Alabama begins Spring with focus on fundamentals

The Alabama Crimson Tide began Spring drills with a focus on fundamentals Monday. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said, “The number one thing about spring practice is establishing fundamentals. We lost games last year because of fundamentals; fundamentals as simple as how to carry a football.”

VIDEO: Saban speaks, Alabama Spring Practice footage, and Mark Barron practices with the Crimson Tide.

MORE On Alabama Crimson Tide star Mark Barron. According to the Daily Bama Blog Alabama football coach Nick Saban said, “Mark Barron used poor judgment in sorta protecting his friend, his cousin, rather than cooperating with authority and giving them the information they needed to investigate their case. We always think our players should respect people that are in a position of authority ― especially the police who do a lot to protect all of us. I think Mark learned that he did not use good judgment in this case and not saying what he could have said.” The report also said Robby Green was serving a suspension for a violation of team rules.

Other items of note:
CNBC’s Darren Rovell reported, “March Madness TV ratings on 4 channels combined up 15% to date, highest average total viewership for 1st week in 17 years.” Also, “March Madness on Demand up 47%, with 26.7 million visits across & mobile platforms (10.3 million hours of streaming).”

Alabama is headed to the NIT Quarterfinals
The Alabama basketball team is headed to the NIT quarterfinals. Cecil Hurt reports, “After a foul-plagued first half, the Crimson Tide shot 75 percent (15 of 20) in the second half and held off a late New Mexico flurry that netted 14 points in the final 2:51.”


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    Yeah, it wasn’t that close. They just slaughtered New Mexico in the second half, leading by 15 to 18 points the final 10 minutes. But they slacked off when it should have been over and did some stupid things in the last 90 seconds like Mitchell takin a long three that missed and turned into a 3 for NM, when being the center he should have been inside and they should have gone inside to force a foul. Also only shot 50% from the line during the standard last three minute fouling spree. Don’t think Coach was too thrilled with that $hit. Also there are conflicting reports on ESPN as to where the Miami game will be played. On Sports Center they said Miami. During the game they said Tuscaloosa. Would love to know the truth, and if it’s Miami I’d like to know what a$$hole would make the #1 seed play at the #2 seeds home court? RTR!

  2. 2
    parole tide

    Nick Saban said, “The number one thing about spring practice is establishing fundamentals. We lost games last year because of fundamentals; fundamentals as simple as how to carry a football.”

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! None of you hicks can say that the choke job in the Iron Bowl doesnt bother you. Hell lil nicky is still losing sleep over it!!! Up 24 and *PUKE* ROFLMFAO!!!

  3. 3

    Ok a$$hole we choked. Are you happy now. However $hit-for-brains if we choked then that means you didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves which doesn’t say $hit for your team now does it. And the truth is we did beat ourselves because Barron was too pridefull to take himself out of the game after he tore a muscle which was the only reason you score the two 70 yard td’s was because he was the man who had to make the tackles and they both ran right through him because he could only use one arm. If he makes those tackles you don’t have time for two field length drives. Barron gave you the game, so a$$hole send him a birthday present. And by the way, Aubie won’t have to worry about choking this year cause you won’t even score on us. RTR!

  4. 4

    Hey parole: kinda like when Nick robbed you of the three points when Auburn got beat down 36-0. Y’all celebrate a one point win, but that 36-0 beatdown y’all took that got Tubby gone had to hurt. Bet it won’t be close this year. A seasoned, talent-rich Bama team vs. a green untested Auburn team? I will take the embarrassing beatdowns over Auburn any day over a 1-point win. Now, let’s hear the Auburn math on how a one point victory is better than a thirty-six point victory. This ought to be pretty funny.

  5. 5
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    “Ok a$$hole we choked. Are you happy now. However $hit-for-brains if we choked then that means you didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves which doesn’t say $hit for your team now does it.”
    Uneducated Alabama fan logic… got to love it. i think that 14-0 record and SEC/National title kind of says a lot about that “shit” of a team we had. As for the 36-0 game… I’m just glad yall won an Iron Bowl in T-town for once. What are yall like 7-1 in T-town against Auburn? So much for home field advantage bahahahaha. Seriously though yall are 8-3 against Auburn since 2000 step it up.

