Peaches Winston speaks; refutes Auburn’s Jeff Lee

In what appears to be nothing more than a calculated attempt to smear the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn fan website publisher Jeffrey Lee made allegations of cheating involving the recruitment of Brent Calloway. Those allegations were investigated and dismissed by compliance staff. Now, thanks to the Times Daily we have more information about the family that Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee smeared.

From the Times Daily, On the accusation of receiving help paying his mortgage: “Nobody paid my house off, or my mortgage. My house has been paid for over 15 years, man. And I have four houses I rent out here.”

One other quote of interest from the report, “Brent has been with me for five years. Nobody but me and my wife that has taken care of him for five years. We didn’t get no money. It’s the grace of God. For people to come and say that, what they don’t understand is Brent and Travis aren’t the first kids I’ve had at my house, man. We’ve had over 10 or 12 kids at our house that we’ve helped taken care of. We didn’t bring them in trying to get any money. We didn’t know that when we brought Brent in that he was going to have the kind of ball-playing (skills) that he has. I was trying to keep him from going into the system. They called me a recruiter. If you know my heart, you wouldn’t say that. But I could care less.”

Interesting. Here is a guy with a history of taking care of children, but he gets smeared by Auburn fans—people who defended pieces of crap like Cam Newton and his father Cecil Newton.

Many additional quotes and information available at the Times Daily.


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  1. 1

    Auburn people are white trash and always have been. Ask some of their former employees and students what Auburn really thought of African-Americans who didn’t play football.

  2. 2
    Questions for capstone report!!!!? Wow ! Google is alive and kicking this morning huh bammers? Then to think peaches says he didnt recieve any money or cars!!! Thats the biggest shock since yesterday when the bama compliance dept. said they didnt find any wrong doings in their 1 day investigation. 1 day! Investigation consisted of 2 -3 phone calls to the people involved in the story. Peaches, car dealer, high school officials. Wow great work ! Im sure the FBI in Auburn (LMFAO) are proud of the in depth research that the bubbas did!!!

  3. 3

    The FBI is sick and disgusted with Bobby Lowder. The surface flipflop played out by Brent and Cyrus was a successful sting operation carried out during their visits to Barntopia.They were wired to the hilt and never had any intention of going there.Good job men. The FBI apprecites all your hard work. Barntopia will be no more.

  4. 4

    Questions you are a freaking douche. You do realize that is the Times daily newspaper website—mid-sized daily newspaper with a good reputation in the state of Alabama.

    You do realize that you can verify when mortgages are filed and satisfied?

  5. 5

    You piece of $hit cum deposit. It only took 1 day and 3 phone calls to clear up the biggest crock of $hit lie since they said the earth was flat. As strict as our compliance department is, if they can feel comfortable after a one day investigation, then this has to be the biggest bogus horse$hit ever concocted. Not even a dumba$$ cum sucking Barnturd could think they would just blow it off only to let the NCAA come in and fry our a$$eS later. Go phuck yourselves, or better yet your mama, sister and your daddy’s arse. RTR!

  6. 9

    This thing is going to blow up in Auburns face big time. Auburn will start distancing themselves from Jeff Lee, and he will have to answer some serious questions eventually. Where is he at now? If he had all this information and proof, why hang on to it? Why not get it all out? Now he is just making he school look even worse than it did before he opened is big mouth.

  7. 10

    That’s for damn sure. If there is one school in the whole country who can’t afford to lose any more credibility than they already have, it’s out Red Headed Step Child down in Lee County. Damn, I’m on a roll today. Come on $hit-For-Brains Barnturds, post some more horse$hit so I can rip your a$$e$. Bring it MF’s. RTR!

  8. 13
    C Hammah


  9. 15
    Questions for capstone report

    Uh oh bammer turds. One of your own has turned on you! Why is it that sports by brooks is now taking warning shots at bama? Wasnt brooks just one of you turds favorite bloggers while he was bashing auburn? Here are a few of his postings:

    04/10/11 – 2:59 PM CDT – Brooks on Facebook
    All due respect to, but its report about Russellville allegations, at least to me, raised more questions than answers. Key point: Jeff Lee never claimed the benefactor was a booster. Even with so-called pre-existing relationship, benefactor cannot steer recruits to particular school.

