QUICK REACTION: Auburn’s cheating and Cam

Since Auburn has a history of cheating—major NCAA violations are a common thing for the most penalized athletic department in the SEC—and these new allegations prove Auburn was involved in systemic cheating involving boosters and athletic department personnel (at least one assistant coach), then it begs the question.

If Auburn paid these players and HBO’s Real Sports has all the details, why would it not pay for Cam Newton?

Cam Newton’s father was walking around with his hand out begging for money. Are we to believe he did not do the same to Auburn?

Are we to believe that the Newton family did not get a dime from Auburn?

Another thing that must be examined is the school’s leadership. There will be an attempt to blame the last coaching staff.

Was this all Tommy Tuberville’s fault?

Only a fool would believe that when cheating has been the Auburn way since long before Tuberville arrived. And with the Cam Newton saga, it sure looks like a continuing tradition.

Auburn makes SMU look like a saint. It proves that major college football has become an open sewer. The NCAA must act soon before the sport we love becomes a lawless reflection of college basketball recruiting.


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    It’s getting harder and harder for Auburn to spin all this stuff. Their credibility is getting so bad that even Charles Goldberg (Auburns version of Chemical Ali) had to report on the HBO transcript!

    Like so many of their fans that come to this site and support the stereotype, the stereotype of “if Auburn is a winnin, Auburn is a cheatin” is being re-enforced over and over and over again.

    Okay, now bring on the ostriches !!!!

  2. 2
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Prothro is there too rednecks. Your alumni grease with the best of them, after all BB Jr owns a freaking dog track in a state with anti gambling laws and last I checked he wasn’t an Indian.

  3. 4

    If there is anything to the Prothro interview, don’t you think Brooks would have revealed it? You can just wait until tomorrow night. Don’t get your hopes up. His segment will be about the money UA made off of his “catch”, jersey sales, etc… without him seeing any of it. They will feature his job as a bank teller to sensationalize the point.

  4. 6

    Mr. Ewok, I’d be worried about the #1 gambling magnate in the state and prominate API booster, Milton McGregor, if I were you. Just like he did with Larry Langford, API players visited Victoryland and won at the slots. “You can be a winner, too”, takes on new meaning at API, wouldn’t you say? By the way, McGregors trial starts in June. Get ready, it ain’t gonna be pretty. The FBI’s involved, and SACS is watching this case pretty close.

  5. 7
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Yeah Bobby, Bama is the Lilly white program we all know. I think Dareus got 2 games for taking some sort of favors by a scout? Proven cheating, yet Newton is thrown under the bus cause of his old man. This website is so delusional. You know there is a 5 steps to that 2nd half asswhipping you got.
    1. Anger
    2. Denial
    3. Bargaining
    4. Bereavement
    5. Acceptance

    Most rednecks are at stage 1 (poisoning trees) along with this website. We BEAT you on the field. Get over it and try again next year. Losers.

  6. 10

    What I don’t understand is why the AU fans rally behind Pat and Bobby when all that they have ever given the school is trouble. When Logan Young was found out, he was ostricized. Pat Dye get caught on tape talking about paying players and y’all name the field after him. Talk about delusional… Why aren’t AU fans screaming for Cheesy’s head for letting the football program turn into Menace to Society 2? Home invasion, armed robbery, domestic abuse….. Aren’t you fed up Aubie? And don’t give me the “Your program does this and that” BS. We’re talking about AU. There’s no proof, you say? The NCAA is NOT A COURT. They don’t need proof, just a reason. HBO just gave them one.

  7. 11

    Bring that dead tree over and we will use it for firewood at Alabama’s homecoming bon-fire next year… The barners need to stop hiding behind their “christian family” bull crap and see the cheating and evil that is their university. Cam’s dad cheated, there was a report of Cam saying “the money was too much” at auburn.. but he didn’t know anything about it??? Crap… Players were paid during the Tuberville era when AU actually had a “good” reputation. Now with the worst coaching hire in history you think they aren’t paying players to come to that sink hole cow college. Auburn cheats. end of story. I can’t wait till they roll in and take that crystal ball, Cam’s heisman, and vacate every win last year.. go to hell auburn

  8. 12

    Nicket, you don’t know the rules. You are an Auburn fan. You guys make it up as you go, and when all else fails, blame the REC. The fact is this is MORE damaging publicity that is sticking to an already blemished reputation. If anything, the least it will do is hurt Auburn in recruiting, and it will take years to undo these types of blows to your credibility. Excuse after excuse, but the fact remains: There is the perception that Auburn is cheating, and has been cheating for a long time. And it is out of hand. So, to date we have 1 former coach known to have been paying players, another former coach saying that it was going on while he was there, Cams dad saying he shopped Cam around, and 4 more players saying they were paid (5 if you count Eric Ramsey). Why is it always an ex-Auburn person saying these things? And are they ALL lying? Can you answer that, Dicket?

