Love God? You are a bigot

If you profess a faith in God then you are a bigot. At least according to one NBC Sports blog that is available here.

In that piece Rick Chandler explains how Fox Sports Samantha Steele is really a bigot for asking a question about the NBA’s policy on fines for homophobic slurs. Steele wonders if all slurs are treated equally in the modern world.

This modern world of political correctness—a world where certain lifestyles are preferred over others by the mainstream media’s thought police. In this world the worst offense of all is a belief in God.

And Chandler exposes that little touch of bigotry in his own post over at NBC Sports. He wrote, “Her profile quote is still there, however: God first, people second, cake third. Which explains the homophobia thing.”

So, if you profess a love for God then you are a bigot—and since this was published by NBC Sports, we should assume that is the official stance of NBC. We can conclude that since the company is also responsible for MSNBC—a network that makes one long for the days when only CNN existed in the cable news market. Since NBC is a division of NBCUniversal which is a joint venture of Comcast and GE, then one must wonder what these corporate partners think of this hatred spewed from its own website.

Are there bigots who are Christians? Yes. Of course. Just like there are bigots in newsrooms, universities and courthouses. In general, people suck. History provides many examples of humanity’s evil. And this evil is not confined to Christians. You can find it in every walk of life and in every political system. Man is not perfect and will never be perfect.

However, one doubts Samantha Steele’s opinions constitute the level of evil some of attributed to her. According to Steele’s official blog, one person said, “I now remember her as being way too Goddy. Kind of in that fascist, Hitler Youth way.”

Behold the level of discourse in modern America! You cannot escape from the political nonsense even in the sports world. The thought police will pursue you even into this realm of entertainment.


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    It may or may not be bigotry, but it certainly was offensive. I wonder how Miss Prissy Pants would have reacted if the offense was directed at her? The fine was levied because the player shouted at a fan. It doesn’t matter if her fee-fees were hurt. The offense was directed at someone else, and it was for that person to be offended. (It probably didn’t help that the incident was probably recorded and played over and over on the evening news, forcing the league’s hand in reprimanding him.)

  2. 2

    And being religious doesn’t make you a bigot. There are plenty of people who love God and don’t care whether or not you are gay. Being intolerant makes you a bigot. No body says you have to like or approve of other people’s choices, but when you take action that intimidates or harms others, that’s when the problem begins.

  3. 3

    And yes, the author of that article was out of line equating love of God with bigotry, but that doesn’t make the rest of his argument any less valid.

  4. 4

    I think you are missing her point–there are many slurs, ethnic, sexual and more that she hears as a sideline reporter. What makes some more offensive than others and that should warrant a fine?

    However, the slurs and hatred displayed by the media is a concern.

  5. 5

    I think that they are all offensive. I wouldn’t say one is more offensive than the other; I don’t make that distinction.

    Homophobic slurs can hit some people hard, though, because a lot of gay people have to deal with being criticized for what others view as a choice, but they know is not. It isn’t easy, and has driven a lot of gay teens to suicide.

  6. 6

    In my opinion it is a choice. They may have to desire to be with someone of the same sex, but they have the choice to act on that urge.

    Teens today, in general, are more depressed (Gay or Not) because their whole lives they made every team they tried out for, was told how special and unique they were, and was told they could have anything they want simply by wanting it. All of a sudden, when things don’t go their way, they don’t know how to handle disappointment. It throws them for a loop and depressions sets in.

    I’m from a generation where I was told nothing was going to be easy and you had to work for what you got. They didn’t create a little league team so that everyone could make a team. I wasn’t handed a trophy from just showing up. If I wanted to make the team, I practiced to get better. If I wanted a trophy, then I had to win all the games.

    Plus, my father always told me when I was a little down to “get your head out of your ass”.