    04/10/11 – 3:03 PM CDT – Brooks on Facebook
    I recognize that did not cite Alabama’s specific findings from its investigation, but also hard to believe Bama could indisputably verify pre-existing relationship in a single day. Again, we don’t know Alabama’s findings, but report gave no insight into how Bama came to its conclusion. Quotes from benefactor not enough.

    04/10/11 – 3:08 PM CDT – Brooks on Facebook
    Though Bama appeared to be proactive in this case, which is significant because of how NCAA judges cases, the report only gave more credence to the Russellville allegations. At least from a media perspective. And the media, in the context of NCAA investigations, is most important.

    04/10/11 – 3:33 PM CDT – Brooks on Facebook
    A non-booster may not do what the “supporter” in this case was accused of, which included offering to pay the recruit once he’d enrolled at Alabama as an enticement to sign with the school.

    So crimsonshite being the meth addicted truck driver he is cant see how big of an ass he is making of himself, But Brooks can see that the entire “we found nothing” story coming from the bama faithfull is a bunch of shyt. Now will someone go to another POS free website that agrees with this POS bammer web site and steal someone elses words and post them here in defense of the great bammer turd nashun. Maybe if capstine and shane …oops ITK would stop having their 2 man circle jerk sessions with crackhead hammah and crimsonshite in the middle, they could actualy come up with some info on their own and stop being blog thieves .

  10. 16

    Questions for Capstone:

    you must be Jeff Lee. You’re white trash Auburn ass is spending WAY too much time trying to dig up dirt on a dead issue. You need to be investigating ways to keep that white trash Auburn University from getting the hammer dropped on them. What a loser

  11. 18

    I have $50,000 in student loans and a degree that states specifically, that I am not:
    A turd
    White trash
    Or inbred

  12. 19

    You can spend all the money in the world, get all the degrees you want, but you are still a cult member being a troll on a Bama site.

  13. 20
    Questions for capstone report

    A dead issue!? Are you serious!? You wish it was a dead issue! This is the ONLY issue going on at the moment! This is just the start of the hell that bama will coming to it!Also its a real shame that people like crimsonshite,BB,and yourself cant even have a decent debate anymore, Because when you cant come back with an intelligent response to resort to childish name calling. Just goes to show the lack of education within the bama fanbase. Another issue I want to address is something that crimsonshite said in an earlier post. He said something about selling Linebackers. I want all highschool prospects to take notice of the slave owner mentality of the bama “nashun”. You are nothing but pieces of meat to the turds. They could care less if you receive a decent education. Look at how the leader of the nashun treats some of theses poor kids. Just how many has saban kicked off the team because they needed room for the “next big time player”?

  14. 21

    And Questions for Capstone:
    Case closed. Bama checked into it, found out that it wasn’t true, and Jeff Lee has no proof or he wouldn’t be holding back now would he. The NCAA is not investing time away from the multiple Auburn allegations to see. But lets just say, for your sake, that it were somehow true. The kid hasn’t even enrolled yet, so if he were ineligible, his scholarship would be revoked. So no matter which way you go, sorry, Bama is not going to be punished over this. But Auburn is going to get the hammer dropped, and this Jeff Lee crap is going to blow up in your face and make Auburn look even worse when it is all said and done. How much you want to bet he will lose his job over it?

