Alabama fans behind latest bad news?

And there it is. It did not take long until Auburn fans on the Internet were blaming the Red Elephant Club (REC in message board shorthand) for the latest revelations about Auburn’s cheating ways.

Obviously, people never tell the truth unless paid to do so by some covert organization that is more corrupt than the Illuminati and Freemasons combined.

Hey, don’t tell anyone, but I hear the REC was behind the Kennedy assassination and uses fluoride to control the minds of recruits.

If you can’t refute the damning allegations, then it is better to just make stuff up. But that is how Auburn defended that piece of crap Cam Newton; so, this is nothing new to the Auburn Family.

Attacks on the former members of the Auburn Family will no doubt follow in the coming days. You can depend on many members of the local Auburn beat writers club to carry the water and smear these former family members. Don’t forget, these were the same people who were all in helping to defend Cam Newton.


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  1. 1
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    We are ALL IN. All in your face. Beat down in Redneck Meccah this year was so fine, kind of like a cold hand On Eli Gold’s boar teets. Too bad your version of Harry Carry was fired. Your midget coach was like a voyeur at the BCS game, truly pathetic. This HBO shit is the last reach of the rednecks hope. Something the “dynasty team” couldnt do on the field.

    How does it feel to be 3rd in the west and still think you were the best team in the SEC, is it kind of like how you’ll feel when Kentucky wins the NCAA tourney and you are the little gilted Jan Brady in the NIT?

    I guess I would look forward to watching an HBO special too if my team was as big a disappointment as yours. See ya Losers.

  2. 3

    Well you better enjoy it. It may be the last time in your life you ever saw Auburn be any good. When the aftermath of all this comes down, I am not even sure Auburn will be allowed to play football for awhile.

    And Bama isn’t disappointing anyone. 36 wins in 3 years, and a solid team for next season means there are more good things to come. Unlike the state of your team right now, in the midst of a rebuilding year, fighting cheating allegations and all. Your response is WEAK, Nicket. We won’t be sweating this out like you will be. And when the beatings begin next season, even more will be exposed. You gonna blame the REC for the fall of Auburn? Go ahead and get all your excuses in order for next season, you will be needing them. Roll Tide you hateful little prick.

  3. 4

    Dicket, even a complete idiot can see what’s developing in Lee County. That smell hitting your nostrils isn’t being wafted by the REC…it’s the national media setting up shop on what we all know and believe about your rancid *university.

    And the NCAA has been taking it allllllll in, sweetheart. Would love to tell you how I know, but I won’t have to soon. You won’t be able to so much as watch the golf channel without hearing about the dirtiest program since SMU.

  4. 5

    Let’s see Nicket the no dick ewok, you worship a racist University that sucks the **** of its cheating no good Heisman QB, your University is the most penalized of any sport in SEC history and Third nationally, six players have been kicked off the team in one month from everything ranging from domestic violence, armed robbery, and running meth labs, yet it is all the REC fault. That’s balance. You are a sorry piece of scum, but that is the typical white trash Auburn fan

  5. 6
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Go read the article. It has way more credibility then you and explains everything. Don’t quit your day job!

  6. 7
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Btw RC didn’t go to Alabama. Roll tide you uneducated college grad wanna be

  7. 8
    C Hammah

    i do not give a rat’s azz about 300 dollar handshakes from just anybody…what is wicked is culture of corruption smu style dye lowder pay for play salaries bonuses in the $20,000 and more organized from the top to bottom – that is why au is #1 in organized crime

  8. 9

    I have been amused by the regulars on this blog for quite a while now, but I gotta tell ya, Alan, you have let this blog jump the shark. I sit back and read the articles by those that are in the know and wonder just what in the blue hell it is that they think they know. Just like a few of you, I have my “sources” and such, but instead of coming here and puffing my chest out while praying that somebody actually belives me, I try and drop you a few tidbits here and there, and if you don’t believe it, then so be it. All I’m saying is sit back, relax, and watch this nasty mess unfold. Auburn may be the one in the spotlight, but its going to be fun seeing who else is rolling the dice. Yes sir, gonna be damn fun.

  9. 10

    Don’t worry about it cocksucker – we’re not. If they wanted to do a strong enough in depth investigation they could find some dirt on every single school in the nation. So whatever little poo-poo they use about Alabama to help them make their point is relatively unimportant, because the focus of the current $hitstorm is Barnturd U. The entire nation want’s your a$$eS fried, and it is looking more and more everyday like it will be less like a frying and more like a nuclear holocaust. So get all that bragging and bravado bull$hit out of your system now about how you whipped us and how we folded, etc., etc., etc. Cause when all the $hit is done you won’t have the right to brag about anything you did last year since it was all done illegally and with bought players. You don’t get to brag about winning by cheating, motherphuckers. Like the President asked the Alien in the movie “Independence Day”, “What do you want us to do?” And we’re saying the same thing as the Alien – “DIE!”. RTR!

