N.Korea ranks self 2nd happiest place on earth

Ran across this today and it was too good not to share.

North Korea’s Chosun Central Television recently released an index compiled by North Korean researchers report listing the isolated and extremist nation as the second happiest place on earth, edged only by China.

Rounding out the top five:

1. China
2. North Korea
3. Cuba
4. Iran
5. Venezuela

Sadly, the United States with all our single-minded opportunity and freedom ranked dead last, at 203rd. South Korea came in a paltry 152nd. Some places, North Korea’s research indicates, are just nowhere near as smiley as the home to the most insane dictator on the planet.

But don’t throw stones at Chosun Central Television. You can find similar stellar reporting at auburnsports.com and almost any Auburn beat writer in this state.

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