Even as a pro, Dareus’ mind still on Alabama

You have to admire the class of Marcel Dareus. But even more, you have to admire the class and mindset Alabama head coach Nick Saban has brought to the University of Alabama.

Saban has changed the culture in Tuscaloosa from being all about “me” to being all about “us”, and it continues to show in the product he has produced on and off the field.

Wednesday, at Alabama’s “pro day”, where NFL scouts from around the country convened in Tuscaloosa, Dareus was asked what it would mean if he were selected the overall no. 1 pick in the upcoming draft.

His response?

“It would mean a lot.” Dareus said, “It would mean a lot for the school, for the team, for the state. It would look good on our resume pretty much.”

Don’t miss that. It would look good on “our” resume. Even in turning pro, on the verge of becoming a millionaire several times over, the young man is still thinking about his university.

Folks, that’s a mindset of a program run with class. A player who understands that he is merely one piece of a bigger puzzle instead of a pimped out ho using his third school in his college career to advance himself.

There was a time in my life when I felt like a player should stay and play out all four years of eligibility over turning pro early. That time ended when I became the provider for a family, understanding sometimes you simply can’t pass up an opportunity to set yourself and your family for life.

Still, Dareus’ mindset is indicative of the class that has been established in Tuscaloosa through a coach who exudes class in everything he does, and it’s no wonder top classes…and their parents…keep signing with him year after year.

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  1. 2

    What a crock! Let’s all pat ourselves on our backs b/c we are so classy! Give me a break! Having class would mean something if you always showed it but never talked about it!

  2. 3

    Ask all those bammer players that Slick Nick put on medical scolarships if they think Nick is classy. You bammers are fucking rediculous with the things you say on here. It doesnt matter because Auburn is on top. Kiss our ring or kiss our ass. We dont fucking care. If you want to see class look to the east part of the state and see Gene Chizik. He doesnt run players off. He doesnt build his program on the backs of poor urban kids who get their scolarships pulled if they cant compete. Fuck all of you bammers. Eat our shit

  3. 5
    Mike Reaves

    ITK is like Shane Corn, who calls the Finebaum show, he eats sleeps and breathes bashing Auburn, just when you think he’s going to make an intelligent statement he goes off on one of his factless rants against Auburn. Do you lose sleep over it Itk? Good!

  4. 7

    Auburn has class? All ITK was saying is Dareus shows class in the way he played, and afterward in the NFL. No questions about his character, he has performed well, and improved his stock. SO yes, that reflects positively on Saban’s methods and his players that are draft picks. And for the majority of the posts from you Auburn fans here, go back and read them. Look at how classy you guys look. Monkman is just full of class. ITK didn’t say a word about Auburn, so Mike Reaves, you just look like an idiot. And yogi, Dareus did show some class with how he left for the NFL, unlike the way Fairley and Cam did. So you are an idiot too.

  5. 8
    eric smith

    Yeah Monkman, sorry I was such a Hoodlem. Ole Gene just kept playing me even though I am a poor urban punk a$$ kid who cares for nobody but myself. Guess he just wanted to win at all cost instead of making me into a better person. F&^k WDE

  6. 9

    I guess we just proved the obsession with big brother. First 4 comments were from what fan base??? Oh yeah, it is a Bama site so we know the Aubies will be all over it.

    We are still the defending Legitimate SEC and National Champions.

    Oh, and our Heisman winner had no questions on his elegibility.

    Its good to not be tainted!

  7. 10

    An article is written on an Alabama site praising our program with no mention of Abarn, and a flurry of orange and blue activity erupts.

    Has there ever been a more paranoid group of individuals? Paranoia is reading an article written exclusively about your rival while thinking there’s something underlying there about your bovine college. Imagine what their make-up will be in here when it all unravels.

    Just remember, Abarn fan, USC thought they were safe for four years before being exposed and crippled, and the Trojans didn’t commit NEAR what your beloved university* has been accused of.

    The bottom line is, I’m proud of my University for its class on and off the field. That commitment to “no-shortcuts-taken” excellence is what produces players like Dareus that will make us proud for the length of his career. Our players leave with dignity, not under the cover of darkness fleeing any semblance of a presser where the truth may come out in questions asked.

