Sherlock. I look forward to putting my beer on Tatoos statues head since it is a life size, bout 5 foot high next year at the IB.

  5. 9
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Glad you see some humor in that. As much crap as I give Saban on this blog site, I will admit he is a good coach, but so is Malzahn. That is why we are posting moronic texts and they are making bank.

  6. 10

    I’m not saying Malzahn can’t coach. I am saying Saban has hardware from multiple teams where he didn’t depend on one player to make him look like a genius. Malzahn can’t say that, and you know it Nicket. $Cam was your team. And he’s gone. Which is why 2011 will be such a DEEEE-LIGHT.

  7. 11

    LOL, Nicket and his name calling behind a keyboard. At least I would tell Chizik everything I say about him to his face if I saw him. He’d probably cry too or try to bite me. I know if Nicket saw me, he wouldn’t have the guts to say anything.

  8. 13
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Hardware=Broyles assistant coach of the year. Geez man, as an assistant coach that is the pinnacle. The next step is head coach and bigger, better prizes. That is his station, now, do you think he should be on the Dos Equis commercial for coolest man in the world or something?

  9. 14

    How does it feel to know your idol blew a 24 point lead at home in the most important iron bowl in the history of the rivalry? Seriously, I bet you are still crying yourself to sleep every night thinking about it. Its obviously still killing you or else you wouldn’t waste your time writing BS like this pathetic excuse for a blog post.

  10. 15

    Will, how does it feel repeating that same line every time somebody hurts your feelings about your Tigers? Because I know you do.

    Look, I admit $Cam was your team and was amazing. You just can’t. But see Will, $Cam is gone, and now Gus will be exposed.

    Wonder what your “line” will be this year?

  11. 16
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    RC you started name calling. Look at post sequence. At least if you can’t be as whitty as me, at least get your facts straight. Fact is you and Crimsonite are the worst name callers on this blog site calling out 14 year old girls and I will say it to your face or your 3 ft midget coaches face too.

  12. 18
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I think a 56 point Asswhip at the SEC championship over a team who dominated Bama is indication enough that on a neutral field AU would have beaten the stuffing out of your dynasty team this year.

    You like them apples?

    And not so fast on 2011, we still haven’t put on the helmets yet. We don’t know what bothh teams will look like this year. We got some major speed on our team. We will see. Trivia Reed supposedly runs near a 4.3 40, and he will be a wildcat QB this year. So let’s see how Gus will dismantle your team again this year.

  13. 19

    First, we don’t know if Emily exists at all, and I guess you believe every dumb @$$ Auburn fan over THE INTERNET. Second, if she is real, WHY DID HER FATHER PIMP HER BY GIVING HER HOME ADDRESS and DIRECTIONS OVER the INTERNET? I’m waiting?

  14. 20
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    ITK, was raining but we need it bad due to fires on Orange Beach. Otherwise, has been very hot. How bout you?

  15. 22

    Nicket, it’s fun to pretend. Keep telling yourself that.

    RC, we’re on the same side, but let’s drop the 14 year old girl thing. It’s just creepy.

  16. 24
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    RC, agree about Gerrards obvious losing temper and posting address, etc. But you just kept on, it was funny at first but that is something you should just let die down quickly. I don’t know the guy, but he did have some legitimate points. I can admit that I am very irritating most of the time here, however that was over the top. At least just say ok, my bad I will stop talking about your daughter, my Lord, can you not admit that was wrong? What if she does exist? Do you have a daughter?

  17. 25

    Okay, we’re getting off topic, RC. Let me help us get back on track.

    $Cam was Auburn’s team in 2010, he’s gone, and ole Gus is a sham that’ll be exposed for the 7-5 coordinator that he really is.


  18. 26
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I do, so I understand his point. I mean I talk smack about people’s moms, my friends moms, etc. That is one thing, kids are another.

  19. 27

    Yes, let’s change the topic because the guy LIED over and over again. Back to how Chizik will defend his tainted title with 76 letterman

  20. 28
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Back to topic, Bamas hardest games in my opinion, which is probably not worth much here (but I don’t care) is definitely LSU. Maybe Carolina, can’t remember if you play them this year. Arkansas will be tough. AU will be a surprise because of home field advantage. I am realistic enough to state that we are rebuilding so I don’t know. But I never count us out since we always give Tatoo a run for his airplane.