  10. 11
    Indiana Vol

    If CRAPSTONE Report was devoted to the Cheating Bammer program only, I would not waste my time reading the garbage. But there is more news on this site about other SEC programs than about Bammer. That is because the Bammer Moron Nation is more interested in what goes on in Knoxville, Gainesville, Baton Rouge and Auburn than in Tuscaloser.


    If you don’t want fans from other schools on this site, then stop posting every fart that comes out of Knoxville, Auburn, Gainesville, etc…

  11. 12

    There goes the Idiot Vol again. Look, just about every UT blog and message board is full of anti-Bama talk, same at the Barn. No different here. And the hate is mutual, I can assure you. The difference between you and I, Idiot Vol, is that I DO NOT CARE what is said in those places, because I never visit, therefore I never post there. So why do you care? Because you are an idiot. A drooling, ignorant UT fan trolling a Bama site. It would suck to be you.

  12. 13

    barners keep saying “what were the expectations for our team last year?” Well barn fans, i hate to say it, but get ready for a 7-6 season… Auburn almost lost 4 of their road games last year… take away cam newton and um….. the rest of the team that is no longer there… and yall are done.. back to the university of west georgia.. oh and no one in the nation buys all that fake christian family crap yall spew week in and week out.. yall cheat and jesus hates you haha.. take a look at your schedule ande tell me what games you think you will make out alive…

  13. 14
    Indiana Vol

    “There goes the Idiot Vol again. Look, just about every UT blog and message board is full of anti-Bama talk, same at the Barn. No different here. And the hate is mutual, I can assure you. The difference between you and I, Idiot Vol, is that I DO NOT CARE what is said in those places, because I never visit, therefore I never post there. So why do you care? Because you are an idiot. A drooling, ignorant UT fan trolling a Bama site. It would suck to be you.”

    Hey BammerBrenda BOOB,

    If you don’t look, what makes you think Vol boards give a damn about Bammer??

    YOU DON’T; so don’t make an @SS of yourself!

  14. 15

    iNDIANAvOL:your the poor dipshit Tn.Toddy stuck in flatsville.At least you don’t have to live in that shithole Volunteer State.

    All ass
    No body.

  15. 16

    Actually, “Crimsonite didn’t Graduate”, I did graduate from UA. You’re the typical Auburn douche who claims every Alabama fan didn’t go to Alabama, as referenced in your screen name. It’s funny because I did graduate from UA, and ALL Auburn fans I know have no affiliation with Auburn but act like they do. You guys claim false “connections” that are nothing more than sidewalk you typical Hypocritical, Auburn trash

  16. 17

    Crimsonite….. I’m not worried either. And I usually let all things said in here roll off my back, but we need to set up a meeting between the two of us. Since you like to call people names {it seems you have a felatio fetish} I look forward to knocking you on your ass.

  17. 18

    Vol, you are here, right? If you didn’t care so much, then we wouldn’t be making your face so mad causing you to spew your ignorance all over the place. If Bama didn’t get under your skin, you wouldn’t be here everyday looking for something ignorant and rude to say.

  18. 19

    Hey Brando, easy on Vol there. Have a heart dude….Lord knows they are looking for some sort of good news there in Knoxville. Let them celebrate the hiring of their new basketball coach. Gotta love that Mike Hamilton ha.

  19. 20
    Indiana Vol


    I lived in Bammer for 5 years and enjoyed every minute of it as the Vols smoked the CHEATERS every year!

    Believe me, there is nothing in the cesspool of Bammerland to compare to the Great State of TENNESSEE!

    Sorry if you live in the armpit of America, er, Bammer!

  20. 21

    Thats right Idiot Vol, fire away. You sure do know how to put us bammers in our place. You, of all people, talking about cheaters, after all your program has been going through. Do you even realize how stupid you look?

  21. 22

    Idiot Vol I’m in the UThug State right this moment. In fact I can see the UThug campus from where I sit. There ‘aint $hit here worth seeing except maybe Dolly Parton’s Tits. The quicker I get out of here the better! As for $hit-for-brains FBJ, another internet Rambo; I’ve already arranged a meeting and waited for another one of you Barnturd piece of $hit cowards who never showed up cause he was at home suckin’ on his mommas titty and $hittin’ in his pants from fear. Anytime you get tired of occupying space and wasting the resources of this planet, cocksucker, just come find me and I’ll oblige your a$$ to meet your maker! Die Barnturd U. RTR!

  22. 23

    Thats it, keep with the threats bitch. You have never set up a meeting with me, cause if you had, you damn sure wouldnt be posting on here now. Name the time and place you toe tapper.

  23. 25

    Damn……why are you Auburn and TN people on our site anyways???? Go away…’re getting more pathetic by the minute.

    Go Crimsonite…..kick their ass.

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