Hell hath no fury like a Barner scorned

Auburn fans sink to new low
Woe to the recruit that doesn’t pick Auburn! For they and their families will be harassed by people on the Internet.

Making the rounds today on Auburn message boards was this extremely relevant piece of information on Harlan “Peaches” Winston, the guardian of Russellville star football player and Alabama Crimson Tide football recruit Brent Calloway. (see the document via some Auburn fan’s photobucket below.) This 1998 UCC filing clearly indicates that Alabama cheated. Oh wait, no it doesn’t. It is just proof that Auburn fans have become pathetic in their quest to ruin the life of this family.

Is that a God Thing™ too?



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    SInce I know both of you Auburn white trash are going to eventually troll this site, my question to both of you is the following:

    Is this a “God” thing?

  2. 2

    Oh No! Bammer is done for! This will teach them Bammers not to mess with the Fambly! This is just the tip of the iceburg!

  3. 3

    Lord Lord Lord….Boogs. Listen carefully. Alabama did not have anything to do with your Cam Newton issues. Alabama did not have anything to do with your Tiger Prowl (or as I like to call it kitty crawl)issues. Alabama has had nothing to do with the four horsemen of the Aub-Pocalypse on HBO. Please Boogs take ownership of your problems. Do not embarrass yourselves any further. I know your reading this. I know you are trolling. Please this is just getting sad. You bought er uhm…’scuse me..won a BCS National Championship. Enjoy it. Act like you have been th…uh oh sorry my mistake. Anyway you get it right? If not get a sociology professor to help explain it to you. Or any random person outside of Lee County should be able to help you.

  4. 6

    Seriously, this is like watching an episode of Blues Clues.

    “What do think Blue is trying to tell us ? – Gadsden, random tax document, Jeff Lee. Thats right! Alabama cheated! We just figured out Blue’s Clues, because we’re really smart!”

    Their logic and a 4 yr olds is really not different.

  5. 7

    But –
    but –
    It’s the Bammers Pawl !

    These tards are very good at what they do well – licking windows.

  6. 9

    Attention NCAA. This document proves Mr. Winston financed a bigscreen and vcr in 1998.Surely this proves Bama is cheating too.What the hell is wrong with these barntarded phux?

  7. 10

    Can’t y’all see? It is the tip of the iceburg. Wait until the Wal Mart receipts come out, and Mr. Winstons dental records!
    Tip of the iceburg! And don’t forget the twees!

  8. 13
    Indiana Vol

    “People think I’m the greatest damn coach in the world,” said the great Bear Bryant, “but Neyland taught me everything I know.”

    Overall, Neyland was 12-5-2 against Alabama.

  9. 14

    Well you can burn my house,
    Steal my car,
    Drink my liquor from an old fruit jar,
    Be anything that you wanna’ be,
    But, aw honey lay off of my twees,
    Now, don’t you, step on my Charmin twees,You can do anything, but lay off my Charmin twees.

  10. 15

    Idiot Vol, any 1st grader knows old man Neyland was retired before Bear took over at Bama. Why don’t you? Bear was 16-7-2 vs Rotty Top, more wins and a better winning % than Neyland. Your trolling skills are really slipping.

  11. 18


    So what? Auburn’s about to burn, and this committment only illuminates the NCAA investigation. Auburn has/is recruiting a lot of talent, but it will be a LONG time before you guys have another Cam Newton like superstar. Plus, once Malzahn leaves, Gene Chizik will be the emperor without clothes.

  12. 20

    Congratulations on a good QB recruit Nicket! Maybe he will do well at Auburn during the probation that will be coming in his time at Auburn. But Zeke will be able to transfer to any school he wants without penalty once the probation sets in.

    Bama has several top rated QBs already enrolled. Phillip Sims was the top rated QB of his class. Bama is loaded at nearly every position, 2-deep. I can say that Auburn sure has the room and the potential to play very early, I will give you that. But one thing you won’t see is Alabama fans trying to smear his name and dig in his trash cans at night just because he didn’t pick Bama. Bama will get their share, and will out recruit Auburn once again.

  13. 21

    If I were the Winston dude, I’d be hoping and praying that some Auburn nutcase somehow stumbled upon a lot of his private finance information, then I’d get the most shyster lawyer I could find, sue the ever-loving crap out of anyone who could have had that paperwork (which by law is protected and the company is just as culpable as the employee who released it)…then sit back and enjoy how Auburn fans managed to pay off all four of my mortgages.

  14. 22
    viritus is an idiot


    UCC Financing Statment is a public document you idiot. The lien holder files the statement with the probate judge in the county where the borrower lives. It’s similar to a mortgage, dummy. Gonna be tough to sue anyone for circulating what is public knowledge to all who want to know.