  21. 30
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Chizik and company will do well this year, a bowl, hopefully maybe a BCS bowl. I think we probably play Trotter while giving Frazier plenty of reps. Our hopeful next NC year will be 2012. LSU this next year, IMO plays either OK, Oregon or Vtech for NC. If you guys beat LSU then probably Bama vs 1 of those 3.

  22. 32

    Chizik’s short dude, and has no front teeth. He looks like Eddie Munster grown up. A former Auburn coach looked like Dumbo and yet another one fell off a kiddie stool at a public restaurant while intoxicated. Now, back to football, keep talking

  23. 33
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I heard Vtech was no joke this year. They have a 6’6″ QB who runs like the wind blows and throws 60 yards like Cam. If they didn’t graduate many on defense, then they blow out people this year. What are your predictions in LSU vs Boise St, very interesting game on many levels, one being SEC pride, the other to silence ESPN talking heads and Boise St in NC from the start of the season.

  24. 34
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    RC you gonna talk football or do you really want me to start in on your past retard coaches? Let’s stay on target.

  25. 35

    LSU plays Oregon and Georgia plays Boise. LSU will beat Oregon by 10 points. If you’ve ever noticed, Miles teams during the regular season start fast and finish slow b4 winning their bowl games. Oregon starts off slow and finishes well.

    I think the Georgia game will be closer. Although the SEC defense should manhandle smallish linemen from WAC, UGA defense, though returning many is still suspect. I give Boise the early edge

  26. 36

    No because Auburn has plenty of DA coaches in their past. You’re the one with the disparaging screenname. Let’s stay on topic

  27. 37

    Is that a better screename? Ok I gave you a bone. Changed my screename. Thanks for correction about LSU game. I really hope GA pulls this one out. I can’t stand all the Boise St garbage.

  28. 38

    I agree with Nicket’s outlook for the year. Most Auburn fans recognize that it is a rebuilding year with 6 total returning starters. We are also cautiously optimistic given the job GM did with Todd during his first season. BTW, is your argument that you can’t count GM’s success last year due to great players, but an average season this year with 6 returning starters indicates he’s a bad coach? In other words, it sure sounds like your argument is “it’s just the players if AU does well, but all him if AU doesn’t.”

    ITK, I think that was a classy move to put the brakes on the daughter thing. Whether it was true or not, no sense in risking it.

  29. 39

    I really think Vtech is the team this year. They are past due at least a BCS game. If Oregon controls PAC12 this year, they will be better than last year. That was a scary game (actually went to BCS game). We could never pull away from them. They were very tenacious and the fans were pretty cool too.

  30. 40

    ITK, you still here aren’t you gonna add who’s gonna play for all the marbles? Bama vs who? I know you’d never go against your own team…

  31. 41

    On paper, VA Tech s/b a title contender, but if FSU returns to ’90’s form, I think Beamer will retire sooner than expected. Georgia’s defense s/b better due to returning starters. However, returning starters at some schools sometimes do not translate into better results. A better coaching staff and UGA would dominate the SEC with their talent pool

  32. 42

    I’m out when it comes to talking football and not name calling, begrudging anything AU, or claiming a google plex national championships, then RC leaves. I’m out like your fat mom in dodge ball.

  33. 43

    Ok glad your back, FSU is downright scary. There corners were headhunters and J Fisher is taking Mobile away from both Bama and AU

  34. 44

    Realistically speaking, at some point the SEC NC streak has to end. I think Bama is a TOP 5 finisher, but I see someone else winning the NC this year, and I don’t mean LSU. It’s Oklahoma’s time with no conf championship game this yr, though they travel SOuthEast to play FSU in Tallahassee this yr

  35. 46

    Wisconsin is being highly discussed. Easy easy schedule and a plethora of returning starters. It seems QB was their weak point until Wilson signed, according to ESPN

  36. 47

    RC, I am going to listen to my nerdy audiobook now, Sword of Truth. Anyways, good to talk to you and ITK when you guys actually talk football. I know you hate everything AU, that’s fine. Hope you have a good nite.

