Does Jeffrey Lee have any credibility left?

When you break a story, the first rule of importance is to be factual in your findings.

Jeffrey Lee, in my opinion, is a complete douche bag committed to selling his soul for Auburn football. Far from an adonis, bless his heart, that dream is just about all he has.

But when the dream becomes a masturbatory fantasy, one has to ask himself, will there be any crediblity to what spews from his mouth in the future?

The man who is famous for his “inventions” has invented a new identity for himself. Jeffrey Lee is the new Shane from Centerpoint.

We all heard Lee on the radio last November, almost crying when attempting to refute the shear unthinkable: That Cam Newton would turn down $180,000 at Mississippi State to come play at Auburn for free.

Anyone with half a brain knows what happened, and the NCAA is still on the trail (remember Aubies, USC thought their book had been closed too).

Fantasy defined – When you think your object of love is every else’s too.

We’ve heard rumors of Chargers and Alabama defensive backs. All fantasy.

And now Lee trumpeted from the highest mountaintop that Brent Calloway’s adopted father’s mortgage was paid off in return for Brent’s signature.

Fantasy defined – When you pull something out of your rear when from 1,000 yards it looks like dots are connecting.

Funny how in 2011 mortgages are pretty easy to verify.

Lee’s last gasp on his latest fantasy, as he continues pumping in the dark, is that a good family friend of Harland Winston, Calloway’s father, is an Alabama booster. The man, Darren Woodruff, says himself, he is not.

But don’t expect that to stop Lee or his followers, many of which frequent this site. Lee’s crediblity left long ago, but that doesn’t stop them from believing the fantasies of a fanatic over the New York Times, HBO, ESPN and other actual credible sources.

I just hope Lee doesn’t write a story about the Easter Bunny being real. If so there’ll be a lot of sleepy Barners come Sunday, April 24th.

Folks, let’s get down to business here. The clouds are rumbling over Lee County. They are starting to gather together to form a storm that will shake the dirtiest program since SMU to its core.

But in true fashion, * University, who ironically and conveniently broke the Toomer’s Corner tree story at the same time the NCAA was interviewing Auburn’s Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson (over their involvement with a street agent) in Thibodaux, LA, relies on the misgivings of Jeffrey Lee to again deflect attention from the herpes left by HBO’s Real Sports.

Yep. Chaz Ramsey, Stanley McGlover, Troy Reddick and Raven Gray. That left a stain that Clorox can’t get out.

But that wasn’t all. Then you had Antonio Goodwin, Kowaski Kitchens, Michael McNeil and Dakota Mosely all getting busted for armed robbery, with Coach Frank Chiznik being inconclusive about whether or not these criminals (“alleged”) will ever be back on the team.

Dakota Mosley? Why does that name sound familiar? Oh yeah…

Now I remember. Here’s hoping Auburn your felon doesn’t roll over on you for more of what he’s holding in this picture…cash some say he got in return for a signature.

Then of course there was Eric Smith, who cleat-kicked a player in the face in live, living color, yet after a firm’a’talkin’ to from Chiznik, found himself back in the game.

Smith was busted in January for what, the 50th time? Chiznik had finally had enough and booted him.

Then other player defections hit the press, with rumors of still more high profile players about to try and jump from the creeking, leaking ship.

So it was time to get down to work. So then, did Jeffrey Lee do his job by timing this Calloway story to deflect from all the bad pub billowing from Lee County in 2011? Some say he did, and some say he’s not fantasizing alone.

Proof of this notion will soon follow in the “comment” section of this post.

Auburn, you wonder why we laugh at you. You are predictable. You are pathetic. And you are dependent upon rubes to do your dirty work for you.

Why can’t you be a legitimate football program and operate free from sleazebags with no credibility?

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