  6. 6

    Bamas future looks a lot brighter than Auburns future does right now. Enjoy that fluke season you just had, it will be awhile before you can duplicate it. Life after Cam is gonna hit you guys pretty hard. Heck, y’all barely even got to know him. Meanwhile, Saban still is three recruiting classes better than Auburn right now, and you better hope the NCAA snooping doesn’t set y’all back another year or two. Or worse. Watching the fall of Auburn this season is going to be so much fun.

  7. 7
    parole tide

    “I will take the embarrassing beatdowns over Auburn any day over a 1-point win. Now, let’s hear the Auburn math on how a one point victory is better than a thirty-six point victory.”

    Best post by a bama fan EVER on ANY board!!!!! Great job BB. You just made my point for me in you little tard turd kind of way. You just said in a round about way you would rather blow Auburn out then go on to have your ass handed to you by Florida and Utah then win a 1 point game , win the SEC Title, And the National Title.The bear just rolled over in his grave! I am loving how much this National Title is eating you turds up! This is AWESOME to put it lightly. Enjoy your 36 point victory (from 2 seasons ago) lord knows I would. Just dont bitch when one of us Auburn Fans brags about the last 25 years. Dont say SHYT when we bring up 7 of the last 9. Dont twist the numbers when we mention you have a losing record not only at JH Stadium but also at you very own stadium as well. As far as being “loaded” with talent…wasnt this past seasons team suppose to be the best to ever put on the crimson jerseys? All that team could do was get the crap beat out of them by South Carolina , LSU, and then go on to choke up a 24 point lead to Auburn. LOL this is alabama football.

  8. 8

    I like the way you use that Auburn math there, parole. But that is not what I said. I said, Bama beat Auburn down by THIRTY-SIX. Now, even when you had six in a row, the games were pretty close. Not once did you ever beat Bama but that wide of a margin. 36 is more than 1. You go ahead and celebrate your 1 point victories, lucky breaks and fluke season. But last season is over, and Auburn has a major rebuilding project ahead. It is safe to say that Bama is ahead of Auburn in having a competitive team for next season. Laugh and convince yourself Bama has just fallen way behind the Auburn Fambly, it is just going to make the fall of Auburn this season that much more enjoyable. Let’s see you come back here once the beatings begin.

    In the past 3 seasons, Bama is 36-5. What is Auburn again? Not even close to that. So, use your Auburn math to change the facts around, while Bama just keeps on averaging 12 wins a season. Will they play for a NC this year? Who knows, but the chances for Bama being in the big picture are a whole lot greater than Auburns for the near future. So, run your goober smoocher all you want, gloat over that 1 trophy in your case, but turn your head when Bama steam rolls over you this season. It is coming.

  9. 9
    parole tide

    22-5 last two seasons under CGC I do believe lil gump. Want to talk about Auburn math, Your turd math is letting you down once again. I would gladly give yall one 30+ point victory for 7 close victories anyday. Its a shame you gumps keep having to create things to celebrate. 13 NCs, Trouble in Aub., Trouble in Tenn., Saying your coach wore houndstooth when he really wore sissy plaid. No wonder majority of your fanbase is insane. Also glad to see the good ol “wait till next year” talk is alive and well. Your “next year” means nothing compared to the bragging rights Auburn fans have right now. So sit back, shut up, And take these beatings like a man.

  10. 10
    parole tide

    “Saban still is three recruiting classes better than Auburn right now”

    “It is safe to say that Bama is ahead of Auburn in having a competitive team for next season.”

    Man do you ever leave your moms basement? Have you not noticed what CGC has quietly built over at Auburn? Sure saban can claim a few “Recruiting National Championships”, but what does that mean when he cuts a large portion of those recruits or they just fall of the face of the earth for whatever reason? Lets look at both teams PROJECTED Starters and we will include the top 2 QBs since both teams are not sure on a starter yet.

