Where in the world is Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee?

The publisher of the Rivals.com Auburn website Auburnsports.com was missing from WNSP this morning. The radio station could not get in touch with the “journalist” who made serious allegations of cheating against Alabama fans and by implication the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Mr. Lee broke the story on Thursday morning’s WNSP broadcast, and was to be on Friday to continue discussion of these charges. However, he did not answer his phone. He did not return messages during this morning’s broadcast.

Is Mr. Lee hiding in Florida? Did an Auburn booster/fan/whatever take him away from the spotlight? Is he hiding in a bunker somewhere?

Perhaps Mr. Lee couldn’t stand the heat. Perhaps Mr. Lee fears a lawsuit since his sources obviously could not know the information he reported.

Seriously, how would any source of Mr. Lee’s know that a recruit’s family paid their mortgage with cash? Does Mr. Lee tap into bank records? Does Mr. Lee have sources at the mortgage company? What if the mortgage was paid off years ago? Or did Mr. Lee just invent this? Those are questions many observers would like to know.

Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee put out this statement on the website, according to Sports By Brooks: “Due to an enormous amount of additional information AuburnSports.com has received in the last 24 hours, we are not planning any updates today as we sort through the details. I will not be conducting any interviews including the one previously scheduled with WNSP in Mobile. We firmly stand behind our sources on this, and want to thank our members for your understanding and patience as this story continues to develop.”

Bull. Crap.

It is clear that Mr. Lee is a pansy.

Is smearing a rival part of the Family’s Creed? Is this a God Thing?


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    Do you consider Thayer Evans a “journalist”? He is just another rumor monger. Evans got lucky one time a few years ago and got a scoop. Since then ..nothing but a rumor monger. He’s up north right now spreading unsubstantiated rumors about some small school basketball team.

    It’s all about hits to his website and I’m sure you fell into Thayer’s plan and clicked on his site plenty often.

    Who knows ….Jeffrey Lee is probably just trying to generate hits on his website. I’m sure Bama fans hope so.

  2. 3

    I wonder if Mr. Lee was contacted by the law offices of Beford, Rogers & Bowling located in Russellville, Al. I hope Mr. Lee has a fat pocket book.

  3. 4

    I’m sure most logical, sane, Auburn Fans hope Jeff Lee goes away. Can you imagine a defamation trial where he has to answer questions under oath. Wonder what that would turn up?

  4. 5

    If Jeffrey Lee is the “homer” that Bama fans claim he is, and if there were violations, then Lee should welcome the opportunity for a lawsuit.

    Running discovery on the plantiff would definitely get to the bottom of the case.

    Based on that logic, then if Peaches doesn’t file suit, then Peaches is guilty and won’t file suit because a UAT lawyer has interviened and told him not to sue.

    See how easy that was. Just take some rumors and create a scenario.

    Surely if you Bammers believe the wild stuff you spew regularly on here you would believe an actual plausible scenario.

  5. 6

    Hoopie, you do realize there was NO way in Hell that Jeffrey Lee knew anything about mortgage payments from a reliable source!

    The fact that he could not have a source on that makes everything he said suspect.

    In other words, unless Jeffrey Lee speaks up we can easily call him a liar.


  6. 7

    Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey Hey Hey

    No big media will pick up this story yet because you a$$holes polluted the media by crying wolf a dozen times or more, now they think we are all full of $hit. But just wait, once this gets legs, you guys are going to burn, and since it won’t get legs until there is solid proof, you are going to burn hot. And we will say, “It must a God thing”.

  7. 8

    He will be fired if he doesn’t have any proof. This is obviously an attempt to smear Bama after all that has been happening to Auburn. If he knew this to be true, why didn’t he come forward sooner? Because it an attempt at retaliation against Bammer. It doesn’t matter. Auburn is still going to get hammered.

  8. 10


    You know what I think of Auburn fans as a whole because I have constantly called them white trash hypocrites. However, are you guys really that naive to believe that the Cam Newton/Stanley McClover/Auburn armed robbery are all masterminds of Bama?! Seriously?? Where there’s smoke, there is fire, but not in the Calloway story. Just some sour grapes from a “hack” who calls himself a journalist. Same goes for that POS Scott Moore who was fired

  9. 12

    lmao barners are truly some of the most fuking pathetic human beings in the world! Yall have to use someone that is the equivalent to shane from centerpoint to try to bring alabama down! Lol I mean hbo the new york times espn the ncaa and the fbi are finger fukin yall as we live and breath and thats the best yall can do? even if its true they will never prove cash changed hands plus we will just tell brent to say he didnt know anything about it! damn damn damn lmao!

