REPORT: SEC proposes major recruiting changes reports that a letter it obtained from SEC Commissioner Mike Slive to the NCAA outlines several major areas the conference would like to see changed regarding football recruiting.

According to the report, “The SEC endorses the return of text messaging. …”

“An earlier date for the first off-campus contact by coaches with recruits.”

The conference seeks a change to rules about Twitter and Facebook as “current rules force compliance to monitor follower requests on Twitter and friend requests on Facebook sent to institutional staffers (coaches, administrators, etc.).”

The SEC wants to “permit any coach or staff member to receive phone calls placed by recruits, recruits’ parents or recruits’ coaches.”

“The conference would like to redefine the four recruiting periods (Contact, Evaluation, Quiet and Dead).”

“The SEC will submit an NCAA-wide proposal that bans 7-on-7 and other so-called ‘non-scholastic’ events from college campuses. The conference also will submit a proposal that bans coaches from involvement in local sports clubs.”

More information on the proposal and context of these changes is found on the CBS report linked above.

Some quick comments. The NCAA created the texting ban to prevent recruits getting hammered with numerous and expensive texts. The limit on texting was justified as a way to help the student-athlete. While the change may be difficult for coaches because it expands NCAA rules, it does appear to be one of the more reasonable limits on recruiting prospective athletes. Redefining the recruiting periods sounds like a good idea, and the espoused goal of eliminating “the media from blowing up reports of the so-called ‘bump’ rule being violated,” is also a good thing.