Alabama fans behind latest bad news?

And there it is. It did not take long until Auburn fans on the Internet were blaming the Red Elephant Club (REC in message board shorthand) for the latest revelations about Auburn’s cheating ways.

Obviously, people never tell the truth unless paid to do so by some covert organization that is more corrupt than the Illuminati and Freemasons combined.

Hey, don’t tell anyone, but I hear the REC was behind the Kennedy assassination and uses fluoride to control the minds of recruits.

If you can’t refute the damning allegations, then it is better to just make stuff up. But that is how Auburn defended that piece of crap Cam Newton; so, this is nothing new to the Auburn Family.

Attacks on the former members of the Auburn Family will no doubt follow in the coming days. You can depend on many members of the local Auburn beat writers club to carry the water and smear these former family members. Don’t forget, these were the same people who were all in helping to defend Cam Newton.