Saban talks Jones, Ingram, Carpenter

Jones will change ‘culture” of WR position

Nick Saban was on the Colin Cowherd radio show today. Saban said he had to return to Tuscaloosa instead of doing some work on NFL Network’s draft coverage. Saban and Cowherd urged people to help via organizations like the Red Cross.

Before seeing the storm, Saban said he did not have the proper respect for the storm. The video taken from his balcony and the damage changed his view. “I do have the proper respect (now),” Saban said.

Moving to the NFL draft, Saban raved “Julio Jones is a special guy.”

“This guy is big and strong; he doesn’t have bad hands.” Saban said Jones needs to work on his patience. “He is very productive.” He will change the culture of that position in the NFL.” He will do so in terms of his toughness, competitive spirit. “He will do whatever he can to help the team.”

The biggest thing people don’t realize, in college we nurture these guys…when you go to pro ball, there is an independence created…what happens is a lot of guys can’t handle that independence. That transition kills a lot of players. That will not happen to this guy. He really wants to be the best.”

Ingram is a great fit for the Saints. “A great fit for both sides,” Saban said. “The Saints have an offense that Ingram will flourish in.”

Saban also talked about LT James Carpenter. Saban said the Senior Bowl enhanced Carpenter’s stock because Carpenter played Guard and Tackle. “Somebody has to play more than one spot,” because of NFL roster concerns. He said, this “Versatility” has “tremendous value.”

Watch Cowherd’s radio show on ESPNU.


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    Sabans methods and abilities are proving themselves to be what NFL teams are looking for. It looks like everyone in the NFL has a tremendous amount of respect for how Saban runs his program at Alabama. 4 first round draft picks is very impressive, and a show of Sabans recruiting ability and getting players ready for the next level. This should help Saban in recruiting even more for the years to come.

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