Big question about Calloway recruitment

Just what was going on in Russellville High’s football program?

That should be the question local media in Alabama ask regarding one key quote pulled from a man smeared by Auburn’s Jeff Lee. According to the man at the center of Lee’s unfounded allegations, “I attended games as a guest of Brent when he was a junior. I did it because he didn’t have a coach that would take him.” The quote via

Didn’t have a coach that would take him.


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    The REC is investigating. I wonder how much Barnie paid Brent and Cyrus to change their commitments to the Barnturd College? And I wonder how the Barnturd coaches managed to communicate with them to get them to change their commitment during a no contact period? It will all come out shortly. RTR!

  2. 4

    Sounds to me like someone should be sniffing around Russellville High to see why a coach would refuse to help a kid who wants to go to Alabama, but apparently usher him with pride down to Abarn.

    Wonder if there i$ anything $hady going on from the Plain$men?

  3. 6

    Don’t forget……AU was “enticing” the recruits with Natalie and the Bad Girls Club too. I guess it didn’t work, uh?

  4. 7

    Of note, if one searches “Auburn football investigation news” on Google, it returns over 11 million hits.

  5. 8

    I dont suppose your cam footage at the fax machine on signing day starring Bamas finest skank would constitute as being enticed as such would it? Bamagirl, I would suggest you apply for that postion, but I believe that you must have at least four teeth, and at least two of them be somewhat white, to be a useful skank, even in Tuscaloosa.

  6. 9

    Fuk Boy still waiting on ya punk ass! ur rhetoric on this page is so fukin obligatory that we all should really pray for your brain dead ass! Day 8 still no Fuk Boy Junkie! Tick tock! Tick tock!

  7. 10

    The really cool thing about all this is, it’s so clear that Auburn fans can’t enjoy last year. They know it’s all gonna get vaporized at some point, determined only by how quickly the NCAA moves. But inevitably, they are going to get bombed back to the Stone Ages.

  8. 11

    tha barn tha barn tha barn is on fire we dont need no water let that mutha fukka burn burn mutha fukka burn!

  9. 12

    FBJ, you are still digging. Nothing Bama has done can match up with the brazen cheating that Auburn and its players have been doing here lately. But you keep on cheering them on, okay?

  10. 13

    FBJ’s post (#8) is the perfect example of today’s Auburn fan. They are so disoriented by what they know is coming, they say completely stupid things.

    Like a player made his decision to play at Bama based on the possibility that a member of the Crimson Caberet would be taking the letters of intent as they were faxed in.

    FBJ, you represent your disoriented, delusional fambly well. Moron.

  11. 15

    Anyone notice how weak all the Aubies arguments have become here lately? I mean, damn, the fax girl? Really? Compared to what Auburn is accused of? We are all still waiting on Auburns findings in their ‘investigation’ of the Auburn 4 pay-for-play allegations. We heard a bunch of denials, and Chiznik spewing venom and spite for HBO, but we were promised Auburn was going to investigate. So far, there has been no comment, and complete silence from the Auburn program, except for the Auburn homer Jeff Lee trying to deflect the focus off of Auburn. And that is making Auburn look even worse right now.

  12. 16

    BRando even if awbarn is “cleared” of any wrong doing its gonna take a shyt load of soap and water and a towel the size of texas to clean up the shyt storm that has blown thru that program!regardless of the outcome with the fbi ncaa ,or whoever has their fingers in awbarn, bama needs to just whip there ass on the field period! Thats the best place to hurt them is straight up! All this mess does is prove that they cant hang with bama,when bama is at its best, without manipulation in some way! True it was pathetic to see alabama”give” the iron bowl to them this past year but even a blind whore finds a lay every now and then. So lets all just squash this shyt about peaches and calloway and scammin cam newton the fab 4 and the swagg crew!Fall will be here before we know it and that my friends, yes im talking to you awbs too,IS the most wonderful yime of year! Roll Tide

  13. 19

    Truth, that beatdown on the field is coming, I have no doubt. After the Iron Bowl last year, I think this years Bama team will take it to heart. Saban is a great motivator and will use this to beat the crap out of next years undermanned Auburn team. They have the posters ’28-27 Never Forget’ plastered in the locker room, and Michigan State in the bowl game was the first to see what a completely motivated Bama team could do after the Iron Bowl. This season can’t start soon enough.

