Love God? You are a bigot

If you profess a faith in God then you are a bigot. At least according to one NBC Sports blog that is available here.

In that piece Rick Chandler explains how Fox Sports Samantha Steele is really a bigot for asking a question about the NBA’s policy on fines for homophobic slurs. Steele wonders if all slurs are treated equally in the modern world.

This modern world of political correctness—a world where certain lifestyles are preferred over others by the mainstream media’s thought police. In this world the worst offense of all is a belief in God.

And Chandler exposes that little touch of bigotry in his own post over at NBC Sports. He wrote, “Her profile quote is still there, however: God first, people second, cake third. Which explains the homophobia thing.”

So, if you profess a love for God then you are a bigot—and since this was published by NBC Sports, we should assume that is the official stance of NBC. We can conclude that since the company is also responsible for MSNBC—a network that makes one long for the days when only CNN existed in the cable news market. Since NBC is a division of NBCUniversal which is a joint venture of Comcast and GE, then one must wonder what these corporate partners think of this hatred spewed from its own website.

Are there bigots who are Christians? Yes. Of course. Just like there are bigots in newsrooms, universities and courthouses. In general, people suck. History provides many examples of humanity’s evil. And this evil is not confined to Christians. You can find it in every walk of life and in every political system. Man is not perfect and will never be perfect.

However, one doubts Samantha Steele’s opinions constitute the level of evil some of attributed to her. According to Steele’s official blog, one person said, “I now remember her as being way too Goddy. Kind of in that fascist, Hitler Youth way.”

Behold the level of discourse in modern America! You cannot escape from the political nonsense even in the sports world. The thought police will pursue you even into this realm of entertainment.