Alabama’s useless press

CBS Sports confirmed what everyone already knows—Auburn is under investigation for NCAA violations. According to CBS’ Dennis Dodd, “this is arguably the dirtiest era in NCAA history.” He explains there are many programs under scrutiny. And this includes Auburn. Dodd writes, “Auburn is being investigated on two fronts.”

For those who closely follow NCAA sports, this is not a revelation. However, if you depend on, local newspapers or television for information about Auburn’s rampant cheating (see Big Cat Weekend, HBO 4, etc.) then you are out of luck.

Instead of doing real journalism, would rather write puff pieces. Instead of investigative reporting, would rather tell us how Prince William was almost an Auburn man. (LINK) And here is the image on the website:

Real AL.Com Image from 2011
Real AL.Com Image from 2011

What in the hell is wrong with newspapers today?

What happened to the commitment to expose the truth, and to do so no matter how unpopular?

Is it shocking that would abandon its post on an issue involving Auburn? After all, an Auburn fan directs the state’s largest newspaper. Does this influence coverage at the Birmingham News and

What else can the general public think when real stories are ignored and irrelevant pieces are published linking British royalty with some Podunk town on the Plains?

When newspapers behave in this shameful manner, the entire profession is hurt. If shoddy journalism is allowed to grow within the confines of the sports page, will it not also find its way into the more important parts of the paper like the editorial page and the political coverage? Such shoddiness injures the state. It harms an important bulwark of our political system. If we cannot trust the newspapers, then what can we trust in our efforts to supervise public institutions?

While blogs and Internet sites are important elements of a new level of participatory journalism, professional journalists provide important things to the public discourse. Professionals are the ones who provide deep investigations, and professional organizations are the ones with the resources to conduct such investigations. Could any organization other than the Birmingham News have uncovered the corruption in Alabama’s two-year college system?

If the Birmingham News possessed such fine skills in its investigation of the state’s two-year college system, why does this same organization abdicate its responsibilities in reporting about Auburn?


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    So you are saying that if someone relied on articles (excluding comments) for their sole source of information regarding Auburn University athletics, they would have no knowledge of the Cam Newton scandal, the investigation into the recruitment of Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson, the “HBO Four,” or the minor secondary violations that occurred at a Big Cat Weekend two years ago? I guess I was reading an in a parallel universe because I read all about those topics on, and not from the comment sections.

  2. 2

    Shh… don’t tell Hoopty. I think he is just full of wishful thinking. I remember when I thought nothing major was going to come out of the Means case, and I was wrong in the end, too, just like Hoopty will be. This Auburn situation has the potential to be several times worse than the Means scandal was. Especially if the pay-for-play has any legs. Then it will go wayyy back, since there is no statute of limitations if they can establish a pattern.

  3. 3

    My point is the coverage has been reactionary instead of professional. Where is the original reporting? Why do we get big stories from out-of-state media?

    The coverage on has been a joke. It is biased. You might expect that from liberal NY Times or conservative Fox News, but how can a newspaper become such a joke?

  4. 4

    The British royal family has a long history of inbreeding, so the Prince would be a natural for a scholarship at Auburn.

  5. 5

    At least WDE admits that that are multiple scandals going on at Auburn. He needs to talk to Hoopty more often.

    But Cap is right, if it were Bama being investigated, all the major newspapers would be commenting an speculating on it daily. Maybe Auburn is just not important enough to give a crap about, since they are the lesser of the big schools in this state.

  6. 7
    that other Dave

    “If shoddy journalism is allowed to grow within the confines of the sports page, will it not also find its way into the more important parts of the paper like the editorial page and the political coverage?”

    I would argue it already has. Who staked out Larry Langford’s house in Fairfield to prove he was not living in the city? it wasn’t the Birmingham News, it was the Birmingham Weekly. What paper just printed a long expose on the Northern Beltline, The News? No, it was the Black & White. The Birmingham News is afraid to ruffle corporate/political feathers and lose the ad dollars/access that comes with them. leaving the “alternative” media to pick up the slack.