  10. 14

    Here’s the real story:
    Kid commits to Bama because his adoptive father ‘guides’ him there. (which is fair)
    Kid changes his mind and decides to go to rival Auburn and praises his own decision by saying, ” I did it for me, for where “I” want to be, for the position “I” think my talents and my desires best serve.” (which is fair)
    ‘Peaches’ goes public with his oddly incessant dissapproval of his adoptive sons decision.
    Brent is subtly informed by Bama peoples that he has already been bought and paid for, agreements have been made with ‘Peaches’. So all he has to do is ‘swallow the red pill’ and take his medicine, wake up and realize his ass belongs to Bama, like it or not.
    I followed this closely and could smell the stinch of it as it was happening, I really felt sorry for the kid.
    It would appear that ‘Peaches’ adopts teenage boys with potential for division 1 athletics, then sells their services to schools. He’s not specifically a Bama guy, it seems he must have found the best deal their.
    You see, here’s what’s going to get you guys in real trouble on this one:
    The kid was forced to go to a school he didn’t want to go to because he had been purchased by another institution…
    There’s a word for that, wait…. Let me think…

  11. 16
    C Hammah

    that is made up bullsheet just like the whole war eagle story is made up bullsheet…A for consistency

  12. 17

    If you could create a defamation case based on ‘allegations’ Auburn would be the richest school in the world. He’ll, we would own the world.
    Go ahead, state your case, and name ‘Barner’ to the

  13. 18
    C Hammah

    Chief Satanist Troopa Thugga conned Calloway into thinking he would be a great RB…the spell eventually wore off and came back to his senses…who in their right mind goes to a Manure Pile like AU except the crooked – look it up

  14. 19

    Allegations are fine…provided they are based on fact. For instance, I can say that Cecil Newton is a piece of crap for trying to sell his son for $180,000. I can say he did that since 1. MSU boosters say he did, and 2. since Newton admitted via AU’s compliance filing.

    Now, we know based on public statement by former Auburn football players that Auburn PAID football players. Now, we can debate about the veracity of those claims, but those players were actual participants in the pay-for-play scheme. I feel safe in repeating what they say because they put their names on the line when they said it.

    Now, your allegations are nothing more than pure fantasy that fits your warped view of the world. If you have PROOF, then post it. Otherwise, be like Jeffrey Lee and shut the hell up.

  15. 23

    THat stinch is how awbarn swayed the kid to verbally commit to awbarn AFTER he had been a solid verbal to bama ever since his sophomore year in high school! Thats the real story line! WHAT did awbarn do to change his mind? also if he was doing it for himself why didnt he just tell ol peaches to go fuk himself? Naw yall just trying to point a finger at bama to try to dim the s hit covered spot light that is beaming down on tha barn! Just remember tho when u point a finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing right back at YOU! Spin that fukin web barners spin it!

  16. 24

    I heard you guys had a tape of Cecil talking money with Cam breathing on the other line?
    Ok, I agree if Lee is outright lying, he should be fired, as was Moore. But I happen to believe him because of the way this unfolded.
    If I’m wrong, shoot me. (no, seriously. don’t)
    Also, I would like to add that I do not dislike your school or even your football team, but your psycho-trash fans need to be in a zoo.

  17. 27
    C Hammah

    If Bama ever got a skank in a prominent position in Bama athletics there would be an immediate uproar – fax campaigns,fb, e-mail, rally’s – to get rid of the sob and would not stop until mission accomplished…aubies look the other way knowing it is the only chance at wins

  18. 28
    C Hammah

    the Barner Philosophy:

    Ugly Chick to the Hot Chick – I will say ur beautiful if u say i’m beautiful.

  19. 29

    I have a feeling it is false because I *THINK* I know Lee’s source. And this source would have no knowledge of the family’s finances or any “deal.”

    This is where Lee erred. You have to know that a source can only be relied upon to tell you what they know FIRST HAND, ie: what they saw, or participated in.

    Lee’s mortgage allegation is just too wild to believe because only the family could verify that. Lee’s allegation of specific payment amount is also impossible to know unless the family told or the booster providing it talked.

    See the problems?

    Maybe something happened, but get real proof and real verification before putting your reputation on the line.

