This is not breaking news, but Auburn’s Jeff Lee is full of…it. According to the Tuscaloosa News and its reporters, Exclusive: UA finds no violations in Calloway recruitment.

The details are available at It explains what investigators found about the recruitment of Brent Calloway and his selection of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

The athletes recruitment was filled with intrigue, and took a negative turn when the publisher of an Auburn fan website on the Rivals network smeared the player’s family and others with a bogus report broadcast on WNSP radio.

It is clear that certain persons involved in football rivalries will go to any lengths to smear and disrupt the lives of others.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the best guess as to how Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee develops his stories. No doubt he uses a similar method to develop his recruiting analysis for Auburn targets.

In the end, an Auburn fan who happens to have a voice because of Yahoo and its network (Ticker: YHOO) smeared the names of innocent persons. Why did he do this? One can only assume that either his feelings were hurt over the choice made by a teenager, or that he wanted to injure the University of Alabama and its football team the Crimson Tide.

Either is sad and disgusting.