Alabama’s Mark Barron reportedly arrested

Mark Barron from
Mark Barron from

Alabama Crimson Tide star defensive player Mark Barron was reportedly arrested in Mobile for a class c misdemeanor. According to (now on the Rivals network), “Although the site does not identify Barron as the University of Alabama’s All-Southeastern Conference safety, a posted mugshot of the man arrested appears to be the UA standout. Barron was booked on a $500 bond, though details of the charge remain unclear. According to Alabama criminal code, hindering prosecution is defined as the following:

“(a) A person commits the crime of hindering prosecution in the second degree if with the intent to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for conduct constituting a Class C felony or a Class A misdemeanor, he renders criminal assistance to such person.”

The mugshot comes from

Will update the website when or if Alabama releases a statement.


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    I think it is too soon to think it could cause a serious suspension. We’ll find out more about the circumstances of the arrest in the coming days. We know it is a misdemeanor, but we don’t know anything about how it unfolded.

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    Unfortunately for many of these kids a trip back home finds them too near circumstances they were escaping when going to college. This is probably a case of being near an old friend/relative that had done something wrong and MB was guilty of an instinctive reaction. Make him run some bleachers and do some community service. IMO, DUI is much worse than this. This could drop him about a round in the draft, which is a lot of chedda.

    I’m surprised to see that ITK actually put this up on his board.

    Based on the bond amounts, this is 1/1000th the crime that our 4 ex-Auburn players just committed. That sounds about right.

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    I told him not yo try and hide those damn Barnturds from the police. I told him plain as day. But you know how dem Bloods are – all fambuhly even if some are Barnturds. Ha Ha Ha! Probably friends or family. I’d hide anyone I care about from the phucking Gestapo too.

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    How about that ladies softball team? Jacked #1 Georgia’s a$$ three straight. Now they are #1 again. RTR!

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    Well, at least it wasn’t armed robbery. A misdemeanor at best. I am sure he will be punished accordingly, and he will be in the dog house for a bit. He lied to the police cover up for his cousin who left the scene of a single car accident, and got caught lying. Let the armed robbery comparisons begin, Auburn fans.

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    And – just as Vol gets all his acid up by trolling the Bama Blogs – just saw a tweet on SportsByBrooks that UT has fired Bruce Pearl. Another one bites the dust! (key music)

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    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    If that makes you feel better about getting beatdown this year, then go ahead 3rd in the West…

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