Auburn cheating chatter

The HBO Real Sports report on Auburn’s alleged cheating was much more powerful than even the transcript suggested. Of course, we all know the Auburn line of defense: these players are scum, this all happened under Tommy Tuberville and this is all a Red Elephant Club conspiracy against the Family. Unfortunately for Auburn, those lame excuses won’t change the perception that Auburn is the new SMU.

Here are some of the important things being said about Auburn and the allegations of cheating that were aired on HBO Real Sports.

Why the Auburn Tigers Still Deserve the Death Penalty
This article offers an excellent comparison between SMU’s cheating past and Auburn’s consistent problem with cheating. Here is a sample: “I don’t know if Raven Gray, Stanley McClover, Chaz Ramsey, and Troy Reddick are telling the truth, just as I don’t know whether the other alleged recruiting improprieties being investigated by the NCAA will bear fruit. The presumption of innocence attaches even to programs with long histories of improper recruiting inducements who currently are the subject of much speculation on several fronts regarding claims of improper conduct that sounds suspiciously like the sort of stuff Auburn has been doing literally for longer than I have been alive. All this could still be one hellacious coincidence. If it isn’t, though, the NCAA simply has no other choice than to drop the hammer on the Plainsmen the way it dropped the hammer on the Mustangs nearly a quarter of a century ago.”

Check that article out. It is worth the read.

Experts gauge Auburn case
According to the report, “Birmingham-based attorney Mike Ermert said the burden of proof for the NCAA is a ‘reasonableness standard: Is there sufficient evidence that a reasonable person would suspect that the allegations are true? A lot of infractions cases, there is evidence that is not dependent on the testimony of the parties,’ Ermert said. ‘There’s documentary evidence of financial records, phone records, audio tapes, et cetera, that can provide evidence that goes beyond just one person’s word against the other. I think the NCAA tries to find evidence that supports evidence beyond just a statement from a single individual. The troubling thing for Auburn is this is not just a single former player. It’s four different players over a period of years. At some point, you’ve got to wonder why these different players come out and make these types of allegations, and face the public scrutiny they will endure if, in fact, these allegations are not true.’”

Local Alabama Media is doing its usual great job

There is no media bias at the Birmingham News and other local medications.

NEW YORK TIMES confirms continued NCAA probe of Cam Newton scandal
The New York Times provided this not-so-shocking revelation: “The N.C.A.A. is still investigating Newton’s recruitment.” Oh, and this bit of good news for Auburn: “This month, the team dismissed four players — including Mike McNeil, who started at safety last season — after they were arrested on robbery, burglary and theft charges.”


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  1. 1

    It was a blast of a show. I’m surprised though that HBO could find time to work it in to the schedule, what with their other hits Real Sex and Taxicab Confessions.

  2. 2
    Michael G. Rhoden

    Man I had a killer comment and was just about to it Submit Comment, and you or whoever the ass wipe was it had to be an Auburn guy becuse I had to goods going in this one, from the Cam Scam, to the HBO deal, and more stuff that’s coming out, but I also had some great Bama stuff and it just went blank, so Roll-Tide I’m OUT from Huntsville, Al.

  3. 3
    Michael G. Rhoden

    By the way it’s after 4:0am and I’m sorry If that email don’t make to much since, I’m half asleep, I’ll finish it tommorrow or real soon, I don’t feel like hitting spell check, I feel like going to BED Damn it!

    BYE BYE Bama’s going to kick AU’s ASSSSS
    next year, and that is what I’m going to dream about. Sorry about the currsing I’ll stop, that’s not me, that’s just me 3/4 asleep!!!!!!HAHAHHHHHAAHHAHA

  4. 4

    My stomach is hurting…hurting…from laughing. The barn is getting their skirt pulled up for the world to see what’s underneath.

    Auburn has redefined cheating for two decades, and the same powers that were in place when they went down after Dye are in place now.

    And the NCAA is well aware.

    Auburn fans, take a picture of that trophy. Lock 2010’s highlights away somewhere in a vault. Because when you get the death penalty, you’ll need ’em.

