Is Auburn’s Jeff Lee reporting pure garbage?

Is’s Jeff Lee putting out allegations that are pure garbage? Some people think so, or at least believe the claims are suspicious.

Sports by Brooks: “Because the very basis of Lee’s claim is – by design – false, it’s impossible to view the veracity of Lee’s allegations as anything but, at least for now, pure garbage dubious.”

As the Capstone Report has pointed out many times, Lee’s website is heavily involved with Auburn’s athletic department. So much so, that it is clear the website is more a fan than an independent source of information. (See how the Auburn website helps hide Auburn’s cheating and the ethical ramifications for the Rivals Network). There is nothing wrong with being a fan site; however, you should not attempt to pass yourself off as a real journalist when you are clearly biased—when redacted evidence of Auburn cheating from a video it posted on 2009’s Big Cat Weekend, then any ideas of fairness or journalism were abandoned.

These new claims look to be motivated by a fan’s heart instead of hard investigative reporting. and Yahoo Sports should immediately cease allowing that publication on its network. This is hurting the Rivals brand. With 247sports, Scout and other competitors out there, can Rivals allow shoddy journalism? More importantly, can Yahoo (Ticker: YHOO) allow shoddy reporting to harm its revenue stream and thereby its stock price?


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    Leroy Jiles

    You idiot.. This will hurt Yahoo’s revenue stream??????????? What a dam fool you are. This isn’t and won’t be a blip on Yahoo’s radar. My gosh you updykes think alot of yourselves. Get real. Ya’ll paid the kid. It happens everywhere remember. Funny to see the mullet nation in meltdown mode.

  2. 8

    Look elsewhere Leroy. The only thing we see is a piece of shit continuing to prostitute himself for the Auburn cause. Jeff Lee is a complete AU cum swallower.

  3. 10

    “Leroy” and Ben – hard on you village idiots feeling all caught, isn’t it? Take your medicine, barnies – if you go ahead and get it over with, it’ll be over before you know it. Hopefully, you won’t be Troy University in Auburn by then. Until then, keep it up with the triple D – we find you amusing. Especially when you troll a Bama site!

  4. 11

    Dear douchebag Leory,

    If Yahoo allows the Rivals brand to be injured by bad journalism–or, more to the point unprovable accusations, half-truths and helping schools violate NCAA rules like on Big Cat Weekend—then it will undermine Rivals ability to generate revenue. Nobody will believe anything on the entire Yahoo site because and its ilk will pollute the entire brand.

    Let me tell you something about Yahoo. The company needs to protect one of its crown jewels–its sports division.

  5. 12
    Uh Oh bammers

    NBC has posted this story on their sports page already. J.Lee is spilling more dirt tomorrow. Looks like this will be a great weekend!!! War Eagle !!!Good night shane, LMFAO

  6. 13

    The Calloway family has already retained counsel to sue the shit out of Jeff Lee, a certain Mobile radio station and Rivals.

  7. 14

    First, Shane doesn’t write here anymore. He hasn’t in a year or two.

    Second, if J Lee were smart…I know a BIG BIG IF…he would be a no-show tomorrow. He has made allegations that he likely cannot prove based on any evidence. He has reported information that NO source could know about the family’s finances without breaking the law.

    That isn’t good journalism. It is spreading BS. That isn’t good for anybody’s career.

  8. 15

    Wow really people? You think he is spreading bs? It hasn’t stopped any of the other writers from spread bs without any evidence so group am swallow the pills you’ve been pushing

  9. 18

    Once again cum buckets. We are so loaded at LB that even God is jealous. We don’t even need Callaway. Tre DePriest is better. Nobody officially associated with Bama paid him anything. Maybe some well to do fan with a vendetta who hates the Barnturds with a passion might have offered him something to get him to turn his back on Awbie. So what. The NCAA can’t come back on Bama for that, cause he wasn’t a booster or anyone working in recruiting for Bama. Bama would only be in trouble if they prove he took the money and Bama played an ineligible player. First place the whole thing is bull$hit, but you can bet one thing; if there is one iota of possibility that this happened, then Callaway will never set foot on the field until he is cleared by the NCAA. So stuff it up your a$$e$ cock suckers. You don’t have enough problems already? If this is lies your little buddy is going to jail, cause the Callaways are pissed! RTR!

  10. 20

    Lee is like Scott Moore – a homer who is all hat and no cattle. Just ONE time, I’d like to see either of them have REAL evidence.

  11. 21

    Good post from another site….

    “Well, thanks to J-Lee, the university’s compliance department will have plenty of time to investigate before the student athlete even enrolls in school and steps on campus (since he is still in high school). So, the most his claims could do, would be to hurt the athlete’s eligibility. Unless he has proof the “supporter” was acting at the request of the university or a coach….then it cannot hurt the University since now the university has time to find out anything it “should have known” and report it to the NCAA before the athlete even enrolls.

    Also, @alternative, the athlete can sue him for defamation…he is not a professional public figure…still a kid in high school.”

  12. 22

    Also, if you look at Jeff Lee’s resume, it would be hard to believe anything he says. I predict this blow over and nothing will come of it.

    I’m sure this is just dumb luck, that Lee would “report” this after the HBO special….

