Racial discrimination at Auburn?

I guess family doesn’t apply if you are black and can’t play football.

According to this report on ESPN’s website, “Nine workers in the Auburn University athletic department who were laid off or reassigned have filed a federal lawsuit accusing the school of racial discrimination. …The lawsuit says the plaintiffs can attest to rampant discrimination against African-American workers in the university’s athletic department.”

Would Gene Chizik say this is a “God Thing”(c) too?


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    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Coming from the school with George Wallace at the door telling black students they cannot enter at the point of a gun? Or the school that was only a month ago in national news for racial slurs being uttered at one of its black students? Are yall really stupid enough to start this argument? Bahahaha

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    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Btw insulting a mans faith really makes yall look like dumb asses so please keep it coming.

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    THis article is not trying to start an argument. Its just stating the facta that those people filed a lawsuit. And by said that quote ab Chizik is not insulting a mans faith. Maybe you should read into it a lil more and if you are an Auburn fan why are you on this site?

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    ^^^ coming from a guy whos teams white players like to wear blackface (and getting it posted on the internet) and is known for buying black players and treating them like property.

    And it is not an argument. These people worked for Auburn, and they are suing. Doesn’t have anything to do with Bama. We are just watching and laughing, and looking down on Auburn. It’s what we like to do for fun.

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    There are a lot of black families who have horror stories about Auburn University. The prevailing opinion is that UA has that ancient history with Wallace because it was the premier State University. African-Americans were trying to break free from a plantation mentality which to this day is prevalent at Auburn. Therefore, Auburn didn’t get the same type of coverage UA received during the Civil Rights era. They didn’t want to be vets or agriculturalists. They wanted to not only make their life better but others around them by becoming doctors, lawyers, men of stature!

  6. 6

    To Bozo the Shane, racial equality at Auburn means when 4 guys are arrested for a home invasion, two must be white.

    And also appropriately, Captain Shangaroo believes racial equality at Alabama means a white quarterback and a black runningback. What a novel, ground breaking approach.

    Well, at least at Alabama, they have a black basketball coach. Wait, don’t they have one at the barn, too?

    Shane on you Shame: didn’t they lay off a white worker too?

    It seems all you need for home invasion is one white driver. Maybe the other three had their licenses suspended. That was probably racially motivated, too.

    Well, as your bed buddy K-dum on your brother in laws more popular radio show says, “You know what I’m sayin, it’s all good, for real, das right, it all love, bro'”. How’s that for a white boy rap?

    If your phone doesn’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.

  7. 7

    Cheeze Butt is about as religious as I am you dumba$$! Cheeze Dick and the rest of the Barnturd Fambuhlee all got their religion after they bought a crooked son of a preacherman for a quarterback. They have about as much religion as a whore screaming “Oh Lord God almighty” when she has an orgasm, or more to the point, when she fakes an orgasm! And leave it to some inbred, retarded S.O.B. to tie Alabama to the Barnturds racism by referencing something that happened even before the $hitheads daddy was born! Fact is cumsucker, back then if your grandaddy coulda took his dick out of your mother long enough to drive to Tuscaloosa, he like most other white folks would have been standing in line at UA with a lynchin’ rope in his hand! So just STFU! RTR!

  8. 8
    finebaumlistenerand bamafan

    I found this site tonite and a true die hard bama fan and don’t understand why you why you have that idiot shane posting on here. He’s a child molesting looking jerk that don’t have a clue about alabama football and makes an embarrassment of bama fans every day on PF’s show for years acting like he has some sort of inside imformation and everyone knows hes just a nobody trying to ride the coat tails of finebaum. I cut the radio off when he comes on to keep some sort of class about myself. You want to improve idiot, tell us about alabama football instead of some zealot idiot that is consitantly worried about AU. I, for one want to know about the QB battle, LT situation, backup to Richardson, how much the corners have progressed and moseley is looking in spring etc… instead of constant crap about hearing about au. We have AL.com for that.. I’m sorry, but, I like reading stuff on here but can’t stand it if that idiot is here posting his everyday crap about nothing. Go to school jackass if you think you are a true journalist and really cover a story else STFU and quit embarrassing the rest of us bama fans. There is a clue out there.. see if you can grab it

  9. 10

    Guess if you can’t score touchdowns you can’t score a place in “the Fambly”.

    We’re surprised a school in “Lee” county is prejudice?

  10. 11

    I am not surprised at all. I have family that has deep ties to Auburn. Sewell Hall is named after them for the money that they have donated, a long time ago. And the heirs to that family, that I am unfortunately related to, are extremely racist people. I grew up a Bama fan, and with the knowledge that racism in any form is wrong. But it still exists today, and it has always been a part of the Auburn culture, and to a lot of the people who have supported the place for a long period of time. Say what you want about Bama, but Bear Bryant did more for desegregating Alabama more than anyone else, especially anyone from Auburn.

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    Big Al

    Auburn has a tradition of racial discrimination where non-athletes are concerned. Sure, as long as you can run, block or throw a football, you’re “All In,” but otherwise, it’s Jim Crow at Auburn.

  12. 13
    Alex Hamilton

    Auburn is known as the most racist university in the south amongst the black community, per three of my black friends, two of whom transferred from AU because of the racism on campus.

    When will people realize that Shane hasn’t written for this blog in two years???

  13. 15
    THe Nupe

    The only equality at Auburn is the illegal payoff money the athletes. White players get the same amount as the Black players. LOL. If Cam Newton Dad turned down $250K form Miss. State, how much did Auburn pay him. It will take them 1-2 years to find the cash, (aka Reggie Bush).

  14. 16

    I thought this was the Capstone Report: News and Commentary About Alabama Athletics. I guess I’m in the wrong place because I always see a lot of articles about Auburn, usually trying to disparage the university.

  15. 18

    Yep WDE thats what we like to do. Look down at y’all and set back and laugh at antics going on at the Cult of Auburn. You don’t know that by now? Now, how many Auburn people do you know that hate Bama, and don’t have anything good to say about them? And do I really care what anyone from Auburn thinks about Bama? Uh….no. But you are here and crying about it. Do you think it will stop because of your comments? Uh…..no. But keep trying! It’s good to know that it bothers you, which is sort of the point of it all…

  16. 19
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Thats funny considering Alabama paid a black athlete only a decade ago 200,000 bucks to never touch the field bahahahahahahahahahahaha.Yall were on probation for years bahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! God thats funny Alabama cheats and gets caught Auburn cheats and wins the Heisman and the national championship!!!! bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha god yall suck so bad Baw haw haw haw haw

  17. 20
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    “I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. – George Wallace at the steps of the University of Alabama

  18. 21

    But George wasn’t talking about African Americans. He was talking about Red Necks, Inbreds, Tobacco spiting Mullets, and goat humpers from Lee County infiltrating the normal community and trying to reproduce. RTR!

  19. 22

    The NCAA takes soooooo long! Then again – the “content zone” will be in effect (see USC) when the mouths of barner’s will hang open in “shock” of what went down in the fambly in the future. Last laugh = the world. Like the barner’s say – enjoy it while you got it. 😉

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