Peaches Winston speaks; refutes Auburn’s Jeff Lee

In what appears to be nothing more than a calculated attempt to smear the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn fan website publisher Jeffrey Lee made allegations of cheating involving the recruitment of Brent Calloway. Those allegations were investigated and dismissed by compliance staff. Now, thanks to the Times Daily we have more information about the family that Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee smeared.

From the Times Daily, On the accusation of receiving help paying his mortgage: “Nobody paid my house off, or my mortgage. My house has been paid for over 15 years, man. And I have four houses I rent out here.”

One other quote of interest from the report, “Brent has been with me for five years. Nobody but me and my wife that has taken care of him for five years. We didn’t get no money. It’s the grace of God. For people to come and say that, what they don’t understand is Brent and Travis aren’t the first kids I’ve had at my house, man. We’ve had over 10 or 12 kids at our house that we’ve helped taken care of. We didn’t bring them in trying to get any money. We didn’t know that when we brought Brent in that he was going to have the kind of ball-playing (skills) that he has. I was trying to keep him from going into the system. They called me a recruiter. If you know my heart, you wouldn’t say that. But I could care less.”

Interesting. Here is a guy with a history of taking care of children, but he gets smeared by Auburn fans—people who defended pieces of crap like Cam Newton and his father Cecil Newton.

Many additional quotes and information available at the Times Daily.