  7. 10

    Question for anyone EXCEPT the trolling, hypocritical biased Auburn nuts:

    Why in the world was the language in Chizik’s contract changed so that he can’t be canned if an NCAA investigation is ongoing during his watch? It’s funny how Goldilocks at Auburn wrote a piece on that without clarifying why?

  8. 11

    Ever since the Tie/Dye game this CUSE fan has rooted again Auburn. You can plainly see Auburn and Ohio State are totally dirty and should lose their championships. Yeah I know its sour grapes, but our program is in regrowth era and we will do it properly not dirtering our program to win championships (I hope). Our media here would rip a new one if they felt the CUSE cheated at all. So hone up SEC get back to honest recruiting. Maybe parity will(which is really needed in college FB) be effective again.

  9. 12

    Phillip Marshall, and that jewish guy Goldfarb are the most honest and credible fellows in Jernalism. Do you need proof to substantieight that? Pay Dye says so.

  10. 13

    “When newspapers behave in this shameful manner, the entire profession is hurt. If shoddy journalism is allowed to grow within the confines of the sports page, will it not also find its way into the more important parts of the paper like the editorial page and the political coverage?”

    who’s your daddy, cappy???

    Who’s been telling you this very thing for, not days, not months, but YEARS now???

    I haven’t purchased a copy of the snooze for going on four years now and I’m all the wiser for it. (and have a little extra coin in my pocket to boot. THAT’S change I can believe in!)

  11. 14

    Wow ….Dennis Dodd issues a 7 word sentence about Auburn and you draw a conclusion that condemns the entire State of Alabama media. Dodd is talking about all of college football and you pick out a 7 word sentence to justify your point? Go back to your remedial reading comprehension classes.

    Just to help out your biased memories, here is the link to a full story about the “monumental” NCAA investigation into Tiger Prowl. By the way …This was in the Bammerham News in April, 2011. At least it was a full article instead of a vague 7 word sentence.

  12. 15

    Oh the way. My offer for a $1000 bet that Auburn never goes on probation because of anything Cam Newton while at auburn still stands.

    I’m sure that after offering this for the past 2 months, there are still no takers.

  13. 16

    Just to point out our bias a little further.

    When $aban’s “bumping” into recruits caused the NCAA to rewrite the rules, the Alabama media never requested info from $aban under the open records law.

    That same “useless” media DID request info from Auburn under the open records law. I don’t think that the Alabama media is biased either way, but if anything, this example would suggest that the media is biased for Bama.

    I’m sure that ..once again ..your neurotic, biased little minds can’t grasp this concept.

  14. 17

    Actually, the Alabama beat writers have requested MANY documents via the Open Records Law since Saban’s arrival, but Alabama’s and to a lesser extent Auburn’s athletic departments have ignored the requests or refused to honor them.

    Alabama has a VERY bad track record for complying with open records requests. The excuse has been federal privacy laws involving students; however, many times no excuse is even given.

    Auburn has done the same thing, but is in general MUCH better at complying with the spirit of the state’s law.

  15. 18

    Hoopty is still denying any investigation going on at Auburn. Because of the biased media, you don’t hear about it. Until the NCAA releases a statement that they have found nothing wrong, the investigation is still ongoing. The media knows this too. But you can’t convince an idiot like Hoopty. The day that letter arrives he will still deny reality.

  16. 19

    “Auburn is being investigated on two fronts during the dirtiest era in college football history.” Doesn’t look good for the barners.

  17. 21

    Just the other day RC was saying that Auburn was being investigated for 4 different issues. Now boneheads gotta make up your minds …Is RC correct at 4 investigations? or Dennis Dodd correct at 2?

