DEVELOPING: NCAA cracks down on recruiting services like Rivals, Scout and 247.
What is the future of Tuscaloosa News’ new venture on Rivals Network?

Twitter was abuzz today with news that the NCAA wants to ban schools from subscribing to services such as Rivals, Scout and 247 recruiting websites.

According to the ByLawBlog via twitter, “Just got word institutions may not subscribe to Rivals…” More tweets followed on this issue. Including this one: “The reason is that Rivals provides video of nonscholastic competition that is not available to the general public.”

This would apply to all recruiting services and not just Rivals because of their requirement to purchase a subscription to view such content. Sports writer Bryan Fischer obtained this comment from the NCAA and reported it via twitter, “All recruiting/scouting services are held to the same legislated standard and we consider to be a recruiting/scouting service.” He later tweeted, “I’ve obtained the emails sent out. It is my understanding that this legislation also applies to Scout, 24/7 and ESPN team sites.”

The specter of a coverage ban was also raised, but might not happen.

According to’s Cecil Hurt via twitter, “Re: NCAA decision on “services.” Don’t anticipate a coverage ban, but it would have to include ESPN, which also has recruiting content.”

No doubt more information to come.


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  1. 1

    If this rumor is true, then expect numerous lawsuits from these services. The $$$ is too great for them to allow this to happen.

    It ain’t about right or wrong or fairness or amateur athletics. This fight with the NCAA will be about money and systems that the NCAA has for years now allowed to be invested and now …all of a sudden it can’t be allowed.

    Like every other rumor I’m hearing on the internet/media today ….I’ll believe something when I see proof positive.

  2. 2

    The NCAA is actually on somewhat good ground here.

    Access to a football team, etc. is not guaranteed or a right.

  3. 4

    I don’t believe tweets.

    I’ll believe it when the NCAA issues a directive. Anything else is rumor.

  4. 6

    Yeah, Hoopie, you will believe it when Auburn receives their letter. Cams investigation is not a rumor, the 4 pay-for-playas is not a rumor. But Auburn fans are all about rumors when it comes to Bama.

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