  15. 23
    C Hammah

    yup – u can see why sims is throwing int’s …but aj is not pulling the trigger enough as did his mentor taking a ton of sacks

  16. 24
    C Hammah

    just throwing this out there – the bs on ingram could be that a team covets him and putting out the rumours so he will fall to them

  17. 26

    I guess when you have nothing else to talk about, you can always fall back on the God thing. Notice how I dont put the trademark after it, as I think it is a disgrace, pitiful, and mainly it seems a touch of sacreligious to many. But dont worry about offending folks, because we all know that all Bammers go to heaven.

  18. 27

    Whats up Hammah? I havent hollered at you in a while. Still making predictions I see. When I first met you, I thought to myself this guy is trouble. But as I have gotten to know you, you are harmless. You are like this blogs cute little puppy. Keep working at it guy, I’m trying my best to round you up some Adderall.

  19. 28

    There is a special Auburn-only heaven, where the trees never die, and toilet paper lines the streets. No Bammers are allowed, and Pat Dye signs autographs every day from 10 til 2. There is a golden barn for everyone. You get 72 virgin cattle, already stump trained. And for the ones that made it by taking down a Bammer, you get the 50-yard line seats, where they replay punt,bama,punt and the Camback every day. The skies are lit by a single National Championship crystal. Join the Cult of Auburnâ„¢ today, and get your ticket!

  20. 32

    That there is cold, hard evidence! Lets listen to the Bammers try to deny this one! At the top, it plainly states “the state of ALABAMA”. Bama is the state school, amirite? BAM.

  21. 33

    I wonder if he watched the greatest meltdown in Iron Bowl, or for that matter history, on that big screen?

  22. 34

    Well, we know he probably won’t be watching Auburn on it for a couple of years, when the no tv ban part of the probation kicks in.

  23. 36

    Auburn sux and I know it! I still have to get on here and babble incoherant bullshyt because its all I really have in life! You guys know the old addage! Those who cant play..coach ! Those who never did neither of the two…….well here I am!

  24. 37

    All I can tell you, my redneck friend, is if sneaking on your daddy’s laptop and impersonating somebody else is what it takes for you to get your rocks off on Easter Sunday, then wear it out. Kids hunting eggs everywhere are giving thanks you were busy.

  25. 38

    FBJ, where’s that iceburg? Hmmm… the Calloway thing is as dead as it was when it started. How’s those NCAA investigations going at Auburn? Y’all need to be careful, and not use all of your distraction and deflection material until the day you get your letter.

  26. 39

    Hey Brandy, just want you to know its really me and not the toothless boy playing on daddys laptop using my name. Anyway, about that iceburg. It’s still around, and there is no timetable on it. Look, you can talk about everybody else waiting on that hammer to drop, and thats fine. Meanwhile, I hear things in Columbus, Ohio is going from bad to worse. And the reason for that is summed up in one word…PROOF. People can sling mud, release school records, and even get on HBO and develop a conscious. But without any proof, it’s kinda hard to give it a second thought. The letter may come and it may not, I don’t lose sleep either way. As for the Calloway deal, I never said THAT was the fire. I’m leaning more toward smoke, but like you said, when people start digging, you might hope they don’t find anything. Things are getting nasty here. People poisoning trees then turning around screaming they got cracked in the face at a gas station. Something tells me all that is just the ” tip of the iceburg”. Yes, I do love that phrase. Think about it, only in this state can you have a story about a QB phenom’s preacher father shopping him around, then at your school you have some strange things about your own recruiting practices, and in turn, rabid fans take actions in their own hands. In this state, having someone named Peaches involved just can’t be any good.

  27. 40

    Now the name of the guy is suspect. So much for your ‘evidence.’ The truth is, 4 ex-Auburn players said that Auburn engages in pay-for-play. Those allegations have been out there, and for a long time. Terry Bowden also claimed it was going on. Pat Dye has been in the hip-pocket of Lowder since the beginning. Lowder isn’t letting go of any kind of power at Auburn, more out of fear of what may be uncovered than anything else. The Cam ordeal isn’t over. Trooper Taylor is involved in several investigations, from Big Cat weekend to the use of street agents. And you want to compare all that to something going on at Alabama, because the recruit that spurned Auburn has a dad named Peaches.

  28. 41

    That AND the fact that those street agents ain’t just doing things for Auburn, You seem to be catching on here Brandy, cause you need to realise that all this investigating of camps and 7 on 7’s and street agents is bringing a lot of things to light. For a lot of people. Sit tight though because alot of things are being found out. About a lot of people. And my talking of Bama recruiting has nothing to with someone cheating because of their name. I’m saying Peaches, Cecil, Updyke….sounds like the beginning of a beautiful sitcom.

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