  37. 49

    FYI (post #38), you misspelled great “player” (singular, not plural). Auburn had nothing on that team last year beyond Cam Newton that made them a contender except for a soft schedule that put every single one of their difficult games at home, until the Iron Bowl.

    They blew no one of substance away until the SECCG. The East was so weak I’m not sure any of the six teams could’ve won the Sun Belt in ’10. When Bama did it they took down Tim freaking Tebow. Auburine does it against Jeff “pass the weed” Garcia. You do the math, professor.

    Defenses were neutralized because they had to double their efforts on Cam, leaving somebody else mismatched or open every play. If Mark Barron doesn’t tear a pectoral muscle (who kept this info to himself for the 1st half and through halftime), he intercepts the desperation pass to start the third (he couldn’t raise his arm) and it’s a different outcome.

    Gus Malzahn is a 7-8 win coordinator when he doesn’t have a freak of nature, once in a lifetime player behind center. Simple as that.

  38. 50

    I am not getting into the name calling, but I was curious as to A)How many 5th year seniors auburn had last year, and B)How many senior starters?

    Grats to auburn on winning the BCS.


  39. 51

    What a surprise. Most objective people who understand college football understand how good Gus Malzahn is. Leave it to this blog and you people to be the only ones who dispute it.

  40. 52

    Read my first post WDE in Ttown. I think Malzahn is good coach, but I don’t have as high marks for the rest. I think Taylor and Luper are really good recruiters (if they’re not cheating). Chizik must prove his mettle without Malzahn

  41. 53

    WDE, anyone appears good with a once in a lifetime athlete who’s your one man team. Why do you think Urban left Florida after Tebow?

  42. 55

    LONG Story Atlanta Roll. It has to do with an Auburn fan who claimed to have a 14 yr old daughter, then gave directions to his house (supposedly) on this blog. We’re moving on

  43. 56

    “…for thirteen other games, $Cam pretty much had his way. And yet, even with this lightning in a bottle, once-in-a-lifetime quarterback and senior offensive line, Auburn still had to come from behind and count on shoddy officiating, pure luck and home field advantage more times than any team I can recall. [and don’t forget several cheap shots by Nick Fairley on the opposing team’s QBs]”


    It was the offensive line that enabled Scam to run up those numbers. Remember how he would go back to pass and had little or no pressure? Just stood there and waited and waited till a receiver got open.

    But it’s not going to be like that in the NFL. It’s a more even playing field. He won’t run up the same numbers.

  44. 57

    I love the 1 point victory over a three loss team thingy. I thought you had 2 losses when we beat you by 1, and that made for the third loss. If you hadnt got beaten by a quarterback with more troubles than Lindsey Lohan, in Steveo Garcia, or to that grass eater on the Bayou, what a game that would have been. But like most of you on your wedding night, what a letdown and disapointment you were. WDE

  45. 58
    we own you

    Would love for someone to compare Auburns offense in last years IB AFTER Gus figured out lil nicky and crew were stealing signals. Go look on youtube how saban looked at your poor D coach after Auburn scores first TD. Check out how Late second Quarter Auburn Started sending in the plays by player and not with the flip cards from the sideline. bamas ONLY chance last year was for nicky to cheat and it still backfired on them!

  46. 60

    “We Own You” and all his conspiracy theories. So my inside source at the NCAA is a REC member according to you, and Saban stole Scam’s signals… give it a rest, freak

  47. 61

    Last year is over, Auburn won by a point in one of the most fluke seasons ever. Much like Shulas 10-win season, when Bama could have been easily been a 7-5 team, Auburn could have easily been a 7-5 team last season.

    But you guys earned it, you won them all. It doesn’t matter if it was just a point or 100 points, a win is a win. But, much like Bama’s 10 wins under Shula didn’t carry on for the next season, Auburns won’t either. Auburn lost all of the main contributors for last seasons success, except for a few running backs. Gone is the veterans on the offensive line, defensive line, QB, linebackers, receivers, etc. Cam was 80% of Auburns scoring offense last season. Dyer can’t duplicate that behind an inexperienced offensive line. And if he is all you have for offense, he will be beaten up through the year. You guys will have to throw to win at some point. It will be a rebuilding year for Auburn, that is for sure.

