Even as a pro, Dareus’ mind still on Alabama

You have to admire the class of Marcel Dareus. But even more, you have to admire the class and mindset Alabama head coach Nick Saban has brought to the University of Alabama.

Saban has changed the culture in Tuscaloosa from being all about “me” to being all about “us”, and it continues to show in the product he has produced on and off the field.

Wednesday, at Alabama’s “pro day”, where NFL scouts from around the country convened in Tuscaloosa, Dareus was asked what it would mean if he were selected the overall no. 1 pick in the upcoming draft.

His response?

“It would mean a lot.” Dareus said, “It would mean a lot for the school, for the team, for the state. It would look good on our resume pretty much.”

Don’t miss that. It would look good on “our” resume. Even in turning pro, on the verge of becoming a millionaire several times over, the young man is still thinking about his university.

Folks, that’s a mindset of a program run with class. A player who understands that he is merely one piece of a bigger puzzle instead of a pimped out ho using his third school in his college career to advance himself.

There was a time in my life when I felt like a player should stay and play out all four years of eligibility over turning pro early. That time ended when I became the provider for a family, understanding sometimes you simply can’t pass up an opportunity to set yourself and your family for life.

Still, Dareus’ mindset is indicative of the class that has been established in Tuscaloosa through a coach who exudes class in everything he does, and it’s no wonder top classes…and their parents…keep signing with him year after year.

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