    May sound awful to some people, but those simply life lessons has had a very positive effect on me. I’ve been able to do things my father only dreamed about. Part of it was always being able to handle disappointment and overcoming it and having the mental toughness to do it. I wouldn’t trade anything for those life lessons I learned as a child.

  7. 7

    And, Pookie, dear – you are still missing the point. The political correctness of the media world had deemed the gay slur as being more worthy of a fine than if he had called the fan a “whiney b*tch” or some other slur. So, gays are a more sensitive group to slur than people who believe in God. The result – slur all the God-believers you want any way you want, but don’t call anyone a *ag, cause you hurt their feelings more and you will get fined. Political correctness is a joke.

  8. 8

    I don’t give much of a shite one way or the other. I say live and let live, just so long as you keep your possibly A.I.D.S. infected arse away from me and mine. However, you are all missing the point badly whhen you start grouping tolerance for gays together with God. Or maybe none of you have ever read or understand the Bible. Maybe all the gay tolerant people and lawmakers should have been shut inside of Sodom & Gamorah to figure out just exactly what the God you are referrencing thinks about tolerance for gays. There is no more ‘Free Speach’ in this country. It’s all a sham!

  9. 9

    This debate is insane. It’s obvious that there is an overwhelming amount of blind bias going on in this forum and all around us in our everyday lives. The fact of the matter is that the national media feels hard-pressed in situations like these. The rationale of arguing over religion, racism, and even sexual preference is becoming so blatantly taken out of context when there is a serious inquiry regarding Kobe or Joakim’s statements of frustration due to high-stress competitive atmospheres. This naive lack of consideration for the wonder of uniqueness in life is just baffling when the world tries to pinpoint someone’s motives for everything they say out of frustration is particularly why we live in a bigoted society.

  10. 10

    I should probably amend my statement because it seems vague. The truth is that I love sports and I’m a die-hard Tide fan for life. I recently moved out west, but my heart will always reside in Alabama. The only issue I have with the south is the blind Christian mindset that everything you’ve ever been taught is an absolute truth and anyone who disagrees with “the word” is a sinner or blasphemer. We’re far more complex than to pigeonhole ourselves as a society into such primitive thinking. Back to the homophobic slur scenario, let’s agree that the media has nothing better to do than turn this into a spectacle over supposed, albeit spontaneous remarks that have been essentially overanalyzed.

  11. 11
    Tina Smith

    The word of God stands on it’s own and is the absolute truth! Make no mistake about that. Regarding homosexuality it is a sin but no worse than any other sin such as lying, stealing, etc A Christian is nothing more than a sinner saved by Grace. In God’s eyes, sin is sin. One is not any better or worse than the other and our God hates sin but loves the sinner. I understand people make choices or wrong decisions but that is what is wrong with our society we don’t want to offend anyone or hurt feelings so we try to be politically correct and we are not doing anyone any favors by not leading people to the truth. Regarding homosexuals, I personally don’t see and difference in them than any sinner and when I pray, I pray for them to find their way in this lost and dying world we are living in. I rarely comment in these chat forums but this article was terribly out of line in stating a profession of faith in God meant you were a bigot. I choose to pray for the person who wrote the article as well. God Bless everyone!

  12. 12

    To tell the truth I don’t know WHY I read and respond to anything on the internet. I despise stupidity. Can’t stand to be around it period. And the internet is infested with it. How in the hell can so many people read these posts and not understand what is being said? The writer of this artical did not state that believing in God makes you a biggot. He gave an opinion that the Media, Government, special interest groups, and Johnny Do Gooders all treat the homosexual issue as if believing in God and taking the Bible’s position on homosexuality makes you a Biggot. And it is the damn truth. That is just how stupid people in general are. IF there is a Satan and he were to come and live among us on Earth, you can bet you sweet arse that within a short period of time someone would be arrested for making racial slurs against him. My opinion is that the the only real solution to
    the cancer of the human race is to Nuke the whole planet. And I’ll bet there’s someone out there watching us and thinking the same thing.

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