    Do you count those supposed tapes wherein Cam Newton was talking to the MSU folks? ..oh wait ..nevermind ..that Bammer radio host was a fraud.

    Until RC divulges his source, I ain’t listening to his stories.

    So, Is Dodd counting the Cam story as one of Auburn’s investigations? Well that will be no problem. MSU probably did something wrong, but since Auburn knew all about Cecil prior to signing Cam,I doubt that Auburn would have signed him if there was a problem. I guess the other “investigation” that Dodd is counting is the Tiger Prowl mentioned because of the Bham News article. Well go ahead. There are rules that prohibit that now, but not back then. Auburn did nothing wrong.

    So what happened to the Louisana sports “agent” investigation? I guess the NCAA gave up on that. As soon as the NCAA can pass some rules, then they will have some enforcement ability there. No problem now.

    What about Milton McGregor? According to the media, those tapes were supposed to be made available to the NCAA on January 31. ….now …nada.

    What about Colonial Bank? The FBI has had those records for 2 years now and …nada.

    What about the HBO 4? The NCAA doesn’t have time to chase every accusation from disgruntled former players. Without that former player having proof, the NCAA quickly moves on …and that is what has happened on this issue.

    Oh wait!! I heard a little bit of Slimebum today …now Trooper Taylor is buying women for recruits? Ol’ Pawl didn’t have any proof and wouldn’t mention sources, but he was sure willing to get those Meth-head Bammer rednecks that listen to his show fired up.

    You guys are boring. You need to meet up with the REC and make up some new stories.

  18. 22

    Just imagine …all of these accusations for all of these months …and no proof.

    Cecil propositioned MSU and Trooper taylor got excited at the first Big Cat Weekend and announced some recruits names for a secondary violation …that’s about it folks.

    At what point do you guys start to realize that with the incredible media frenzy that someone has aimed at Auburn ….that if there were proof, it would have been found and exposed to the rest of the CFB world by now.

    An example of such would be tOSU. Did ya notice how fast today’s media can pounce on and find out the dirt ..if there is dirt to be found.

    Thayer Evans is gone. He snooped around ..wrote a couple of negative specualtive articles to justify his time to his editors and then he moved on …why? …because there is no proof.

  19. 23

    Hoopie hoopity hoe,

    I LOVE the fact that you write journals on a rival website with the purpose of getting the last word. Auburn is actually being investigated on 4 issues, not 2. Dodd was being conservative on his story because it was not totally related to Auburn. My source who has 22 yrs field experience has told me EVERYTHING. Don’t be stupid, hoopy. I will never divulge my source. Let’s just say that every recruit on Auburn’s radar or who has already committed is being interviewed and investigated as well. One recruit’s family from South Alabama has already had their bank records pulled. Those records will be monitored in the coming months. Some recruits are already questioning why Chizik cannot be fired if their is an impending investigation going. It’s going to be nasty soon. Just wait until August 28. HINT hint

  20. 24

    I’m now hearing that Trooper Taylor is trying to get prospective recruits to committ to Auburn by buying them pussy. Auburn is a dirty whore!

  21. 26
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Last time the drop dead date was Apr 2nd. It was just wait…AU will have to vacate all the wins, Cam Newton took money, yada yada yada. Like Charlie Browns parents on the phone. Is your source the same set of guys that blows their nuts in your face during a mullet circle jerk?

    Ok I’ll wait till this new date Aug 28th. Is that when you will actually get laid by your German Shepard? After that date will it be Oct 22nd?

    Or maybe Nov 12th when you get a facial shard shower from your mom. Your a joke. Hey guess what….28-27. Go piss against the wind.

  22. 27

    This issue cuts both ways . If the Paper loses the ability to investigate and report – what is the value ? Nothing.

  23. 28

    I have said all along that it could take a few years even for the NCAA to be done with Auburn. Heck, UT just had their hearing TWO YEARS later. USC just exhausted its appeal for things that happened in 2004.

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