    Can I go on a radio show and say a friend of a friend that knows some fan of a school gave a recruit $10 bucks and have the whole state talk about it?

  13. 23

    Another tidbit of info to chew on…

    “For an example of just how far Lee will go to attack those he sees as threatening Auburn, I refer you back to last fall when the news broke about Cam Newton’s (alleged) academic problems at Florida. Prior to that story hitting nationally, apparently a member of Florida State’s Rivals site,, posted that the story was coming well beforehand. Lee found out about this and used his access to the Rivals network to track down this guy’s identity and then posted his PERSONAL INFORMATION on in an effort to expose a perceived conspiracy against his beloved Tigers’ star player. It goes without saying that this individual was subsequently harassed by Auburn fans. That’s how twisted Lee can be.”

    Any Auburn fans still want to take this Lee guy seriously?

  14. 24

    “I don’t mean to disparage all Auburn fans here, most of whom are sane people. But that fan base has a lunatic fringe unlike any other. It’s almost cult-like with it’s bizarre notions of “family'” and obsessions with bringing down Alabama. There is without question a sentiment that “If we’re going down, Bama is coming with us” among them.. And Lee is absolutely on that fringe. Unfortunately, a part of that fringe is also running show in Auburn these days, but that’s another matter all together…I’m just saying, it wasn’t a coincidence that Auburn came out with the Toomer’s Corner poisoning the day Fox Sports broke the story of the NCAA investigating AU’s recruitment of Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson in Louisiana (check the timeline on that story and see if the timing makes sense to you), and it’s not a coincidence that Lee has whipped up this story about a pay-for-play scheme at Alabama a week after Auburn was blasted with similar allegations by HBO.

    (And if there’s any humor to be found in this situation, it’s that many Auburn fans who’ve spent the past 4 months decrying the lack of verifiable facts in similar allegations made against them now stand ready to wholeheartedly embrace a sourceless, fact-less account of Alabama’s misdeeds from a fan site with about 1/1,000 of the credibility of ESPN, HBO, Fox Sports, and the New York Times combined.)”

  15. 25

    In the end, Auburn will still fry, and everyone will see this as a weak attempt to stop the relentless bad press that seems to keep coming Auburns way.

  16. 26

    And this guy knew this all along, why wait to throw it out there? His credibility is in serious doubt, and like Scott Moore before him, if he can’t produce actual proof of this, he should be fired.

  17. 27

    Well there you have it sports fans. Cappy hit it on the head yesterday and so did I. He said Lee would be best served to no show today. Bwaa Haww Haww! The Jock’s at WNSP are left high and dry. Lee not only was a no show, but nobody can even contact him to find out what’s going on! Maybe Harvey Updyke has already got to him! Bwaa Haww Haww! I said that Bama is not responsible for what anyone who is not legally declared a booster does, unless they play an ineligible player. This player hasn’t even graduated from high school yet! Even the WNSP jock’s agree with that. Now this a$$hole, Lee, was careful not to call this alleged person a booster, nor would he reveal who this person is. And under questioning by WNSP he admitted that there was no proof. Gawddamn people, is this guy looking to get a free cemetery plot? If none of this can be proved, then this guy is going down in one fashion or another. It has been suggested that it is a ploy to redirect attention away from the Virginia trial going on right now involving McGregor and Lowder. Wouldn’t be the first time the Barnturds pulled something out of their a$$ to deflect negative attention away from themselves. These poor bastards need to clean up their own act instead of trying to bring others down to their level. It’s a Barnturd trait. Do you see any Bama boosters or Beat Writers, or official websites meddling in Barnturd affairs? No! Even Capstone Report simply runs with news that others have published, it doesn’t instigate official accusations. Look a$$holes, Bama didn’t accuse Cam Newton – his phucking father admitted shopping him. Bama didn’t accuse Barnie of paying players – Barnies own players did. A gang of Bama players didn’t go on a armed robbery rampage – Barnies did. These are all FACTS, FACTS, FACTS! Not unfounded accusations by some Barnturd dumba$$ who has no proof and was a no show for the most talked about radio interview in the nation this morning. What a phucking retard. RTR!

  18. 29

    HAHAHAHAHAHA….This is amazing. I told you and told you not to be pointing fingers. I know I know, you think this is garbage. Just hold on…you aint seen shyt yet lmfao.

  19. 30

    The willful stupidity of Auburn fans makes me worry about the modern American democracy. Seriously, your freaking idol Jeffrey Lee did not even show up on the radio show today because he is a pussy who is afraid of the legal ramifications of his “story.”

  20. 33
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    I bet there is a mullet in the waiting paying all these 5 star athletes. No one wants to be coached by a tempur tantrum midget. You have to pay athletes to go there.

  21. 34

    Auburn doesn’t have Jeffrey Lee statues.

    I’ve never read his stuff and only a few folks on this guy’s Auburn paysite eve care what he says.

    Get real and stop your stupid, predictable hyperbole.

  22. 37
    C Hammah


  23. 38

    I havent heard of any Bama players getting on TV and saying Bama paid them. But there have been plenty at Auburn that have done just that. Over the years, there have been more from Auburn to make that claim than any other school that I have ever seen.

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