Smoke in Lee County: NCAA vs. Street Agents

Might want to find your place of safety; there are more storm clouds on the horizon.

The NCAA has a mess on its hands, trying to regulate, monitor or outright get rid of the use of “street agents” used in college football recruiting.

News broke yesterday that the University of Oregon is under the NCAA’s microscope for possible recruiting violations that involve a Texas man steering players to Eugene to play for the Ducks.

ESPN’s Joe Schad and Mark Schlabach are reporting that the NCAA is asking what role Texas-based trainer Willie Lyles played in Lache Seastrunk’s decision to play for the Ducks. Seastrunk was one of the country’s most highly recruited prospects in 2010.

The University of Oregon has admitted to paying Lyles $25,000 for “recruiting services” and contends that those services met NCAA rules.

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly agreed on Thursday. “Most programs purchase recruiting services. Our compliance office is aware of it. Will has a recruiting service that met NCAA rules and we used him in 2010.”

However, Seastrunk’s mother was apparently in the dark over the matter.

“Willie said he was a trainer,” Evelyn Seastrunk said. “Now Oregon says he’s a scout? Is he on Oregon’s payroll? If Willie Lyles collected $25,000 off my son he needs to be held accountable. The NCAA must find out for me. I don’t know how to digest someone cashing in on my son.”

The NCAA’s job is to clear the muddy water currently associated with the subject. But in the short term, one has to question the motives of a school sweeping in to recruit a player without the apparent full consent or knowledge of the process involved by his parents or guardians.

The old school method of recruiting was for a coaching staff to get to know a recruit and his family over the course of time, do their own evaluating and handle matters internally. The new brand seems to be to pay someone else to cast your net for you and keep the player’s family in the dark as to what’s really happening. One requires hard work and persistence. The other requires a check book and an apparent deplorable work ethic.

When news of the Cyrus Koundjio recruitment circus broke, I was astounded to hear that people associated with a certain program…some on the airwaves in Alabama…went on record saying his parents should stay out of his recruiting. His PARENTS for crying out loud! But, I digress…

Shockingly, there seems to be another Auburn tie-in to alleged sketchy recruiting practices. Says the ESPN report:

“Lyles, a Houston resident, has been tied to other high school players from Louisiana and Texas, who eventually signed with schools such as Auburn, Baylor, LSU, Oklahoma State, Southern California and Texas A&M.

“The NCAA, according to sources, is also examining Lyles’ relationship with Sean Nelson of Thibodeaux, La., whose own relationship with top football prospects has been scrutinized by the NCAA. Last month, NCAA investigators interviewed former Thibodeaux High School coach Dennis Lorio about Auburn’s recruitment of receiver Trovon Reed and offensive lineman Greg Robinson this year. Reed signed with Auburn last year; Robinson signed with the Tigers in February.

“Robinson and his mother also were questioned by NCAA officials.”

The legality of what has taken place on the recruiting trail involving these street agents is the source of the investigation.

The ESPN report goes on to quote former Florida coach Urban Meyer, who now works as a college football analyst for ESPN. Meyer says street agents are becoming an increasing problem in the sport.

“It’s certainly prevalent and it’s certainly out there,” Meyer said. “In some areas, it’s really out there.”

Perhaps what makes the use of street agents so unfair is that the same rules do not apply to them as do coaches. The issue appears very foggy. Dead period? Please. Saban rule? Give me a break. Bump rule? Riiight. Are these guys as stealthy as they seem, moving in and out of the lives of high profile recruits whenever and wherever they wish? And if they’re working for a school…for cash…that, friend, is called a loophole. But is it legal?

I first heard the term “street agent” when news broke of Cecil Newton admitting to shopping his son, Cameron Jerrell Newton, to at least one school (wink) for $180,000. Such a “street agent” was alleged to be involved in that transaction.

Other sources point to Auburn’s association with another person some call a “street agent” in the recruitment of current and former Auburn players from the state of Arkansas. Walt Williams, the target of a complaint filed by Lindsey Smart in Washington County circuit court over his services, has a longtime relationship with Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. Williams makes his living (at least partially) representing high school athletes to prospective colleges, promoting their abilities in the hopes of giving them exposure for scholarship opportunities. Sound like the activity of an agent?

