Where in the world is Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee?

The publisher of the Rivals.com Auburn website Auburnsports.com was missing from WNSP this morning. The radio station could not get in touch with the “journalist” who made serious allegations of cheating against Alabama fans and by implication the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Mr. Lee broke the story on Thursday morning’s WNSP broadcast, and was to be on Friday to continue discussion of these charges. However, he did not answer his phone. He did not return messages during this morning’s broadcast.

Is Mr. Lee hiding in Florida? Did an Auburn booster/fan/whatever take him away from the spotlight? Is he hiding in a bunker somewhere?

Perhaps Mr. Lee couldn’t stand the heat. Perhaps Mr. Lee fears a lawsuit since his sources obviously could not know the information he reported.

Seriously, how would any source of Mr. Lee’s know that a recruit’s family paid their mortgage with cash? Does Mr. Lee tap into bank records? Does Mr. Lee have sources at the mortgage company? What if the mortgage was paid off years ago? Or did Mr. Lee just invent this? Those are questions many observers would like to know.

Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee put out this statement on the website, according to Sports By Brooks: “Due to an enormous amount of additional information AuburnSports.com has received in the last 24 hours, we are not planning any updates today as we sort through the details. I will not be conducting any interviews including the one previously scheduled with WNSP in Mobile. We firmly stand behind our sources on this, and want to thank our members for your understanding and patience as this story continues to develop.”

Bull. Crap.

It is clear that Mr. Lee is a pansy.

Is smearing a rival part of the Family’s Creed? Is this a God Thing?