  15. 22


    What rock are you and Questions For Capstone (Jeff Lee) hiding under? I’m a UA alumnus, and MOST ppl do get college degrees of some sort these days whether it’s at UA, AU, or wherever. A lot of ppl do not receive degrees in anything useful, though, but they have degrees nonetheless. Some of those who get degrees in Journalism, Lit, or Social Work would have prolly been better off going to trade schools, but they’re still degrees. Therefore, excuse me if I’m not impressed because you did something MOST ppl have some capability to accomplish

  16. 23

    I’m an architect in Los Angeles slut.
    I’m sorry I had to say it but you guys need to realize that professionals come out of both of these schools. And maybe I should be above “trolling” and posting on this site, but I’ve explained that in previous posts.
    I prefer to torch your bias than bask in my own.
    Also, this site is well built and shows up on the first page of google searches for “auburn”. That is why we are here. I’ve said this before.
    I’m going to say something that will blow yor mind and probably piss you off:
    I think both of our programs are equally professional and respectable. I will add that I believe whole heartedly that anyone in our program that had or has information about illegal activity would immediately disclose it and root out the problem. I believe the same about your program, and just about any other.
    However, a large part of your fanbase is retarded.

  17. 24


    That’s not an insult since your fanbase is “cultish” in nature that has weekend orgies over bald eagles and oak trees. You have obviously never spent any time in such grand Auburn towns as Montgomery or Columbus to see the kind of trash that supports Auburn University

  18. 25

    You guys need to realize someone that claimed your university as their heart and soul killed a truely sacred piece of our heritage and tradition. Not decades worth, but centuries worth.
    Don’t even try to delude yourselves into thinking that is not the kind of things that wars are made of.
    Given that, I know that most of you would not have done something so devastating in the name of rivalry…
    But, also realize, it was done.

  19. 28

    Maybe Mr. Lee should discuss why Auburn’s only 5 star recruit has hired counsel to to get out of his commitment to the barn? Maybe check on Greg R. from LA also working to get out of his commitment. Do they think the barn is about to get hit with sanctions? I think breaking this news story would be a good start in getting back credentials if it is possible at this point.

  20. 29


    Your school started this whole “hate” crap WAY before the tree was killed. You’re never going to convince ANYONE here that AUburn is as pure as the driven snow. Any school that has been slapped OR investigated by the NCAA as much as Auburn in addition to all their ethical problems is not innocent of anything.

    The Brent Calloway matter is a dead issue. Feel free Barners to keep bringing it up and wasting space. Question: Do you really think that dead stories are kept alive by Internet drivel? The reason the Auburn cheating is kept alive is because it has legs to it. The Calloway story DOES NOT

  21. 30

    Barner, Bama is doing fine. No NCAA investigations, another top recruiting class, and poised to make another SEC championship run. Auburn on the other hand, is going to be rebuilding after losing 18 starters, and having to put up with all the questions and allegations being leveled at them. It has nothing to do with Bama. We are pointing and laughing, and y’all can’t handle it. This is supposed to be the year where y’all have those bragging rights, but your school looks so corrupt right now you can’t even enjoy that from deflecting all the blows coming Auburns way here lately. If Auburn has been cheating, it would seem like the Auburn fanbase, and alumni like yourself would demand some answers and demand things be done the right way to stop all the bad press. But no, it is ‘Blame it on Bammer’ from the boosters, administration, coaches, and down to the lowest of the fanbase. A lot of you have already shifted to, well everyone else does it to, so if Auburn is going down, so is everyone else. So, it may be therapeutic for you to troll on a Bama site, but in the end, you will still have to accept the fact that all this success Auburn had in one year will be undone because of breaking the rules repeatedly.

  22. 31

    “Everyone is going down with us” will not work with Auburn. A higher profile school maybe, but not Auburn. They have to cheat to win big

  23. 32

    Motherphucker, you haven’t blown up anything on here except in your own retarded mind. The more you talk, the more stupid you look, jumping in Bama’s $hit over something that nobody takes seriously. And Brooks is a retard too. Don’t be quoting some halfa$$ed sports publication like his questions come straight from God. If the Motherphucker questions the validity of Bama’s investigation on nothing more than the time involved without having any facts, then he’s nothing more than a publicity hound retard. And anybody else who thinks Bama would do a halfa$$ed investigation and leave the University wide open to an NCAA depthcharge is so much of a retard that there are no words to adequately describe it. The truth is that the case is so full of bogus and impossible $hit that it would only take 1 day to clear it up. Oh and by the way goatphucker – Bravo for Harvey Updyke. Before last October you ignorant bastards weren’t important enough to me to even waste my time on. But the way you worthless motherphuckers have acted during the past six months, I wish I had thought of it before Updyke! Can’t wait for my Spike 80 football jersey to get here! RTR!