    Auburn’s Starting Offense Average star ranking is 4.4

    Bama’s Starting Offense Average star ranking is 3.7

    Advantage AUBURN

    Auburn’s Starting Defense Average star ranking is 3.7

    Bama’s Starting Defense Average star ranking is 4.0

    Advantage bama (but alot closer then what even i thought)

    Auburn special teams average 3.0

    bama’s special team average 3.0

    I would give a SLIGHT edge to Auburn because of the kicker Parkey but still pretty much even.

    So where exactly is bama so much more talented then Auburn?

    Guys you might as well get use to us being near the top for a while to come.

  11. 11

    You left out Bama has WAY more returning STARTERS that are proven and SEC tested already. Offensive line for instance, lost one starter, Auburn returns only one starter. That is a big deal. Bama has NINE returning on defense. Auburn has 2, and one just got kicked off the team. See, your Auburn math is always flawed. Cam Newton was 80% of your offense last year. Do you think you will be coming from behind so much without him? You don’t replace that kind of productivity with a bunch of unproven backups and freshmen. And do the average for the whole team. Saban rotates out a lot of talent, where there is a big lack of depth on both sides of the ball at Auburn. But keep going with this Auburn math. It is going to be really funny to watch your disappointment as reality sets in.

    “Guys you might as well get use to us being near the top for a while to come”

    Man, you are in such denial. We will see in just a few months. You are putting all your hopes into a team that will be playing a largely untested group, that you or I have never even seen play. Next years Auburn team won’t even remotely resemble this past years team at all. It WILL be a rebuilding year. Auburn is replacing more starters than anyone in the WHOLE COUNTRY. And yet that doesn’t figure into your Auburn math. Common sense does not apply when talking to you. Good luck with your wishful thinking.

  12. 12

    And what does plaid and houndstooth have to do with anything? Saban wears a straw hat. And once again, 36-5 is better than 22-5. Or better yet, Bama in the past two years: 24-3. See, your ‘facts’ just don’t mean much. If you think Auburn is going to replace that many people and still beat everyone on their SEC schedule they have this season, there is no talking reasonable with you, and it is ironic that you are calling out Bama fans for being insane. You have lost your mind.

  13. 13
    parole tide

    “You left out Bama has WAY more returning STARTERS that are proven and SEC tested already. Offensive line for instance, lost one starter,”

    Is this good news for alabama? Have you not noticed the rushing yards for alabama this past season? That O-line that you are bragging about got its a$$ handed to it by south carolina, LSU, and yes even an average Auburn D in the second half of the IB.

    “Bama has NINE returning on defense. Auburn has 2, and one just got kicked off the team.”

    Once again buddy you need to get your facts straight. Eguae, Freeman, Evans, Bates,Bell,Lemonier,McNeal,Ford,Sanders, means,whitaker, and Thorpe ALL either started at some part of the season OR seen significant playing time last season.

    “Cam Newton was 80% of your offense last year”

    I think your math is a bit off here but lets take a look at this. Even with the loss of Cam Auburn will still be returning Dyer (1093 rushing yards in 2010 with LIMITED carries. only averaged 13 carries a game.) Auburn returns McCalebb ( 810 rushing yards in 2010 avg 8.5 yds a carry) Then we can bring up Blake and lutzenkirchen is still catching passes here then add in all of the top notch redshirts like T.Reed and others. You REALLY need to look at what your very own alabama is losing off an already vanilla offense (27th passing and 29th rushing) Bama loses 4995 yards of its offense with the loss of its leading passer,rusher, and receiver. behind an average o-line at best. Not good bama fans not good at all.

    “Saban rotates out a lot of talent,”

    And CGC doesnt? roflmfao yeah ok lil buddy. Auburn had 34 players who seen the field on defense and or special teams last season for Auburn. Go check. 34! We had 13 players who carried the ball last season. We had 14 players who caught passes last season. Can you say the same for bama? I think not.

    “Offensive line for instance, lost one starter, Auburn returns only one starter.”

    I guess thats why Auburn has had the #1 o-line class in the nation two years running. Young?Yes? Lack of talent? HELL NO!

    So Im not sure what sports talk show or website you are getting your info fr4om, But you might want to take a second look before you plan Auburn’s funeral. WDE!