If you’ll remember, when Alabama paid for their sins at the turn of the century, it involved a high school coach steering his player, in this case Albert Means, to Tuscaloosa for a payout from a rogue booster…without the player’s knowledge.

In 2011, if what Chip Kelly says is true, and in light of the Cecil Newton “Cam didn’t know” farce, what Alabama got hammered for in 2002 is now permissible by NCAA rules. That’s still to be determined, however.

One side note to this story: I wonder if Nick Saban finds it humorous that both the reigning coach of the year and runner up are being looked into by the NCAA over their involvement with this lazy brand of recruiting and player evaluation?

And how ironic it would be if the NCAA determines that both teams in the 2011 BCS National Championship game got there illegally.

Regardless, two things are sure:

(1.) The NCAA has a mess on their hands in fixing this problem; and

(2.) Auburn again finds itself as a possible player in yet another dirty recruiting story.

Seems like more smoke billowing from Lee County to me.

Now if you will, go ahead and take cover. That sound you hear isn’t a tornado. It’s the sound of the state media rushing in to give us the “all clear” in Auburn as soon as possible. Thank goodness the national media isn’t too close to the fire to see the smoke.

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  1. 2

    Look, like it or not, Auburn continues to be at the center of speculation regarding dirty recruiting. That’s never a good thing, and eventually it almost always catches up with you.

  2. 4
    AU > UA

    You do realize ITK that Alabama, Florida, And many other schools names are coming out for doing the very same thing right? On The Round Table and Finebaum Show yesterday there was talk of An “Outside” Company being paid by bama and others to host “Camps” for said Colleges. Bama pays these companies to have “Camps” and Invites TONS of big time recruits to attend these “Camps” and while they are at said camps they are being pumped full of the “Crimson Tradition”. Every Major Football Program is doing something similar to this. Is it right? I dont think its 100% moraly right at all, But I say either Leave it alone OR punish everyone. Dont let truth get in the way of another one of your bama spin parties though. Keep watching the “smoke” in Lee county while your very own back yard burns to the ground.

  3. 5

    AU, that’s the typical Auburn spin on everything that is morally and ethically rerehensible about the University of Auburn….”Bama involved too, bammer bammer bammer.”…..Kind of like how Jan Brady says “Marsha Marsha Marsha” in reference to her big sister. In this case, Bama is your big brother. I think the NCAA should investigate the claims made by Chizik that he is a man of God. God doesn’t want false prophets.

    Listen, this is only a Bama issue according to the obsessed Auburn fans. Grow up Auburn fans, and start taking some responsibility for your actions

  4. 6

    To my friend in post #4: Yeah, hosting a sports camp is the very same as paying an agent to fly under the radar and do whatever it takes to get a player to your school. Great work there, sleuth.

  5. 7

    Recruiting is a dirty business, WHAT? come on good players get paid end of story.Should they be on payroll at whatever school, No.Let the game rage on its pretty interesting the only ones whining are the ones that missed the boat this time. There is always next time. Whats Will’s phone number?

  6. 8
    AU > UA

    ITK its EXACTLY the same thing. Just because the people that were being paid to bring recruits to campus had different titles means nothing. The people responsable for putting on the camps at numerous universitys were paid to bring in big time recruits and while doing so paint a nice picture of that schools football program. Hell Auburn tried to get the same camps too. Bottom line is you have people getting paid to produce big time recruits for many schools regardless of what their title is. In your typical fashion you refuse to admit your little bama football program is just as dirty as everyother major program in the country. Every program and its coaches bend and break rules in an attempt to real in the big name high school players. I have noticed something about your so called “reporting”. Not only are you usually DAYS behind everyother source dealing with alabama,Auburn, and SEC football, But you are a sunshine pumper for bama football. Are you the new Cecil Hurt? Did a big time bama booster slip you a $4000 pay off like they did cecil? I know you remember good ol cecil being drug into a NCAA investigation because of said payoff? Are you now going down the same path? Is that the smoke that you love to talk about so much?