  24. 33
    Auburn paid Cam and you know it

    capstonereport Says:
    April 10th, 2011 at 11:28 am

    “You do realize that you can verify when mortgages are filed and satisfied?”

    Capstone, you know that barners know nothing about mortgages since you can’t get one on a singlewide….they just pay their monthly rent to the REC member who owns their trailer park !

  25. 34
    Indiana Vol

    Everyone read Crimsonite’s (aka EGGHEAD WHITE) last post and you will understand why this classless BOOB is the poster child for the BAMMER MORON NATION!

  26. 35

    Indiana VOL:

    Everyone thinks you’re a boob with no credibility. You’re making both Indiana and Tennessee look like Auburn–TRASHY

  27. 39

    Barner – you actually admit you live in California? Why everyone knows there’s nothing in California but Steers and Queer$, and you ‘aint got no horns! RTR!

  28. 41

    Well Idiot V0L, you know you love ol TennStud, so you are pretty educated there yourself about being a pedophile.

  29. 43

    Sure you do Idiot V0L. You know so much about the boosters in Memphis and what they caused Bama. UT was too busy being a rat to get there share of the punishment. I bet all anyone would have to do is squeeze on you for a second, and you will squeal like a pig too, Volunqueer

  30. 44
    Indiana Vol


    The booster stuff from Memphis is public record; maybe you have heard of the Federal Court System. That is where Bammer booster was charged and convicted.


  31. 45

    See, I told you so. You are too easy Idiot V0L. If you know all about that, you know your boy TennStud. He was at the center of all that, but you already knew that. But all that is in the past, lets discuss the present, where Saban owns UT right now. Y’all even went and hired a Saban protege because Saban put the fear in ya’ll. Fulmer had no answer for Saban, who beat Fulmer by 20+ in the games he coached against Saban in. But I do like Dooley, he just has a mess to clean up and it will take a while. Maybe ya’ll won’t fire him before his has a chance to clean the corruption up that Fulmer and Kiffy built. But hey, at least he got the team to learn how to take a shower. Thats a good start.

  32. 46
    Indiana Vol


    The Federal Court documents are public record, YOU MORON. Logan young bought 2 Memphis players for the CRIMSON TURD. I

    If you are smart enough to use Google, you can read all about it for yourself. But I forgot, you are an uneducated Bammer Moron and incapable of reading and comprehending information.

  33. 47

    Actually it was just Albert Means, and Young was in a bidding war with UT booster TennStud. Roy “I Like Young Boys” Adams or something. He had huge parties with teenage boys going to UT. A real character, and one ugly dude, even for Tennessee standards. But you should try that google thing yourself, boy. Nothing changes the fact that Shula and Saban owns UTs sorry ass, and the domination Saban has on you guys isn’t ending anytime soon. Like I said, you want to talk about 10 years ago, Fulmer, and all that crap. You want to live in that day, but, in case you didn’t know, times have changed. Bama is one of the top SEC teams every year, for a while now. UT is a bottom dweller, nobody will hire Fulmer, and you are still a loser.

  34. 49
    uh oh bammers

    Looks like good ol peaches was full of shyt!!! Sports by brooks has the official document showing when peaches’ house was paid off. Nope wasnt 15 years ago. More like 2009!

    Why lie about the date peaches? Then why is BC telling more lies about Auburn signing 3 RB’s thats why he signed with bama? Who is coaching these two on what to say to the media, Because they are doing an awfull job!!!

  35. 50
    uh oh bammers

    I also have to ask what does peaches do for a living exactly? Reason I ask is they paid a house off in 9 years.

