Alabama’s Mark Ingram on NCAA 12 cover

Alabama Crimson Tide star Mark Ingram on cover of NCAA 12
Alabama Crimson Tide star Mark Ingram on cover of NCAA 12
Photo via ESPNRachel and twitter.

Alabama Crimson Tide star Mark Ingram adorns the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football 2012. The above photograph of Alabama’s Ingram shows the unveiling of the cover for this year’s edition of the gaming franchise. Alabama’s Ingram is the second Alabama running back to make the cover. The first Alabama back to make the cover was Sean Alexander. (source)


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    Its just a cover of a video game true,but its still.exposure for THE U of A ! Thousands of recruiys will have this game in their hands this fall! Nice!

  2. 4

    Heh,so the Barners couldn’t even win the vote for the NCAA 12 cover in a championship year. And still some try to claim that their year in the spotlight hasn’t been ruined…

  3. 5

    Mark Ingram will not receive a DIME from his image being used on the EA SPORTS NCAA game.

    While at the same time the NCAA and EA SPORTS will rake in MILLIONS off his image.

    The NCAA and EA SPORTS are pathetic.

  4. 6
    NCAA 12

    The NCAA and EA Sports are pathetic? Why because they run a business? If Ingram had issue with it, he wouldn’t be there would he? Your comment is what’s pathetic. It’s a great honor to be on the cover and Ingram handled it well. Congrats to him

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