Alabama’s Nick Saban interviewed on CFB Live

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban talked with CFB Live about the tornado, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa and his team. You can watch video of the interview below. Here are a few key elements.

Saban said this was the worst devastation he has seen. The Alabama football coach said people concerned can help Tuscaloosa, west Alabama and the entire state of Alabama. Also, he said one reason he went to the NFL Draft tonight was not only to support his players, but because his players wanted to support the people of this state.

Saban explained OL Carson Tinker was injured in the tornado when the player’s home was destroyed and the storm tossed the player approximately 50 yards. Tinker has a concussion and injured wrist, but is OK, according to the Alabama coach.

Saban spoke to students who were volunteering in the aid efforts. He told the students that “When you are part of a team, you are not just part of the team on Saturday afternoon. Much more in the video below.

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