Bama belongs in discussion, but not dance

Yesterday the Kentucky Wildcats obliterated the University of Alabama in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament. As the game wore on, the gap between the two teams appeared to be wider than the score.

It would be the second time the Tide had its preverbial pants pulled down in primetime, the first being the spanking handed to them by Florida a week and a half earlier.

Many thought that a win against Georgia on Friday would be a play-in game for Alabama, making the final field of 68. That thought will either be overturned or verified later today. But in this writer’s opinion, while Alabama belongs in the discussion, it in no way belongs in the dance itself.

The Tide’s troubles began in November, with an abysmal pre-conference showing. Alabama lost some horrible games, including to a team whose mascot is a Peacock. But as the season wore on, you saw this team get better, if not at times be downright dominant.

That crecendo as the season progressed proved that Alabama has a big-time basketball coach. However, it still lacks a big-time basketball program.

That program can come, and from what I’ve seen in two years from Anthony Grant, will. If Bama can keep him.

Who knows…maybe the committee will decide it needs a 15-seed somewhere in the tournament and offer the invite. But I doubt it.

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