Huzzah! REC triumphs again

The Red Elephant Club (REC) has won another amazing victory against the forces who would destroy our beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. The REC vanquished Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee and his slanders. How could this glorious organization succeed against the forces arrayed against our noble athletic department? Through the cooperation of the media, which is clearly controlled by agents of the REC. The REC used its influence to erase evidence, change banking records and modify memories. Even the Stonecutters (see video above) tremble before the REC.

This should serve as a warning to all: Fear the REC.

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah for the REC!

Or maybe, truth is stronger than the smears of a guy who is either hurt by the decision made by a teenager, or trying to hurt the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.


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  1. 2

    Oh I can clarify that for you BB. We are going to payoff the Federal Government to fabricate evidence against McGregor, Lowder, Pat Dye, Jay Jacobs, and Scam and his father. Then we’re going to force the NCAA to give the Barnturds the death penalty and take away their accreditation. By this time next year Barnturds won’t even be allowed to schedule South Alabama in football, and Troy will be the power on the South East side of the State. Hot Damn! Go REC! RTR!

  2. 4

    Look out VOL, we will have the REC do a background check on you, and have you put in into the REC section of Guantanamo Bay. There you will be interrogated and subjected to Bama propaganda endlessly, waterboarded, and probed with an elephant tusk. But then again, you may like it, since you are here so much.

  3. 5
    Indiana Vol

    Hey bammerbrenda,

    I have a sugesstion where you can stick that elephant tusk; would you like for me to elaborate??

  4. 8

    No, we don’t want to hear your fantasies Idiot Vol. Just get ready for another ass-whooping in October, and you can come here to cry about it as usual.

  5. 9

    There’s some current construction going on in Barntopia between the student center and the cow pasture.Two large heavy rectangular bases have been laid.Reportedly they’re bases for 2 huge statues of an Asterisk.That would be some scrumptious eye-candy.However, I’m submitting plan B. Shug Jordan and Coe Chizzle in a $1000 handshake, passing the barntard torch.

  6. 10

    Da’ fambly just issued some new creeds.

    “We waited 53 years for this BS?

    “How come I don’t feel like a Champion?”

  7. 11
    Indiana Vol

    “No, we don’t want to hear your fantasies Idiot Vol. Just get ready for another ass-whooping in October, and you can come here to cry about it as usual.”

    Blah, blah, blah……., same old Crimson TURD BS! Let’s wait until October and then see who is crying. By that time the Cheating Tide will have lost a game or two and will be crying about officiating and everything else to blame its losses on.

    I will be more than happy to offer you a couple of suggestions where you can stick that elephant’s tusk!

  8. 12

    Yeah, you are right Idiot Vol. I am just glad Vandy is back on the schedule, so we can at least play a decent SEC team from the state of Tennessee. By October, UT will be out of the hunt for anything anyways, but you are used to that by now.

  9. 14

    Now that’s really a fantasy, Vol. And here I thought only Barnturds were on a LySergic aciD high. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  10. 15

    Hey V0L, you just need to worry about scraping by UAB and UT-Martin before you start competing with the big boys.

  11. 17
    Indiana Vol


    Since your beloved CRIMSON TURD refuses to play UAB, you have NO room to talk. Nice series you MORONS have going with heavyweight Georgia State!!

  12. 18

    Like I said, beat somebody significant first, before you get to eat at the big boy table. Your team aint got no game. Get ready for number 6 coming to ya. I bet Vandy puts up a bigger fight.

  13. 19

    Georgia St. won their conference in their first year – that may be a national record. How many conference championships has UAB won in football? And UTC was a powerhouse? Bwaa Haww Haww! IVol Sucks, can you really be that stupid? I even capitalized the important letters so you little children out there who weren’t around at the time could figure out what the original hallucinogenic drug was. (not counting Absinth.) LSD, dummy. Oh, and just in case you’re even more stupid than thinkable, LSD does not stand for Louisiana State Duckphuckers. RTR!

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