  7. 9

    Friend, sports camps have been going on for decades, and are open to anyone in the age categories who wants to pay the fee to attend. While there, naturally, the campers are exposed to the facilities, staff and school. Auburn and Alabama have had them for as long as I can remember.

    Sports camps are similar to street agents like an egg is similar to a cinder block.

    Now, thank you for saying this:
    “Every program and its coaches bend and break rules in an attempt to real in (should have been ‘reel in’) the big name high school players.” You’ve just admitted you think your school does it and are trying to justify that belief by making the broad jump that “everyone” else does too. Great work.

    Now as for your final blather about getting paid to be a “sunshine pumper”, give me specific examples and I’ll listen to you. Otherwise sounds like more generalities to support a lazy argument.

    However, I will say that if you pay me $4,000, I’m open to saying whatever nice you want me to say about Auburn. Hmmm…wonder if that kind of arrangement is in play anywhere else?

  8. 10
    C Hammah

    per tr’s brother – only contact with lyle’s was an introductory call…

    au is the u with skank all over it

  9. 12

    I like the way part of my post was altered. Anyway…. I see what you are saying ITK, and although Auburn seems to be brought up almost daily about recruiting habits, I have NEVER said they were guilt free. Going by info that I have and continue to get, all I’m saying is that if you want to put a * by the BCS Championship we won, by all means do so. That doesnt mean it will be vacated. I would use caution jumping up and down screaming and pointing at Auburn. Whether or not you want to admit it, just about every team in this conference, with the exception of Vandy and Kentucky (in football at least) does dirty things, some worse than others, they do it. We as a conference are hated because of the dominance we continue to show. So, be wary, because yes, things will continue to get hot league wide.

  10. 13

    FinebaumJunkie, I didn’t alter your post. I deleted the part that was vile and inappropriate.

    And while what you said is a common thought: “just about every team in this conference…does dirty things,” it is statement that cannot be backed up.

    Again, just as I said in post #9…and I mean this with the most sincere respect, not a jab here…you are readily admitting that your school recruits cheap and dirty while immediately attempting to lump everyone else into that context in order to soften the blow.

    I’m sorry, but I do not believe that. The shenanigans Auburn has pulled (limos, Big Cat Weekends, “street agents”, last second swipes at Bama recruits without their parents around) are alarming, and cheap compared to the relentless efforts of someone with a impeccable work ethic like Nick Saban and his staff. Some of those cheap efforts may be illegal…in fact, we know that Big Cat Weekend in some ways was, as evidenced by the fact that Trooper Taylor was restricted the season after.

    I can’t argue that we talk much about what we see on here, in this case Auburn. But I can assure you, if what we saw was something respectable, we would be honest in our admiration. Instead, what we continually see is the antics of a used car salesman in a plaid polyester jacket willing to pull whatever it takes.

    The question we’ll all sit back and enjoy the NCAA answering is if whatever it took was legal.

  11. 14

    Bama boys crying about Auburn and street agents. UAT is the one that has been in trouble with agent parties and free gifts. That’s classic.

  12. 17

    i tale you wut hipotten! you got er right there!
    Em air bammurs haint doin’ nuttin unlesson they is cheatin! That there SayBear is alwyas a bumpin into croots. Gene chizzik is tha only man of honor in the SEC if ya ask me. He and that there pat die fellar.

  13. 19

    ITK, so you deleted a vulgar part of my post but I can look around and find some others using far worse language. It’s all good though, as long as YOU see what I post and get the gist of what I’m saying is good enough for me. Not trying to soften any blow here but I do respect you being so sincere and all. It really means alot to me. My statement of just about every team team does things can’t be backed up? Let me see…. isnt Tennessee being looked at? How about South Carolina? Georgia is acting a fool. LSU? Mississippi St. is kinda wishing they had left well enough alone. Text book scandals and fishing trips and agent parties sounds familiar to me. I better stop before I get carpel tunnel syndrome. But again I do respect your opinion and look forward to your next cartoon. And by the way, I do hope you take a look at Festus post #18. Some people might find that kinda thing offensive.

