Lies are a God Thing™ too!

Everything is a God Thing™ down at Auburn. Even lies.

Thanks to one website we now know the Auburn coaching staff is composed of liars. Ordinarily, nobody would care. Someone telling a lie is sort of like a dog biting the mailman—common.

Every day.


Even TV shows like House recognizes that “Everybody lies.”

What makes Auburn’s lie news is the Jesus preaching hypocrisy that goes on within the institution and the Auburn family. Without a doubt Gene Chizik’s book published by “Christian” fiction and non-fiction publisher Tyndale House is just one example of the God-theme Auburn pushes. If the book purports to have any advice on leadership or winning from Auburn’s Chizik, then it will likely be listed in the fiction category. The only advice Chizik can give on how to win is to “acquire” a liar and a thief to be your team’s quarterback. And only a work of fiction would pretend that Mississippi State was the only SEC school that offered to pay for the quarterback.

But the latest Auburn lie is worth examining—it shows the used-car salesman approach of Auburn assistant coach Trooper Taylor. According to the report from Sports By Brooks, “Today two sources confirmed to me that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett not only never considered Taylor for any position on the NFL team’s coaching staff, he was never in contact with Taylor about any manner of employment. In fact, from what I’ve been told by a source familiar with Garrett’s thinking, Taylor might the last person Garrett would hire for his wide receivers coach because of the well-chronicled, poor work habits of ex-Taylor protege Dez Bryant. (Taylor coached Bryant at Oklahoma State in 2009.)”

That has to hurt. But the truth usually does.

And it should be used as a tool to battle the falsehoods so often spread on the recruiting trail.

But we should remember that this really isn’t a lie to the Auburn family. See, it is Noble Lie(tm by Socrates & Plato). If the saying brings in the recruits while it might not really be true then it is OK.

It is what Jesus would do.



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  1. 1

    And let the war resume! Trying to get those site hits up are we? You just painted a big ol’ target on your back dude. I’m movin’ on down the road cause I don’t want to get caught in the shytstorm crossfire. RTR!

  2. 2

    You are a sad individual. War Eagle and RTR to the good bamers… there are many – you are not one of them.

  3. 3

    So ..when “Sports by Brooks” starts spewing rumors about Bama, will you post those as if they are the truth?

    SBB is a bottom feeder. Go read his site. It’s all rumor and inuendo. He spews ridiculous stuff just to get attention …and some stoopid people even sucker for it.

  4. 4


    Don’t be ridiculous, it’s only facts when the negative news is about Auburn. Didnt you know that SBB only writes the truth when it’s something bad about AU?

  5. 5

    The love fest we have recently witnessed has been great. It showed the true character of the people of Alabama but now its time to move and get back to what we love. The state of Alabama is defined by it’s rabid football fan base. Things get pretty intense here but it sure as hell beats reading about the other depressing shit that is going on in our country and around the world. I say let the insults and BS begin again because we love it and that is what keeps us coming back to sites like this and others. Just remember in the back of your head that football is our escape from reality and dont take it too seriously!

  6. 6


    sadly, you are correct. The fact that Hoopie, WarEagle, and others feel the need to post on a rivals website proves your point. Watch Hoopie and WarEagle now act like “they only come on here when something is posted about Auburn” then let them remind us that it’s ok for Auburn fans to trash Bama because the Barners have “connections” to Auburn while Bama alumni like myself and others have no connection to UA.

    God Bless the true Auburn fans who continue to pour in donations for their fellow man in T-town and other areas. To hell with the Auburn fans who laugh at the damage while preaching a sermon afterwards. Their is no place in Heaven for any Auburn 2-faced hypocrite. As Chizik would say after preaching a sermon and giving “testimony,” War DAMN Eagle. Classy

  7. 8

    Well, at least Chiznik is striking while the iron is hot. Don’t expect to see him selling many copies on how to win after this season. One fluke season, and Chizik’s record is barely above .500, and he is instantly an authority on winning. What a joke. Cam’s best plays wasn’t called from the sideline, they were made by him more often than not on the fly. and the 0-12 Ted roof, what a defensive mastermind. Never have I seen as many loser coaches that break the rules get so much credit for one fluke season.

  8. 9

    Back to this kind os stuff again?
    Well, I guess it’s good to see you guys back hatin’. Least your not dead

  9. 10

    You didn’t really think it would go away did you? The tragedies of the storm damage is bad for sure. People coming together and helping one another has been a great thing.

    But don’t think that any of that changes the fact that Auburn is still under investigation, and has a dirty reputation for cheating. And the topic of this conversation is about Chizik writing a book on winning. And Chizik using religion as his motivation, while being surrounded by cheating allegations and coaches who are known to cheat. I find it hilarious that all the Auburn cult members actually believe this garbage.

  10. 11

    Another FORMER college football coach comes to mind when I think of chiziks fluke season……LARRY COKER…..won title in his first season with the hurricanes and shit went downhill fast after that if he wins 8+ this season with what’s left of his team and that schedule I will have to say the guy can coach and has a good staff until then.he’s just another one hit wonder like Larry Coker

  11. 12

    Rc, what do you have to say about the majority of the recent content on a website devoted to University of Alabama athletics being devoted to “that school down the road?”

  12. 13
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    We will see about fluke… If he is, then oh well we whipped your ass in your own stadium and win the NC, not too bad for 2010. I bet you hope he us a fluke, because if he is not he will run your midget out of town.

    Just something to think about

  13. 14

    WDE in T-town:

    you proved my point. Stop worrying about what we think about you.


    please please please explain to me how a 1-point victory over a 3-loss team is an ass kicking?

  14. 15

    BTW, Nicket, you white trash Auburn fan, Chizik is only MAYBE an inch taller than Saban, and Terry Bowden was 2 inches shorter. Hypocrite

  15. 16

    I guess it isn’t the same as a moral victory for Auburn in 2009 in their own stadium and us win the NC. A one point victory is ass whipping to Auburn and a 7+ point win by us is still a win by Auburn.

    Auburn logic again. Another reason not to argue with these fools. There are obviously more things to worry about….

  16. 17

    Nicket, all signs point to a fluke season. If you think that Auburns one-year success story is sustainable, you just might be a cult member. And no, he won’t be running anyone out of town. Hide and watch what Saban will make Chizik look like at the end of this season. Auburn drops off the map again this year, wait and see.

  17. 18
    Crack is a hell of a drug

    Man I need to get invited to one of these Alabama football player parties I keep hearing about.

  18. 20

    Onterrio McCalleb arrested. He must have been “all in” too. Has Chette Williams been fired? He used to be the one Pat Dye ordered to cover up the scene of the crime

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