  20. 30

    THe way it unfolded? Are u fukkin kidding me? This double douche fuk nugget write for awbarns website and for rivals! Why did he not break it to a national audience if he knows so fuking much? I mean thousands of people across the nation subscribe to rivals and could read his story and he decides to bring it on a piss ant radio show in alabama that isnt syndicated! I worked at a body shop in awbarn for five years and saw tim carter and others recieve tires rims and body work and they didnt pay for so much as an oil change and guess what! Both of the owners are awbarn alums ! So maybe I need to get on one of the sports shows in montgomery and let these little facts fly and see if they stick!

  21. 32

    I was referring to the actual events themselves. I followed his recruitment closely. We were excited to (almost) have him.
    You let them sparks fly bubba and see how much mud gets thrown back in your face. We could go at this for decades. You guys are idiots if you think your players aren’t getting favors. Again, refer to my earlier post to see why I believe this issue (if true) belongs in an entirely different category.

  22. 34

    lmao barner u fit the mold of a delusional awb to a T! What I said about carter and company are facts that I saw firsthand! Im not relying on a circle jerk of biased pencil pushing pansies to fill me in on what I know! I also have a relative on the board of trustees that likes to run his mouth at family events sooooo I know waaaaaay more than any 100 of you awbs put together! Its ok man denial aimt jusy a river in egypt!

  23. 37

    you know how to tell when an awbarn fan is lying dont ya?………..his fuking lips are moving! Insinuating that I have no facts about what im saying but ur knob gobbler ol jeffy has fact because of the way it has played out is indeed an absolute form of DENIAL brain child! Arguing with me on this is like when yall awbs wrestle your pet pigs in the mud! Sooner or later you dumb asses will realize the pig is enjoying himself! COME WITH IT NOW! ……BULLS ON PARADE!

  24. 38
    First Time Caller

    Shane – you got your ass handed to you on Finebaum today.

    Russellville & Muscle Shoals are about to explode. Since uat is still on probation, the outcome is not going to be pretty for you.


  25. 39

    First Time Caller, Shane doesn’t write here. We haven’t posted his column in well over a year. He has his own website now.

    Second, Auburn better be careful because it has a history of cheating that was recently exposed on HBO.

    We now know that Jeffrey Lee was fibbing when he reported what he reported. It was a fabrication of his or someone’s imagination. His career is now a joke.

    Tick Tock for you jackass.

  26. 41

    bamatruth77, this is your doctor calling. I’m sorry to have to report that your tests have come back positive for retardation.
    Can you even comprehend statements and replies?

  27. 42

    lmao barner is that the best you got? I bet you couldnt beat bo jackson in a spelling bee! I bet you think that elvis is still alive dont you! Go pop a top on another natty light and make your iq level rise a, little then get back to me because im not gonna keep having a battle of wits with a barney that is unarmed

  28. 43
    First Time Caller

    What exactly is D.W.’s ties to Calloway? Will Peaches Winston be willing to provide the NCAA investigators financial records detailing how the house mortgage was allegedly paid off? Are these incidents related? Where in Florida was Calloway sequestered in the days leading up to NSD? Who was he travelling with?I guess we’ll find out the answers soon enough. What information did Les Miles and LSU turn in to the NCAA regarding uat and their recruitment of Lacey? Why did Cecil Hurt claim that rumors of Albert Means being bought by uat boosters from Kirk & Lang were nothing but “unfounded rumors”, when he knew full well they were absolutely true? He is now claimng Jeffrey Lee’s story to be an “unfounded rumor”. Shouldn’t that statement raise a level of concern among the bammer fanbase, given his track record of being 180 out on these “unfounded rumors”? Why would a trusted and honest reporter, such as he, accept a loan from a uat booster? Why did he not report the fact that uat had received a LOI from the NCAA when he knew full well that it was sitting on Mal Moore’s desk? It seems we have a pattern of cover-up established.

    I don’t know the answers to these questions, but any rational thinking person would see a pattern of shenanigans originating in Tuscaloosa. Personally, if I were a fan of that school, I’d be getting a little uncomfortable right about now. I think you guys coined the phrase, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Y’all may want to go ahead and put yhe fire department on speed dial. From the allegations being levied, you’re going to need them soon.

  29. 44

    And Barner Fife takes out his one bullet and shoots himself in the foot once more.What a laughingstock Gayberry USA is.

