Goode proves how good Bama is right now

News out of Tuscaloosa today has Alabama senior runningback Demetrius Goode transferring from the Capstone for his final year of eligibility.

To some, the news means the mean ole Nick Saban is at it again. To others, it means a player doesn’t want to work harder to make his way into the mix this fall. But to me, it just proves how freakishly good the Alabama Crimson Tide is right now.

One look at Goode and you see a specimen that could and would be in the rotation at almost every other SEC school. The roster lists him at 5’10”, 205 lbs.

Heck, he’d get 20 carries a game at Tennessee.

Every time I’ve seen him touch the ball the dude runs hard, punishing would be tacklers in his way. He’s strong, not a burner but fast, and looks the part of a producer in the backfield.

In the days of Ken Darby, Ali Sharrief, Jimmy Johns, Aaron Johns and the early Roy Upchurch and Glen Coffees, Demetrius Goode would have found himself in the top two. Heck, as much as I liked Shaud Williams, I’d even say at worst Goode would’ve shared carries with him.

But today is a different day, and at Alabama 2011, Goode can’t even break the rotation.

That’s not a discredit to Goode, who will find a home at North Alabama playing for Terry Bowden, the Roly Poly Oly not above scooping up everyone else’s sloppy seconds.

It’s simply a testimony to how good Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy and Dee Hart are. Not to mention Corey Grant, Jalston Fowler and the ever evolving, revolving Blake Sims.

And though these players wouldn’t directly compete with Goode for time, it also speaks highly of what is now expected from the Tide’s backs…Barry Sanders, Jr., Jovon Robinson and others being in the Tide’s crosshairs tells the tale of the path Bama continues to blaze.

Folks, case in point, Bama is L-O-A-D-E-D. Goode did what was best for him, and more power to the young man. In a classy move, he is quoted as saying:

“I have learned many things and matured in many ways but everyday brings about change. Sometimes you have to move on to do better in life. I will be moving to North Alabama for football. RTR forever in my heart, the champion Tide, the fans that I will always love and never forget. I thank ya’ll for the support: ROLL TIDE ROLL. For life.”

But Goode simply saw what the Tide’s opponents will experience first-hand in a few months. And as those opponents will agree this fall, the last place Demetrius Goode wanted to find himself was in the way.

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    My answer to that is 28-27 28-27 28-27….aw, now that the stupidity is out of the way, good luck to Goode down the road.

  2. 2

    it is funny that Auburn beat Bama by a point, won the NC, and Bama still gets more respect. No one will have Auburn ranked in the top twenty this coming season. Bama will be ranked in the top 10 again starting the season, for like the third year in a row now. So long Auburn, you didn’t hang around very long. Enjoy your trip to the bottom of the SEC this year.

  3. 4

    Because I have been with Bama since 1958, it breaks my heart to see Goode and Ogilvie and the other children of our greatest stars come to Bama, all with superior talent, and yet not be able to break into the rotation because of the depth of NFL quality talent we have at the skilled positions. Especially recently I have hoped and hoped that Goode and Ogilvie could find other positions at which they could gain playing time. Some will say that Goode and Ogilvie both seeing who was ahead of them and who was commiting to Bama each year; they should have transferred sooner so they could have had the opportunity to play at another school. But it doesn’t always work out that way. See Star Jackson. And coming to Bama in the giant footsteps of their family, even playing sparingly for Alabama may have been more satisfying than starting anywhere else. Family and tradition mean so much in these decisions. The lack of tradition may be the only reason we get Barry Jr. away from Ok. St. I wish Goode, goode luck. RTR!

  4. 7

    You sure they aren’t related? Hazelwood isn’t that far from LaGrange and just how many Goode’s with an ‘E’ can there be? Ha ha! Vol, that is no worse than being called the Smurf the whole time he was at Auburn. And why should ITK care anyway? You bastards call Saban the midget and Ewok with every other breath.

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