This is not breaking news, but Auburn’s Jeff Lee is full of…it. According to the Tuscaloosa News and its reporters, Exclusive: UA finds no violations in Calloway recruitment.

The details are available at It explains what investigators found about the recruitment of Brent Calloway and his selection of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

The athletes recruitment was filled with intrigue, and took a negative turn when the publisher of an Auburn fan website on the Rivals network smeared the player’s family and others with a bogus report broadcast on WNSP radio.

It is clear that certain persons involved in football rivalries will go to any lengths to smear and disrupt the lives of others.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the best guess as to how Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee develops his stories. No doubt he uses a similar method to develop his recruiting analysis for Auburn targets.

In the end, an Auburn fan who happens to have a voice because of Yahoo and its network (Ticker: YHOO) smeared the names of innocent persons. Why did he do this? One can only assume that either his feelings were hurt over the choice made by a teenager, or that he wanted to injure the University of Alabama and its football team the Crimson Tide.

Either is sad and disgusting.


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    Questions for capstone report

    WOW!!! Isnt this just earth shattering news!? bama’s “compliance dept.” finds no wrong doings. Who honestly thought they would? I see ESPN has been scrolling this story all day today. Its starting to heat up isnt it? Then theres been news leaking out that there will be even bigger news about calloway and peaches coming out tomorrow. Bloody Sunday is near gumps!!!

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    I don’t blame you cats for jumping on this and re-defining “fan”, “booster”, or “associate” before all the information unfolds so that your legal team can make a good argument that woodruf didn’t belong in any of these categories.
    Really, I don’t.
    I also understand you guys gave a strong legal and journalism department that has produced a healthy alumni population throughout the country.
    It is going to be very hard to actually pin this on you, that is for sure.
    That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and that doesn’t mean the NCAA will not use their lawyer speak to redefine “booster”, “fan”, or associate to suit the case that Peaches sold this kid to Bama.

  3. 13

    And to claify, I’m no purist. But…
    Who do I think is the real criminal here?
    Peaches. I think this guy is a stone cold sheister who pimped this kid out without his knowledge. He adopted this kid at 16!! He was already being recruited!
    What is it about ministers trying to pimp out their kids?

  4. 15

    Barner, you were the same person who agreed unashamedly that Cam’s daddy and guardian knowingly seeking cash was okay. Are you hypocritical in every area of your life, or just here?

  5. 17

    Yeah Barner, you are an idiot. Just because Cams dad is like that, doesn’t mean eveybody does. Alabama investigated, seen it was a bunch of lies, and now Mr. Lee is got some answering to do. Mr. Lee will be fired before the end of the week…

  6. 18

    The impending death of that piece of $hit school in Lee County has their P.O.S. fan base squirming in the throws of a crispy critter death march. They are grasping at the flimsiest of evidence – no actually the fantasies of Bama wallowing in the same corruption as them. They will make up anything, expand on anything, pounce on anything that reeks of pure bull$hit and try to make it comparable to the sordid Cow College. Now isn’t that really original of the bastards, to claim Peaches is the exact same corrupt piece of $hit that Scam’s dad is? The phucking cum suckers can’t even come up with anything original. And you know the NCAA is taking all of this in. They have to be thinking that this $hit Cow College is being fried from all sides by unending allegations of corruption and now they are lying their phucking a$$e$ off about other schools out of nothing more than pure hate and twisted values. They’ve got to be thinking that anything this vile, corrupt and without redeeming values needs to be euthanized. I’m thinking that somebody is fixing to have an example made out of them to scare the $hit out of everybody else. Adios Barnturd $hit hole. RTR!

  7. 19
    sick of barners

    Hey barner, you dumbshit, jlee is the onstue who called woodruff an “associate” being careful not to label him a “booster.” You stupid assholes probably think the REC built a time machine and went back in time 15 years to pay Peaches’s mortgage off since that’s how long ago it was paid. Damn you people are stupid.

  8. 20

    Well of course they’re stupid! #1. 98.6% of the phucking Barnturds on here never went to Auburn or any other college – and I don’t give a $hit how much they swear they did, they did not! #2. At least 50% of them don’t even have permission to use their daddy’s computer. Therefore, they do not have the education or the experience to rationalize anything. They just run their dementia dribbling mouths without ever the most remote specks of what the hell they are talking about. I swear to God, the more I listen to Barnturds, the more I am convinced that my pet South Easten Red Wolf is the most intelligent lifeform to come out of the State of Alabama that didn’t actually attend the University of Alabama. RTR!

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