  14. 14
    parole tide

    Oh and I left out the most important element returning for Auburn in 2011. Coach Gus! No matter who is at starting QB ( 4 consecutive seasons with a first year starter) he keep putting record breaking offenses on the field. Who is your offensive coach again?You know the one that averaged 27th in passing and 29th in rushing in the nation with a team of so called all stars? He is the shula of asst. coaches. lol

  15. 15

    parole, keep living in your dream world where Auburn just keeps getting better and better. Trent Richardson is better than either Auburn running back. Bama had several key injuries on the offensive line, and couldn’t gain consistency shuffling players around each week. But they have recruited very well there and some of the young guys got valuable experience last season. Just like Auburns offensive line will gain this season. Let me clarify: Cam was 80% of your SCORING offensive production. Paint it like it isn’t so, but those yards from Dyar and McCalebb don’t happen without everyone keying in on Cam. And those players that played on special teams, well, they didn’t start. Bama’s offensive line was a problem last season, but one that looks to be corrected with recruiting and the JUCO transfer. I think Bamas rushing will be improved, and even better than what Auburn brings. Like I said, this imaginary team you have built up is NOT proven, and will have growing pains. Replacing 18 starters. With a bunch of guys whose only experience is on special teams. Face the facts, Auburn is rebuilding. And they were not that good on defense last year, and looks to be worse this year. Plus, you have that target on your back, and your schedule gets a LOT tougher next season. That early stretch is going to get you. Wait and see. You are not convincing anyone here that Auburn is contending for anything this season. You are just over reaching in your expectations, and man, that first loss is going to sting you.

  16. 16

    You must be out of your phucking mind mullet. You know who our starters are and even Coach Saban doesn’t? What did you do $hit-for-brains, pick and choose, mix and match stars from different services to get the results you wanted? 3.7? You’re out of your fucking mind! There isn’t one starter or potential starter on Bama’s offense who is less than a four star. And Fluker was a five star #1 recruit in the nation, Richardson a five star #1 RB in the nation, and the two qb’s were McCarron 4 star and Simms five star #1 qb in the nation. As for whatever stars the Barnturds average on offense we don’t give a $hit and you won’t either after you lose 6 games this year. You need to go have sex with your sister again and leave blogging to the big boys. RTR!

  17. 17
    parole tide

    I will bet you anything you want to bet that Auburn not only has a better Offense this season but will be the better Rushing team as well. Oh and Richardson isnt even the best back on your team. He would be 3rd string at best at auburn. He will see what its really like to be a feature back instead of a change up for ingram. Bame will finish 4th in the west if ark has a bad year looking up at Auburn, Miss. State, and LSU.

    The so called “early stretch “……Auburn will be 5 – 0 or 4-1 going into the Ark. game. Bet on it! If south carolina can keep their stud healthy after the beating he took last year they will be scarey but he didnt do much against what you called a bad auburn defense last year. Then the mullet “nashun” comes to Auburn. Man I bet you turd heads miss legion field huh?

  18. 18

    You have to be the stupidest motherphucker who has ever posted on this board! Plus you don’t have enough money to bet anything I would be willing to put on that stupid a$$ bet you made. I swear to God Almighty, those statements you just made must have come straight from phucking Mars cause there’s not a motherphucker on this planet stupid enough to make those claims. I’ll be laughing my ass off at the BCSNCG next January while you stupid bastards are trying to figure out why the Gummy Bear Bowl or whatever didn’t take you. What a phucking joke! Bwaa Haww Haww! That’s it, you don’t even deserve another response after that post. You’re irrelevant and insane and I think maybe 8 years old – max. Go stand in the corner fool! I will not respond to your posts again. RTR!

  19. 19

    Thats ok parole, we will just have to agree to disagree. But man, you are out there. No one else in the entire country has the insight that you have for Auburn this year. And you really don’t think Auburn has been out recruited by anyone do you? Richardson has already proven he is better than Dyar or McCalebb. Let’s see who gets mentioned in the Heisman race first. But you are extremely biased and out of touch with the reality that is going to show this season. Your unproven team, vs. a Bama team that showed promise last season, and has plenty of seasoned talent coming back this season, and hungry, and anxious to get a shot at Auburn, as with the rest of the SEC. Any SEC team with a decent defense is going to eat your offense up this year. Nothing Malzahn can do about it. Resorting to trick plays and hoping one of the backup QBs can channel Cam is what he will be reduced to. What is going to hapen to Auburn this season when they get the crap kicked out of them and fall behind by three TD’s? Where is Farley? Where is Cam? You think Dyar will pull it out of his ass on his own? I can’t wait to see you eat your words. The season can’t start soon enough.