  30. 45

    FTC, we are ready for the hammer to fall on us. The media has been reporting a lot of shady dealings on us and the NCAA is currently involved in 2 investigations dealing with Bama. And then HBO aired a special where 4 former Bama players talked about getting payed.

    Tick, tick Its getting hot in Tuscaloosa.

    Oh wait, its Auburn dealing with this stuff.

    So what is this “tick, tock” suppose to mean to us. Are you an idiot?

  31. 47
    First Time Caller

    13andCounting – I recall Mr. Emmert saying 2 or 3 times that there was no evidence against Auburn. Keep holding onto that dream, buddy.

    The HBO thing has been laughed off as pure bull**** by everyone outside the state of Alabama. Even your friend Paul Finebaum (the most powerful voice in sports media) saw it for what it was. Put this rope in your other hand.

    Like I said, the answers to my questions will come out soon enough. I just saw where Mal Moore sent some of his flying monkeys up to Russellville to find out what’s going on up there. Do you have the fire department standing by?

    TICK TOCK! It’s getting louder.

  32. 48

    Everyone outside the state of Alabama thinks Auburn is a cheater.

    That is why the New York Times, ESPN, Fox Sports and HBO among others are reporting on Auburn’s cheating and history of cheating.

    Those investigators today and a real journalist at a real newspaper debunked all of those lies spread by Mr. Lee. You guys better get ready for a lawsuit. I wonder what discovery would turn up in Mr. Lee’s emails and cell phone records?

  33. 49
    C Hammah

    agree on the smoke – one dumazz on a mortgage that was paid off 15 yrs ago….smoke is a miss st asst coach blogging of a face to face extortion by cam dad and saying match or beat au’s 180k offer

  34. 50

    BTW, if there were any truth to these allegations, Jeffrey Lee would not have run like a scared pussycat from the radio station today.

    Truth is an absolute defense.

    Mr. Lee where are you? Speak up if you have any evidence!!!!

    In all seriousness, allegations should be investigated; however, how can even Auburn fans believe this jackass?

  35. 51
    First Time Caller

    Capstone Report – The thing that is really thwarting ya’lls effort against Auburn is a little (but very important) thing called “the burden of proof”. You guys have made all these wild accusations against Auburn, but have failed to prove anything. Jeffrey Lee will not make that mistake.

    Auburn has not been on probation for many, many years. Y’all have not been off probation for many, many years. Can you see the irony of your statement? Rocks and glass houses and such, etc etc etc.

    The clock is still ticking, but it just seems redundant to keep bringing it up. Let’s sit back, enjoy this nice spring weather, and see what news comes out in the days that follow.

  36. 52

    lol AU-A has their heads on the chopping block not bama! keep reaching shyt heels keep reaching! What a shyt hole of a university and a fan base yall should just do is all a favor and pull ur bottom lips over ur heads and swallow!

  37. 53

    First Time Caller,

    I, nor Alabama have made allegations against Auburn.

    Mississippi State boosters told on Cam Newton and his father. So, blame MSU and ESPN and the New York Times for those bad stories. It wasn’t Alabama.

    The HBO story wasn’t planted by Alabama either. Unless you are goofy enough to believe the Red Elephant Club controls HBO, the Federal Reserve and the UN!

    The burden of proof is simple. Auburn has a history of cheating (7 major infractions cases), and recent football players reveal that you paid players. That isn’t Alabama saying that, but members of your own FAMILY.

    Jeffrey Lee is a pansy. If he had anything real, he would have been on WNSP today instead of cowering in a bunker.

    Who took Jeffrey Lee to Florida? Was that an Alabama fan too?

  38. 55
    First Time Caller

    I’m sure Jeffrey will show back up soon enough.

    It’s amazing how quickly the MSU stuff quieted down once Jody Wright’s name started getting bounced around. Coincidence? Whatever happened to “the tapes”? What a hoot that turned out to be. Bond, Bell, and Rogers clammed up in a hurry. Scott Moore and William Barger were proven as liars. I’d be pissed if I got taken on a snipe hunt like that by one of my own. Refresh my memory. Did Scott Moore ring cowbells on Saturday afternoons? Maybe the Auburn PD got it all wrong; Bully the bulldog pissed Spike 80 on the trees. Never trust a bulldog

  39. 56

    Thank You First Time Caller!

    You just made a great point.

    Jeffrey Lee=Updyke
    Jeffrey Lee=Scott Moore
    Jeffrey Lee=douchebag.