  8. 12

    What is funny is that after 50+ years, Auburn finally won a National Championship, and the attitude is that the ‘tide has turned’ so to speak. It took getting a player like Cam Newton, a rare player under questionable circumstances to come in and change Auburns fortunes. He was there 1 year, and now he is gone. How that materializes into Auburn gaining anything over what Bama has already accomplished I will never know. Will Auburn keep it up? Not very likely. If you were to ask unbiased people across the country that know college football, who do you think is building a powerhouse program for years to come, Bama or Auburn, what do you think they would say? Auburn bought short-term success with a coach barely above .500. Cam and Nick Fairley did not come up through Auburn, they played at other schools and only played at Auburn for a single season. Ingram, Dareus, Jones, all come to play at Bama for their entire college careers. Dareus’ show of class and work ethic over three years at Bama is proving to be better than Nick Farleys 1 decent year at Auburn, which was full of cheap shots and thug attitude.

  9. 13

    Fairly was there two years I believe, but was a nonfactor until 2010. Cam was and is a bought ho, and you are right in saying that neither his arrival nor departure translates into any kind of championship foundation laid in that cow pasture.

  10. 14

    Yeah you are right, Farley started 2 games in 2009. He still only had 1 good year and left based solely on that. And since Auburn brazenly took bold chances, that could eventually come back to bite them, recruiting will change. The NCAA will not tolerate another Auburn 2010 situation. They have made that much clear. The rules and the investigations into these recruiting practices were sparked by Auburn. And the Auburn fans are crying about Saban oversigning, when Auburn is guilty as anybody on that, too.

    But enough is enough. I love the Tide, and I am extremely proud of our guys and how they represent the university. Too bad we can’t just talk about that without some rude and ignorant Auburn fans showing us all that Auburn class they think they have.

  11. 16
    Mike Reaves

    Speaking of the Finebaum show, How many of you think that he’s gotten away from the format that his show is suppose to be based on? I thought it was suppose to be about sports! It is now more along the lines of a Jerry Springer based Radio Show. Fri. a week ago I was listening to a caller bash the Prof. of History at Auburn for a comment he had made in an interview about the fans of both Al. and Aub. Paul was really getting a kick out of what this caller was saying. The caller was saying that this professor needed to get laid, and went on to say that Paul could bet that he (the caller) would bang the professors wife before the prof. would! This is just one of many times that this has gone on on Paul’s show. No need to complain, Paul does not respond to Email’s, neither would the station manager. I f enough people would call Citadel broadcasting and complain maybe we could get this changed. Citadel Broadcasting Nevada office,702-804-5200. New york office 212-887-1670. B’ham 205-945-4646. Let’s start holding people accountable for their actions!Face it Paul is no friend to either Ala. or Aub.

  12. 17

    it still amazes me that there are so many barners that have library cards to get on the internet and check itk.

  13. 18

    Mike, I suspect behind closed doors Paul laughs out loud at the idiots he has built his wealth from. Good for him for finding that pipeline we all dream of, but you’re right in that he’s no friend of either program. He rides the waves based on what’s most beneficial to himself at the moment.

  14. 19

    Lmao at you jagoffs. I can just feel the love and class oozing from here. Whenever you boys get through rubbing each other down with oil and complimenting each other, you might come up with a column worth a damn.

  15. 20

    FBJ, you are a sad little man trolling Bama sites denying everything, and just all out crying when somebody says anything negative about Auburn. Might not be a lot of class shown here by the fans, but I believe the article was talking about the class Dareus has shown. If that bothers you, then obviously you have a problem. If you haven’t figured it out, Bama fans don’t like Auburn. Auburn fans don’t like Bama. You are in a place where you will never win an argument. Yet you are here anyway. Who looks like an idiot? You do.

  16. 21

    I didn’t see Darius being flagged by officials for something he didn’t do just to get his attention and warn him his ass was being watched, a la the Iron Bowl. Never saw him try to intentionally hurt a quarterback al la the Georgia game. Never saw him kick a down and unhelmeted opponent in the face a la the Oregon game. Yet he’s overtaken the SEC defensive player of the year in the pro tryouts. Yeah Barnturds you really have some class don’t you? Phucking inbred retards. Just waiting for that 40 point beatdown you ba$tards have coming in the Iron Bowl this year. Stupid motherphuckers. RTR!

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