UPDATE: More on the death of Aaron Douglas

REPORT: A young and promising football player with the University of Alabama has been found dead in Fernandina Beach. In this video report from the scene of the death of Aaron Douglas, new details are presented about the party the night before the Alabama Crimson Tide football player died. Also, the reporter alleges that Alabama football player suffered from problems including drugs, alcohol and depression. According to the police, drugs and alcohol were used at the party, but the police have not said anything about Douglas’ cause of death. They are awaiting the medical examiner’s report. “Marijuana was used at the party,” the police chief said. “We suspect that maybe pills were used.” Also, neighbors provide details about the party and scenes of friends when they received the news.


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    […] former freshman All-American died in May after attending a party in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  Police say additional drugs were used at the party.According to the National Library of Medicine, Methadone “is used to relieve moderate to […]

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