“It’s Nick Saban, man.”

Former NFL great, Cris Carter

Tiderinsider.com features an eye opening interview with the father of Alabama’s latest commit Duron Carter. The elder Carter, NFL great Cris Carter, shed light on the overwhelming sentiment held in regard to Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

It is an exclusive interview on a paid site, but here is one brief snippet that tells you all you need to know:

“I told Duron, it’s like Coach Bryant once said when he came back to coach at Alabama, it was like momma was calling,” Cris Carter says. “I told him that he needed to go to Alabama and play for Nick Saban. It’s Nick Saban, man. He’s as good as it gets when it comes to developing players and people.”

Carter expounded on how blown away he was at how Saban’s program developed young men as people, not just as football players. Duron apparently has a food allergy of some sort, and upon their visit last weekend the Tide staff had already developed a program in place for him, citing a similar program they had arranged for Marcel Dareus.

Alabama receiver Duron Carter

Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran continues to be a major player in the Tide’s ongoing success with parents. Carter explains how Cochran takes on the role of a psychologist as much as he does a strength trainer, developing a plan for each individual player.

He also had rave reviews about Bama’s two young quarterbacks “with NFL ability.” The good news for Bama fans is, the presence of AJ McCarron and Phillip Sims under center may have played a role in an NFL legend wanting his receiver son to come line up alongside them.

Finally, when asked about the future, Carter simply commented on the size and physicality of the team, that “they are going to crush some people” this season, and are poised for “an incredible 3-4 year run.”

It’s one thing for Joe Blow to walk onto campus with his stud son and rave about Alabama. It’s quite another for a man who is one of the greatest to ever play the game to be the one raving.

Nick Saban has built a machine in Tuscaloosa, and when legends want their sons to play for him because “It’s Nick Saban, man,” the good life looks to be getting better.

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    When I saw the quotes from Carter, I was struck by his thoughts on Alabama’s quarterback situation–very strong in talent and the offensive line play/chemistry. I was going to mention that in a post, but I’ll just put the thoughts here in this comment.

    Those thoughts should comfort fans, and the offensive line comment should be the most encouraging. IF the line can stay healthy and play together then any QB, even a young one can perform well.

  2. 4
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Only Crimsonite would take an Alabama article and try to spin it on Auburn.. God man this 2010 national championship really messed you up baw haw haw. Come on man its Nick Saban the guy that starts out preseason number one and loses three games!!! Come on guys its Nick Saban the guy that goes ahead 24 to 0 and doesn’t know how to finish a game. Come on guys its Nick Saban the guy that couldn’t stop Jordan Jefferson from passing all over his “GREAT” defense. Baw haw haw what a joke

  3. 7

    “It’s Nick Saban, man. You know, the guy who ran out on the Dolphins. You know, the liar who said he wasn’t going anywhere. You know, the backstabbing humorless p**** who makes Urban Meyer look like Jim Carey. You know, that guy.”

  4. 8

    I am amazed at the time and effort that Saban haters spend reading about him and commenting on him. I don’t need him to be humorous, a great NFL coach, etc. I need him to be the best college football coach in the nation. Outside of west Georgia and Miami, anybody that follows college football will admit that he is at least one of the top 3 if not the best.
    Auburn had a great run in 2010. Congrats. Enjoy this year as you return the least number of starters out of every D1 team.
    I think what really bothers you is that while your program has replaced miami as thug U, and is represented with the likes of Newton and Fairley, Alabama is represented by McElroy, Ingram, Jones, etc. This is all Carter was saying, and I think that it should bother you.

  5. 9

    Great post yeppers, totally agree. Saban’s reputation as a great coach, great recruiter and great developer of talent is enough to convince most reasonable folks. Saban has earned his respect the right way, makes no apologies for his sound decision making, and haters like tracerv don’t affect him in any way.

  6. 11

    Good point YEP & BB= now if these two will just take their sorry azzes back to Valley Head or Lee county, things will be fine on here.

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