Alabama’s Mark Barron reportedly arrested

Mark Barron from

Mark Barron from

Alabama Crimson Tide star defensive player Mark Barron was reportedly arrested in Mobile for a class c misdemeanor. According to (now on the Rivals network), “Although the site does not identify Barron as the University of Alabama’s All-Southeastern Conference safety, a posted mugshot of the man arrested appears to be the UA standout. Barron was booked on a $500 bond, though details of the charge remain unclear. According to Alabama criminal code, hindering prosecution is defined as the following:

“(a) A person commits the crime of hindering prosecution in the second degree if with the intent to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for conduct constituting a Class C felony or a Class A misdemeanor, he renders criminal assistance to such person.”

The mugshot comes from

Will update the website when or if Alabama releases a statement.