QUICK REACTION: Auburn’s cheating and Cam

Since Auburn has a history of cheating—major NCAA violations are a common thing for the most penalized athletic department in the SEC—and these new allegations prove Auburn was involved in systemic cheating involving boosters and athletic department personnel (at least one assistant coach), then it begs the question.

If Auburn paid these players and HBO’s Real Sports has all the details, why would it not pay for Cam Newton?

Cam Newton’s father was walking around with his hand out begging for money. Are we to believe he did not do the same to Auburn?

Are we to believe that the Newton family did not get a dime from Auburn?

Another thing that must be examined is the school’s leadership. There will be an attempt to blame the last coaching staff.

Was this all Tommy Tuberville’s fault?

Only a fool would believe that when cheating has been the Auburn way since long before Tuberville arrived. And with the Cam Newton saga, it sure looks like a continuing tradition.

Auburn makes SMU look like a saint. It proves that major college football has become an open sewer. The NCAA must act soon before the sport we love becomes a lawless reflection of college basketball recruiting.