  5. 5

    The trashy Auburn University will not get the death penalty, so let’s stop talking about that. You have to have major recurring penalties spanning 5 years that has been ruled on. They still haven’t received a letter, but my sources tell me it’s on its way. I’m just going to sit here and continue to laugh at the Auburn trash who brag on besting a 3-loss team by a point, and all their paranoid delusions about how the REC is out to get them

  6. 6

    What are the odds another bombshell allegation hits Auburn before football season starts? I know one thing, we should thank Auburn for making this off season entertaining at least. Watching the Auburn people here squirm and keep trying to defend Auburn over and over, blaming it on Bama somehow is so funny. I mean, their trees got killed, the ongoing NCAA investigation of Cam, and now former players ratting on them. I can’t wait to see what is next! Roll Tide!

  7. 8

    man yall know aint nothing gonna happen to awburn wich is the acronym for Awburn Wins But Uses Rented Negroes! they could have coaches and players alike come out against them and would still be squeaky clean!

  8. 9

    Yeah I love mine too. It says ” Vote Harvey Updyke for Botanist of the Year” sponsored by the NCA. Nature Conservationists of America.

  9. 10

    A one point win over a three loss team. Kinda sounds like that moral victory thing you are so fond of saying. Deal with it. I have mentioned that other schools are going to start popping up, and damn if it ain’t happening. Sit back and laugh at a one sided story that airs on a movie channel while you can.

  10. 11

    FBJ, Auburn will be the one the NCAA makes an example of. Wait and see. But you could at least get a little more creative with your excuses. Those were former Auburn people saying those things. Don’t forget that. What happened to Bama was in the special too? Prothro didn’t get paid, that was the point of him being in the show. You seemed to be determined that if Auburn is going down, so is everyone. Sorry, but that won’t be the case. Some school will have to be punished severely to get the other schools in check. That is what the NCAA does. They don’t have the resources to investigate 50 schools at once. So they will pick one (Auburn) and won’t stop investigating until they get the damning information they are after. It is obvious that Auburn has the history, the motive, and the means to do it. Everyone knows about Lowder, McGregor, Cams dad, and now this. It isn’t helping things even if these guys are lying. The perception is Auburn is a dirty program, and the outcry across the country means there will be punishment for Auburn in the future. To use your words, ‘Wait and see.’

  11. 12

    Chizik comments were “pure garbage”. What he should have said was “Its obvious we don’t pay our players. Otherwise they wouldnt be robbing other students at gunpoint”

  12. 14

    Brando, despite what you believe, and you may not care, but I like ya. We can agree to disagree, and thats fine with me. Its not and excuse, its my opinion, which I am entitled to, as are you. At least you conduct yourself as a class act, and not constantly degrading women in your posts, calling people nasty names, and so on an so forth, like somebody here I know. E.G, I’m waiting bro.

  13. 15
    C Hammah

    au pays the big time recruits…money tighter with lowder and colonial dead….the avg players resent their teammates with all the dough so they robbed a trailer park

  14. 16
    Alex Hamilton

    Wanna watch McGregor answer questions about his role in the Cam Newton pay for play scandal? Attend McGregor’s trial in Montgomery in June. I’ve heard it will be held at the Frank Johnson Building Room 105.

    Come join us at the Frank Johnson Building, YOU CAN GET CONVICTED TOO!!!

    Enjoy prison, Aubie.

  15. 17
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    “At some point, you’ve got to wonder why these different players come out and make these types of allegations, and face the public scrutiny they will endure if, in fact, these allegations are not true.’”

    ??? Consider being paid today from our biggest rival….

    Lets check their bank accounts now. Maybe similar to DeMatha High after Kouidanjio after he committed to Bama.

    We arent supposed to win are we…? To bad our high school offense blew your players off the field, Losers. Pimpleton, are you gonna kick my teeth in? Typical Bamer who cannot stand the truth.

    Did Saban give McGlover a spanking while at LSU after paying him?

  16. 18

    Nicket with the little dicket, Auburn doesn’t deserve to win as long as they keep cheating. You Auburn people are all trashy hypocrites. You run others down, you are all racist. You only embrace African-American athletes who can win regardless of their character. Your Creed is garbage. I would be more than willing to meet you in the Hoover-Vestavia area to settle this Mano a Mano. Just name the time and place you Auburn inbred

  17. 19

    In the Albert Means case there was proof.
    In the Eric Ramsey case ..proof
    In Bookgate ..proof
    Gene Jelks ….proof
    Tressel ….proof
    Reggie Bush …proof

    Cam Newton ….NO PROOF. Only an admission of wrongdoing by Cecil AT MSU ..not at Auburn. Those tapes won’t be released by Bond becasue the implicate MSU …not Auburn.