  20. 20
    parole tide

    potty mouth crimsonite ….get your facts straight. I found this projected starters list on another bammer site but if you want to bash you mullet wearing brothers have at it. as far as every projected started being a 4 star or better….roflmfao YEAH RIGHT. Maze,Hanks,Smelley,Womack,Vlachos are all 3 stars dumbarse. Fluker I do believe was a JUCO player not the number one player in the country.

  21. 21

    1. Fluker was not a JUCO player.

    2. Not sure where you are getting your star ratings.

    3. You should really think about changing your screen name in light of recent arrests in Auburn. You are just supporting the stereotype of an Auburn Fan.

  22. 22

    Someone has misinformed parole about a lot of things. There is not a player on Auburns team that I would trade a current Bama player for.

  23. 23

    Recruiting stars are completely irrelevant 4 years later, especially when the player has made the playing rotation on a team like Alabama that is 80% 4 stars or better. Additionally Alabama has so much quality depth that the so called starters are relieved by equal co-starters. Brad Smelly has been around for 4 years and has been an integral part of the receiving corps the entire time and will share time with Brian Vogler who is a 4 star. Darius Hanks was Julio Jones #1 backup which makes him one of the top returning WR’s in the SEC. Marquise Maze has been around for 5 years and has started for 4 including the NC team. Anybody who considers him or Darius Hanks a 3 star is demented. Regardless, Kenny Bell, Michael Bowman, Kendall Kelly and Kenny Norwood are all 4 stars and any one can start or even may start. The O-line is in for possible major overhauls in which 5 star Cyrus Kouandjio, 4 star Arie Kouandjio, 5 star Tyler Love, 4 star Barret Jones, and 4 star Michael Boswell all have equal shots at a starting position. Recruiting services almost never agree on star ratings anyway. Scout had Robert Lester a 4 star and Rivals had him a 3 star and now he is one of the premier DB’s in the nation and led the nation in interceptions. Scout had Marcel Darius as a 3 star and Rivals as a 4 star and he was the defensive MVP of the NC game and will the #1 draft choice next month. All services had Kareem Jackson, Terrence Cody, Javier Arenas and Greg McElroy rated at 3 stars. I don’t even need to explain how phucking stupid that turned out to be for 3 All Americans and the best QB in Alabama history. I will give you a 3 star for Vlachos who is starting only because he’s been with the team since June 2006 and no one else has stepped up. I think most Bama fans will be glad when he moves on. In my opinion he is the only “starter” on the team who couldn’t start for any top 10 team in the country. Regardless, taking into consideration all of the interchangable plugin players on Bama’s offense and the fact that there could be 3 five stars on the O-line, a five star at QB, a five star at RB and two WR’s who play like 5 stars, the realistic average would be 4.55 stars including Vlachos as a 3 star. So go phuck yourself Red Headed Stepchild Barnturd. Barnie was a shooting star that has burned out. Bye bye now! RTR!

  24. 24
    Crimsonite didn't graduate high school

    Watching Alabama fans worry more about Auburn’s football season then their own… PRICELESS keep it up this is hilarious

  25. 26
    Julio no like Wonderlic

    Here we are days into the bammeroids spring training , And each and every one of you are still here trying to convince everyone (including yourself) that everything in bammer land is wonderfull. WRONG! New untested QB, Loss of #1 RB, Loss of #1 WR, And Loss of best D-Lineman. Then the return of a Offensive “guru” who lacks imagination, and an average O-line.Even saban said in a news interview that sims at QB was an “Experiment”. Bama will be lucky to finish in the top 3 in the west.This is alabubba football at its finest! So when does the first brick go through saban’s window?

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