  36. 54

    But what about the twees? Hey Barners, DARREN WOODRUFF is NOT an ALABAMA BOOSTER. So, he can do whatever he wants for Calloway and his family. Nothing to see here. But here is a start of another week, which means another possibility of yet ANOTHER NCAA investigation of Auburn. Alabama compliance looked into the allegations and found nothing. I repeat DARREN WOODRUFF is not an Alabama booster, and there is nothing Auburn can do about it. But y’all really need to just worry about your own problems. Ya’ll are in some serious crap right now.

  37. 55
    C Hammah

    ncaa investigators have been investigating 7 on 7 tournaments all over country as they talk to all involved ask if they know anything about au’s recruiting of 7 on 7s reed and robinson from thibodaux la

  38. 56

    And we got company in that crap with us, even though you refuse to see it. Its ok Brandy, the entire country sees it. You come on here and holler and scream about a hammer dropping, well it must be a ball ping hammer. The entire country can hate on the BCS National Champions forever and a day, but with the internet and Google and all that we have in this day and age, they also see Alabama for what they are….pathetic. They see a fanbase that believes everything about Auburn is true, while denying its own faults, but its going to come out in the wash. They see a fan base that hollers and screams for peoples jobs and to boycott newspapers and the like if they have a negative report on the mighty Tide. They see a redneck deadbeat going around slinging poison on trees because they got slapped around. They see a atheist cult rip to shreds anyone giving glory to God. They can Google Alabamas NCAA violations and see that for a program that has such a “rich” tradition, it sure has been in trouble a whole hell of alot recently, and it aint over by a longshot. But its all good because your compliance department cleared it all up. LMAO,yeah, they seen that too. Get ready boys….everybody sees it. And I do mean everybody.

  39. 57

    5.Crimsonite Says:
    April 10th, 2011 at 11:36 am
    You piece of $hit cum deposit. It only took 1 day and 3 phone calls to clear up the biggest crock of $hit lie since they said the earth was flat. As strict as our compliance department is, if they can feel comfortable after a one day investigation, then this has to be the biggest bogus horse$hit ever concocted. Not even a dumba$$ cum sucking Barnturd could think they would just blow it off only to let the NCAA come in and fry our a$$eS later. Go phuck yourselves, or better yet your mama, sister and your daddy’s arse. RTR!

    Just had to repost this, in case anyone missed it. Thats one of Bammers finest. Pathetic piece of garbage.

  40. 58
    uh oh bammers

    The NCAA defines a booster as:

    1 An individual who is a member of the institution’s athletics booster club.

    2 An individual who has made financial contributions to the booster club or the Athletic Department.

    3 An individual who is involved in providing benefits to prospects or enrolled student-athletes.

    4 An individual who has been otherwise involved in promoting the University’s athletic programs (i.e. buying season tickets).

    5 Has been requested by the athletics department staff to assist in the recruitment of prospective student athletes
    or is assisting in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes;

    Once you are identified as a booster, you never lose that identity.

    I think numbers 3,4,and 5 Could apply to Woodruff. Hell the man owns a condo across the street from BDS!! You think hes NEVER bought season tickets? LMFAO !! Next excuse BB?

  41. 59

    Uh Oh guys! Auburns Brightest have it all figured out. We are going the get the hammer now! Run for the hills! Someone paid off a mortgage (not sure which one), but someone paid off a mortgage!! We are doomed!

    And worse….the whole country knows about us, because of Google!!! They KNOW !!! Why oh WHY, must we endure these horrors!!!!

    Please have mercy on us Auburnites….PLEASE !!!!

  42. 60

    He is not a booster. You Auburn people just won’t let it go will you? Bama is not in trouble, is not going to be in trouble over any of this. They can establish a previous relationship before he played high school football. The dude can carry him anywhere, buy him a car, take him to games, give him money, and it is not a violation. The rest is a moot point. But there really, really is 5 investigations going on at Auburn! For real! The hammer is coming down on y’all. Y’all keep on grasping. Bunch of desperate fools. What about the twees? Won’t someone think of the twees?

  43. 61

    I agree, ya’ll should focus on the twees and not us. Isn’t there a twees message board you can discuss Spike 80 and its effects, instead of coming to this site?

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