    But you guys slamming Saban like he is no good are just ignorant of the facts. Saban has won two national championships, is one of the few active coaches that has never had a losing season, and still has tons more head coaching experience than Chizik. Malzahn has been Auburns saving grace more than anyone, but he is not the genius you guys make him out to be. Trick plays, on side kicks and trying to steal signals is Malzahns forte, and will be again this year. Saban made him look silly in the first half of last years game. He will finish him off this season. Malzahn won’t beat Saban two years in a row.

  48. 62

    Yep …$aban is a better coach than Chizik. He has the record to prove it.

    Gus has done well at 3 different schools/setups all while adjusting from Hs to CFB. I’m sure there are better OCs, but we’ll take him just the same.

    Saban has a 2 year head start on Chizik and Chizik will struggle this year because of the lack of seniors caused by Tubs disastrous 2008 recruiting class. Oh well. Gene and Auburn won’t have that excuse from 2012 on ….and won’t need it.

    So have your fun you little 5th grade mentality twerps …and just hope that Bama wins it all. I’ll be here to laff at you if you do lose.

  49. 63

    You are right. Bama is 2 years ahead of Auburn in recruiting. You just better hope that there are no scholarship reductions when Troopa gets busted again for improper recruiting. The thing is, Malzahn will end up being some poor schools head coach here soon. I bet he doesn’t even coach the hot shot QBs that Auburn has commits from right now. ANd when Malzahn leaves, odds are those QBs may want to leave too.

    Bama hasn’t stopped recruiting well all of the sudden. Bama will still be loaded come 2012. You guys just stay focused on Bama, and what Auburn has to do to catch up with them. And quit blaming Tubs for Auburns troubles. The current staff is going to cause more trouble for Auburn in 4 years than Tubs did in 10.

  50. 64
    we own you

    Ever wonder why Auburn’s offense couldn’t hardly muster anything in the 1st half of the IB and in the 2nd half looked as though they were unstoppable?

    Notice in the following clip you will see Spanky and his sidekick look to the Auburn sidelines before calling their defense. After they look to the sidelines you will see Kirby Dumb mutter “458” while Spanky, talking on his headset, appears to ask “whats that.” After doing so Kirby signals in his D call. Now us fans all know (thanks to BSPN showing it all the time) that Auburn uses a numbers system to call in its plays. The second clip in the video you even here Gary Danielson mentions how Uat seems to be in Auburn’s huddle after half the updyke team follows Terrell Zachery on the reverse.


    It really is gratifying knowing Spanky spent 3 weeks preparing for Auburn, tried to steal Auburn’s signals, and still couldn’t get it done. With all that 5* talent non the less

  51. 66

    Excuses excuses. Bama choked and blew a 24 point lead. If Bama scores on the drive that Ingram fumbled on and goes up 30, Auburn doesn’t come back.

  52. 67
    we own you

    WOW! BB pulls out the “IF” Card! Well “IF” sabear wasnt stealing signals bama loses by 2 – 3 touchdowns. That link i put on here to youtube is just 1 of many clips showing saban and smart stealing signals. Like I said once Auburn started sending in the plays Auburn out scored bama 28 – 3.

  53. 68

    Thats how close it was. One fumble turned the game around for Auburn. Miss St. was a wide open incompletion away from beating you. Clemson beat themselves. But I give you credit for winning. Auburn barely won at least 5 of their games last season, and that is with a Heisman winning QB. You won’t have that luxury this season, or the next. Keep on with you conspiracy theories. I will bet you will have plenty of excuses this season.

  54. 69
    we own you

    Now BB was you bitching and complaining when bama BARELY come from behind to beat a middle of the road tennessee , and Auburn Team in 2009 and went on to win the NC and an heisman trophy for ingram? Nope!You turds said it was due to “great coaching and great players who refused to quit” As far as your drunken bammer logic goes we should be ashamed of “barely” beating a very good Miss State team and an over rated bama team? Really? You turds are getting worse by the day! This 2010 National Championship is eating you ass clowns alive! God forbid if chizik can bring home another NC in the next 2-3 years. This site would lose half of its readers (about 6) to suicide! WAR DAMN EAGLE!

  55. 70
    Poor Bamers

    This national championship really hurt Alabama fans didn’t it? Face it you got out coached in the Iron Bowl and the whole country knows it.

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