VIDEO: Alabama’s Saban on recovery & football

Three video reports on Nick Saban’s visit to Mobile. The reports focus on the storm recovery and how the Alabama football team is dealing with the challenge.

VIDEO: Saban Talks about Storm Recovery.

Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said, “You can’t just be a team on Saturday. You have to be a team during the worst of times. I was really pleased with the way our players and former players have done a lot to help the community.” Saban said it will take a long time “to make Tuscaloosa what it used to be.”

VIDEO: Saban proud of his team during storm recovery

Saban said he challenged the team to help during this “worst of times.” Saban also praised people around the state for generosity around the state and schools of the SEC. Saban also said some of the team has remained in Tuscaloosa to help the community even while school is out.

Saban also spoke about Alabama football player Carson Tinker. He said the player is doing fine, “and we are encouraged by the progress he has made.”

VIDEO: Saban stops in Mobile for Crimson Caravan. Tide coach says the players will be able to focus when its time to play football.

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said the Alabama football team will be ready to play despite the terrible destruction in Tuscaloosa caused by the large tornado. Saban said the team will still care about the community and want to help, but will still be ready to play football in the fall.