Auburn cheating chatter

The HBO Real Sports report on Auburn’s alleged cheating was much more powerful than even the transcript suggested. Of course, we all know the Auburn line of defense: these players are scum, this all happened under Tommy Tuberville and this is all a Red Elephant Club conspiracy against the Family. Unfortunately for Auburn, those lame excuses won’t change the perception that Auburn is the new SMU.

Here are some of the important things being said about Auburn and the allegations of cheating that were aired on HBO Real Sports.

Why the Auburn Tigers Still Deserve the Death Penalty
This article offers an excellent comparison between SMU’s cheating past and Auburn’s consistent problem with cheating. Here is a sample: “I don’t know if Raven Gray, Stanley McClover, Chaz Ramsey, and Troy Reddick are telling the truth, just as I don’t know whether the other alleged recruiting improprieties being investigated by the NCAA will bear fruit. The presumption of innocence attaches even to programs with long histories of improper recruiting inducements who currently are the subject of much speculation on several fronts regarding claims of improper conduct that sounds suspiciously like the sort of stuff Auburn has been doing literally for longer than I have been alive. All this could still be one hellacious coincidence. If it isn’t, though, the NCAA simply has no other choice than to drop the hammer on the Plainsmen the way it dropped the hammer on the Mustangs nearly a quarter of a century ago.”

Check that article out. It is worth the read.

Experts gauge Auburn case
According to the report, “Birmingham-based attorney Mike Ermert said the burden of proof for the NCAA is a ‘reasonableness standard: Is there sufficient evidence that a reasonable person would suspect that the allegations are true? A lot of infractions cases, there is evidence that is not dependent on the testimony of the parties,’ Ermert said. ‘There’s documentary evidence of financial records, phone records, audio tapes, et cetera, that can provide evidence that goes beyond just one person’s word against the other. I think the NCAA tries to find evidence that supports evidence beyond just a statement from a single individual. The troubling thing for Auburn is this is not just a single former player. It’s four different players over a period of years. At some point, you’ve got to wonder why these different players come out and make these types of allegations, and face the public scrutiny they will endure if, in fact, these allegations are not true.’”

Local Alabama Media is doing its usual great job

There is no media bias at the Birmingham News and other local medications.

NEW YORK TIMES confirms continued NCAA probe of Cam Newton scandal
The New York Times provided this not-so-shocking revelation: “The N.C.A.A. is still investigating Newton’s recruitment.” Oh, and this bit of good news for Auburn: “This month, the team dismissed four players — including Mike McNeil, who started at safety last season — after they were arrested on robbery, burglary and theft charges.”