    MSU probably did some stuff wrong, but we all know where Cam ended up playing football.

  40. 57
    First Time Caller

    C Hammah – Allow me to quote a famous movie line, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

    Do you really think that neither the SEC, NCAA, FBI, CIA, NCIS, Scotland Yard, INTERPOL, and whoever else you guys claim were in Auburn couldn’t find a trail to $180 grand? Who’s on that investigaton staff, Stevie Wonder?

  41. 58

    Why do you guys keep deferring and denying all this stuff. What does this story have to do with Cam? What does this story have to do with infractions “history”.
    I’ll tell you…
    Now you bammers are clamoring like school girls to get this little fire off your backs, but its not going to go away.
    I agree with FTC, let’s just all take a break and relax, enjoy the spring weather, and see what POPS UP!


  42. 59
    First Time Caller

    I really do need to talk to Shane. That ice shovelling bastard owes me $250 from a bet about the IB. This goofy, poufont hairdo wearing tweeker shows back up here. Pass along to him I want my money or I’m taking whatever I can dig up in that broken down trailer he has sex with blow up goats.

    As for the rest of you, I’ll be back when the news breaks. Believe me. it won’t be long. Maybe I can meet up with some of you at a taligare this fall.

  43. 60

    Tick Tock the Barn is going down you stupid SOBS. The
    cow college has been on Sixty Minutes, HBO and other
    TV shows about paying players and cheating. Jeff Lee is
    one stupid bastard who started this BS and if he was smart
    he better move out of state before a crazy Harvey type
    beats the holy hell out of him.

  44. 61

    Why is the NCAA still investigating Cam? Why are prominent Auburn boosters on trial for corruption? Why would 4 Auburn players say Auburn paid them money for football? Why would an Auburn homer sit on information about Bama until now? Stay tuned for the next episode of “How the Barn Burns”…

  45. 62

    We got all that great attention because we won the national championship, or did no one tell you.
    We also know who was fanning the flames of all that garbage.
    It is going to be hilarious when you guys get what’s coming to you.
    I know you are in denial. This is going to sting a bit.
    The best part of it is, it was all the bitching and crying you guys did that brought so much heat on us this year that has the spotlight already in position to shift the 6 degrees necessary to be RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU.

  46. 63

    Poor Barner,
    You woke up again this morning in your Crimson world.Drank your Crimson coffee.Got in your Crimson car and drove to your Crimson job to take shit from your Crimson boss.
    Sleep well my son.

  47. 64

    Thou Bama fans doth protest too loudly.. Where there is smoke there is fire… Right it Tuscalooser now.. lmao!! If it ISNT true, then why are you folks so pissed.. Must be some truth in it.. ha ha ha Tree killers…

  48. 65

    Thanks Bamadon the threat you just issued has been recorded and if something should happen to him I will gladly forward this to the proper officials.. Dumb Bammer!!!!!

  49. 66

    Lets not forget about all of Alabummers dirty deeds. The textbook scandal was a classic…

    By the way… Why did all those players sell their textbooks?

    Answer: Why keep them when you cant read them…


  50. 67

    Assheppard: We don’t like Auburn. Quit trying to drag Bama into your corrupt BS that y’all got yourselves into. The smoke is coming from your school, and your school will be the one the NCAA is going to make an example of. All across the nation, Auburn has become the poster boy for cheating in college football. You should be so proud.

  51. 68

    BAMABRANDO…. Sounds like a bunch of sore loser babies that are STILL upset that we won the Iron Bowl, SEC Championship AND The National Championship and ya’ll just hate it that it isnt all about YOU!!! BOOO HOO!!!

  52. 69

    Assheppard, you are here, I am not on a Barn site. That says a lot about who you are. Your program is taken a beating since you FINALLY won a trophy. I didn’t make up the crap storm going on at Auburn. But I see that you still fail to recognize what is going on at Auburn. But bring your ass back on here this season, when your young crippled team won’t remotely resemble the one that rode on a ‘preachers son’ who was sold to the most desperate football programs in the country. Your mouth won’t be so big when this season is over with, d!ckhead.

  53. 70

    BAMABRANDO BILLY BOB: Go worship your Satan statue Saturday!! You can have that but the REAL TROPHY will be in Auburn.. WARR EAGLE!!! By the way, I really love the name calling. That is REAL CLASSY but typical for BUMMERS!!!!

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