  9. 13



    you finally passed Ga.Tech for SEC Crowns.Yipheeeeeee!!!!!!

  10. 14
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    You have one BCS NC, we have one BCS NC. All the crap you guys spew about 22/13 or whatever is great. Keep believing it, but you have only one recognized BCS NC. We do as well.

    We are forging ahead with a great team next year. You’ll have a good team, maybe great, but you have to prove it on the field. Something you didnt do this year.

  11. 16

    Nicket, Bama was recoginzed as NC in 1978, 1979, 1992 and 2009. I seen them with my own eyes. Try to discredit all you want, but Auburn won’t catch Bama in football in your lifetime. And it looks like all that pay-for-play was going on during your 6-game streak you are so proud of. Auburn has become the poster-boy for cheating in college football. You should be proud that you are finally getting all that national attention you all have been wanting. Roll Tide!

  12. 17

    Bobby, the only good thing that will come from this is that nothing will happen to AU and you will cry about it.

  13. 19

    Talked to a guy in the know. After the FBI case starts against the Bingo fellows there will be proof that some of those guys were buying prepaid Visas in Las Vegas hoping that the trail wouldnt be found. These Visas in the thousands of dollars found their way to current Barn players and recruits. It’s about to get ugly for the Barners.

  14. 20

    WDE, it is already happening. The negative perception all of this bad stuff coming from Auburn is causing your program to have a black eye, and it actually could get much worse. There wasn’t this much smoke and fire coming from Bama when they got hit pretty hard. If any of the numerous allegations hold any truth, Auburn could be severely punished. There is no statute of limitations if this looks like a pattern going way back, and it is starting to look that way. We know Pat dye was paying players. Terry Bowden said on record that it was going on while he was there. There is the uncertainty with Cam and his dad. Now these four players. Is EVERYONE lying? If so, these were all Auburn people at one time. Why would everyone be lying about the same issue? This isn’t Bama people making these accusations. These are your own. You don’t see it happening with other programs. Just yours. Now the whole nation is in on it, and if Auburn is found guilty of any of it, they deserve the harshest sanctions possible. And if the negative publicity hovers around Auburn much longer, and if anymore allegations and such come about in the near future, the uproar in college football across the country will pressure the NCAA to make an example of someone, and Auburn is the prime candidate right now. The allegations at Auburn pale in comparison of those at Ohio State.

  15. 22

    The axe couldn’t fall on two more deserving programs than the Barnturds and Phuckeyes. When I was in high school at Foley there were twins who came down from Ohio. Drove everybody nuts with Ohio State bull$shit right in the middle of the Bear Bryant era. The Phuckeyes never did $hit during the whole Bryant era at Bama. They were one and done after sharing the NC with Barnie in ’57. Michigan was the dominant team in the Big 10, and always had been. Ohio St was the to Michigan as Awbie is to Bama. I knew something rotten had to be going on for the phuckers to suddenly become a national power year in and year out and to be able to whip Michigan nearly every year for over a decade. The pattern is the same – Phuckeyes = Barnturds = Red Headed Step Children = Have to cheat to win! RTR!

  16. 23

    It is funny, just a few months ago, Auburn fans were like: The NCAA cleared Cam! Y’all are just jealous. Miss. St. is the school who did wrong, not Auburn. Y’all are just making stuff up, kiss the ring, Auburn is the CHAMPS of the universe!

    Now: Yeah Auburn may have cheated, but hey, so is everyone else! Prothro was involved too! Wait and see! If Auburn is going down, so is everyone else! Wait and see!

    The Future: The REC paid to have Auburn put on the death penalty! In two years when we have a football team again, we will OWN Bama’s sorry asses for doing this to us. We won’t be reduced below Troy State for long!. We will get back into the SEC eventually. Plus, they killed our trees! That proves it!

  17. 25

    The *U mafia are all about to head to the federal pen. All those alumni who have the creed hanging on the wall? Take it down, crumple it up, and use it for ass-wipe.

    Cowtown is a disgrace.

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