    The 4 sour grape failures …No PROOF. What about the 40 ex-AU players that say these guys are lying?

    The NCAA can investigate all they want but there is NO PROOF.

    The reason that AU folks blame the REC is because there is a constant stream of allegations showing up at regular intervals …without PROOF. that is a classic way to do a smear job.

    One of my best friends from childhood that has been in the REC for years has told me that there is small group within the REC that is carrying on a smear campaign. Oh Yeah …I don’t have any proof of that but why should that matter to you? You don’t seem to require proof to believe the other stories.

  18. 20


    if this was an open and shut case, the NCAA would announce the SCam Newton investigation over. There is proof. Trust me, and the full truth is nothing short of disgusting and has nothing to do with your conspiracy theories and fables

  19. 21
    Alex Hamilton

    We all know that NO DICK didn’t pay anything to Barn players. He barely had enough money from delivering pizzas to pay for his AOL subscription and his porn subscriptions. But hey, if you’re a zit faced Aubie without your own trailor at AU, you can’t get laid by the coeds. Thankfully, he gets off more from watching the Tiger Walk than from actual action. Why else is he here everyday? Loser.

  20. 22

    Hoopie: Auburn has been a dirty school for years. The ‘proof’ is there. Pat Dye, we know for a fact paid players. Terry Bowden has openly admitted it was going on while he was there. Now four players, over a decade, are saying it. Tuberville has no comment. The only people who believe Cam turned down $180,000 to play at Auburn for free are you delusional Auburn guys. If the NCAA was sure Cam wasn’t paid, the investigation would have been over a long time ago. And your answer is the REC is doing this to Auburn. You are out of your mind. Auburn has brought every bit of this scrutiny on themselves. So quit comparing Bama and Auburn, trying to justify Auburns wrong doings. This is all on Auburn, and in the end, they will be made an example of. Hide and watch.

  21. 23

    Don’t worry yourself about the little Ewokette with the little Dickette. He’s just a pubescent little mama’s baby. You’d end up in prison for stomping a minor. But Full of Barnturd Jizem is another story. Full grown cum sucker. Legal curb stomping fodder. If you don’t like what I say in my posts then go away or else don’t flame my team, a$$hole. I’m really a very friendly guy until you phuck with me or what’s mine. And I travel nearly constantly. Was glad to oblige the other pussy Barnturd a$$hole because he was from Montgomery and I happened to be there the day he was running his mouth wanting to fight, I think it was with Brando your buddy. So $hit-for-brains just tell me what town you live in and when I get there I’ll send your ass an invitation to the local cemetery! RTR!

  22. 24

    Lets just take it all back to the basics.
    Auburn started recruiting stellar classes with a group of coaches who are NOT stellar recruiters. Everyone else in the SEC noticed.
    They also noticed that Pat, Wayne, jimmy, bobby and the rest of the old gaurd who were caught cheating are still on the payroll. It doesnt take much to connect the dots here.
    So combine the sudden resurgence of a middle of the pack team with a 5-19 coach and the fact that everyone universally agrees that Auburn plays dirty on the field and shows the poorest sportsmanship, eventually something had to happen. You cant keep creating enemies and thinking your defiance will ward them off. That is arrogant.
    To be fair, I cannot say that Auburn is guilty of anything. But what I can say is the whole world is watching the plainsman in a negative light.
    Auburn has become a very negative stereotype. And whether true or not, Auburn has a large list of things to answer for and it is getting larger everyday.
    That is the reality of the situation. Auburn Fans you can still remain Auburn fans, but you stand on the cusp of an oblivian that Bama fans stood on a decade ago. And I can tell you. if Auburn falls into that oblivian, you have years and years before you will get out of it.
    Instead of blaming everyone, maybe it is time for you to take a good look at yourself and what you are supporting. And maybe… just maybe…. man up and fix the things that are going wrong in a proactive and comnpliant fashion. Covering it up doesnt work when you have a mountain of crap under the carpet folks.

  23. 25
    Pachyderm Mike

    My condolence’s go out to the Arron Douglas Family for their loss, we the Tide Nation, and beyond will never forget him….PROMISE!

    Yours Truley,
    Pachyderm Mike
    Hsv., Al

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