Is Auburn’s Jeff Lee reporting pure garbage?

Is’s Jeff Lee putting out allegations that are pure garbage? Some people think so, or at least believe the claims are suspicious.

Sports by Brooks: “Because the very basis of Lee’s claim is – by design – false, it’s impossible to view the veracity of Lee’s allegations as anything but, at least for now, pure garbage dubious.”

As the Capstone Report has pointed out many times, Lee’s website is heavily involved with Auburn’s athletic department. So much so, that it is clear the website is more a fan than an independent source of information. (See how the Auburn website helps hide Auburn’s cheating and the ethical ramifications for the Rivals Network). There is nothing wrong with being a fan site; however, you should not attempt to pass yourself off as a real journalist when you are clearly biased—when redacted evidence of Auburn cheating from a video it posted on 2009’s Big Cat Weekend, then any ideas of fairness or journalism were abandoned.

These new claims look to be motivated by a fan’s heart instead of hard investigative reporting. and Yahoo Sports should immediately cease allowing that publication on its network. This is hurting the Rivals brand. With 247sports, Scout and other competitors out there, can Rivals allow shoddy journalism? More importantly, can Yahoo (Ticker: YHOO) allow shoddy reporting to harm its revenue stream and thereby its stock price?