  14. 20

    I don’t know of any other team in collegiate sports history with bigger penis envy and inferiority complexes than the barntards.
    They have hurled lies about Foley and Gadsden recruiting.This, started by a group of pansies on an Auburn website led by Irontiger.To this very day, any barntard will weakly mumble, “what about Gadsden?” in an argument.
    They sent a booster after Julio and Mark under the guise of “poor old crippled man wants to go fishing one last time.” How’d that work out for ya’ barners?
    The same booster hooked Jerrell up with a computer and cost him 4 games. Coach Saban gave him 2 extra for being suckered by a barntard.
    Now we have the red-flag recruitment of Brent and Cyrus, where 17 year old kids and their families are dragged through the mud.They promote a street agent thug culture that hides behind corrupt religion.
    They’ve spit and deficated on Coach Bryant’s grave.They rolled Tumor Corner when he died. They’ve vandalized Coach Saban’s Georgia home.They throw eggs at Darren Woodruff’s cars.They roll Tumor Corner when a star Bama player is injured.They hire private investigators to dig up dirt which amounts to nothing.
    Their heirarchy of Lowder, Dye and McGregor are among the greediest and most corrupt men to ever poison the soil of the Great State of Alabama.They will get their due.
    Jeffrey Lee is the latest blasphemous, heathen, hell-bound scum to be exposed. He was merely acting the only way he knew how as all the brainwashing lies he’s heard all his life caused him to snap.
    It’s the barntards always instigating shit like a spoiled 7 year old.Class does not exist in Barntopia.I’m glad Bama fans don’t have penis envy.To paraphrase Steely Dan……

    They got a name for winners in the world,

    And I want a name when I lose,

    They call Alabama the Crimson Tide,

    They call Auburn the Barntard Blues.

  15. 21
    Indiana Vol

    “Don’t forget……AU was “enticing” the recruits with Natalie and the Bad Girls Club too. I guess it didn’t work, uh?”

    Bammergirl10 sounds like the vioice of experience; she may be a member of the “Bad Girls Club”!

  16. 22

    INdiana vol go play a nice friendly game of hide n go fuk yourself! U are as coherent as a drunk alzheimers patient!

  17. 25
    Indiana Vol

    “au assumes b/c they cheat everybody cheats”

    When speaking of the Crimson TURD program, that is true!

  18. 26

    LOL indiana volunqueer is that the best u got? At least thr barners have a winning football program and spit there b.s. behind a small hint of relevance! Your fuking football team cant even fuking count! Ours can tho…..ALL THE WAY TO 13! Wait isnt thay how many men turdersee had on the field against lswho? Lol u inbred shyt heel go fuk ya self!

  19. 27
    Auburn paid Cam and you know it

    Hey Indiana Vile, you got elephant nuts but a gnat brain……….has Bruce lied to the NCAA again lately? Who’s kitchen was he in again, and why didn’t Aaron Craft sign with UT and cover Bruce when asked to…..Oh and then there is Bryce Brown and his university supplied hooker girlfriend and Lane Kiffin (LMAO on that one about anyone who would hire that POS) Yea UT is the laughing stock of the SEC for Kiffy and the Pearl…..maybe the could do a tv show together, and show people how to be slimy and cheat since they learned from UT who learned from the master fat basturd Fulmer !!!!!!!

  20. 28
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Auburnpaid;

    Who owns the CRIMSON TURD’S cheating arse??

    PHIL FULMER does!!

    Do the letters F O mean anything to you??

  21. 30

    Hey IV you stupid cocksucker, where the hell is Phat Phil now? We ripped his a$$ off his last two years and he got removed, that’s where! How about, Bear Bryant owns UThugs a$$ and did until the day he retired! Now go phuck off! RTR!

  22. 31
    Indiana Vol

    “Hey IV you stupid cocksucker, where the hell is Phat Phil now? We ripped his a$$ off his last two years and he got removed, that’s where! How about, Bear Bryant owns UThugs a$$ and did until the day he retired! Now go phuck off! RTR!”

    Hey EggHead, way to post another beauty that shows what a class Bammer BOOB you are.

    Fulmer OWNED YOU and there is NOTHING you can do about that!

    Everyone knows that Bear Bryant was a cheating drunk that had bought players whenever he wanted.

    Do the letters F O mean anything to you??

  23. 32

    Not when you say it, no Volunqueer! I wouldn’t be pumping up your wet dream team with dumba$$ talk about skanks and whores if I were you $hit-For-Brains. The UThug motto – “Remember Miss Lacy!” Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  24. 34

    Hey Idiot VOL how about Nu’Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson and Mike Edwards? Do those names ring a bell?

  25. 35

    It’s funny how Indy keeps calling Bryant a cheating Drunk.

    That is why Tennessee will always be Bama’s B*tch. Bryant could be drunk and still whip their ass.

  26. 36
    Indiana Vol


    Richardson and Edwards were canned; Jackson was found to have not been involved.

    Get you facts straight before your mouth overloads you @SS and you make an @SSHOLE of yourself!!

  27. 37

    I got my facts straight V0L. Armed robbery. UThug. You are one to be talking. Are all UT fans as dense as you?

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