  14. 20

    Finebaum Junkie, quit your whining. Your team is being scrutinized by the unethical tactics. You have been slamming Saban over many yourself, but what Saban has done pales in comparison to what Auburn is accused of. And Auburn is the school being investigated. Auburn, in two years, has become the poster boy for dirty recruiting.

  15. 21

    FBJ, #18 made no graphic reference to having sex with an animal. I guess you could make the argument about lynching, but seeing that your school is in a county named for Robert E. Lee, you finding that offensive sort of surprises me.

    And I would have to agree with Brando here…let’s see, the textbook issue was self-reported by Alabama, whereas despite the billows of thick, black smoke careening into the air, Auburn hasn’t made the first peep of admission of anything.

    I haven’t heard anything about Georgia being in trouble. LSU apparently has had dealings with street agents as well, or at least they were mentioned in the ESPN article. Mississippi State hasn’t been charged with anything.

    So, that makes Tennessee under official investigation, South Carolina with troubles to contend with, Auburn under a continual swirling cloud of suspicion, and whispers concerning LSU.

    So, 3.5 teams out of 12 doesn’t sound like the whole SEC to me. But don’t let me stop you from painting the conference with a broad brush, lumping everyone else into your idea that since Auburn cheats, everyone else does too.

  16. 23
    Alabama is the 21st century probation kings!

    Alabama would never cheat when it comes to college football!!!! (cough cough Defensive Lineman cough cough)

  17. 24

    That “graphic” reference you are talking about is actual news that happened, but maybe if I would have thrown the Lord’s name in vain that certain others in here do then that would be ok. And Brando, the only people I see whinning in here is the likes of you. But it’s all good cause nobody in their right mind takes this blog and all your blather, and for that matter mine as well, seriously. The next time you guys are near the Bessemer/ McCalla area, let me know. I’ll treat you guys to a meal somewhere where they have the crayons and pictures for ITK, and then get ready Brandy, because I have a good heart, I’m going to make your lifelong dream of one day seeing a dental hygenist come true.

  18. 25

    Ok there.
    I am pulling off the gluves.
    Thats right xpect the smakcdown.
    Bammer cheets. Its a proven fact. Auburn doesnt cheat. They dint know nothin about Seasel Nooten getting paid by that there Milton feller that owns all those gambling places. And even iffen they did, aint yall hered of seperation of church and state? They sent the money to a church in need. So the guverning bodies that be cant touch em. No case. Bammurs screwed again.
    Wore egul.

  19. 26

    Just the fact that you live in Bessemer/McCalla says tons about you dude! What, are you a coal miner or just a chitlin’ eatin’ inbred? Bet you even went to McAdory High School! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  20. 27

    FBJ, you are just too nice. Still, you won’t acknowledge the NCAA investigation and the accumulating damaging accusations against the Auburn football program. Bama didn’t do it, Bama is not being investigated for it, and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that everybody is doing it, it looks like Auburn will be the example. You thought it was going away 3 months ago, but you were wrong.

  21. 28

    Auburn is at the center of the focus because the Red Elephant Club (REC) keeps sending out rumors just to keep bad press aimed at Auburn. Scott Moore, that Huntsville loudmouth Bammer 0oriented sports talks how dude just got fired for putting out bogus info. Even Jay Barker says that only MSU is being looked at because of the tapes.

    It’s incredible that your anti-Auburn bias keeps you from failing to recognize that Auburn KNEW about the issues with Cam and got clearance from the SEC ..BEFORE they let him sign and join the team in January 2010.

    I suppose the more Auburn get proven innocent, the more it is going to stick in your craw. Get over it losers!!!

    …Oh yeah …and quit listening to the propaganda put out by the Red Elephant Club. The REC is making a fool out of you. When are you going to realize that this stuff didn’t happen? …Answer? NEVER …your hatred won’t let you …so wallow in it losers!!!

  22. 29
    Alabama is the 21st century probation kings!

    Crimsonite what city are you from? i highly doubt you hold any job worth bragging about so why are you making fun of where somebody lives. Last I checked an apartment complex isn’t something to brag about. Baw Haw Haw

  23. 30
    C Hammah

    the greatest greatest genius in the world between 6205 ziegler blvd and 6213 zeigler blvd mobile alabama is….drum roll….

    at 6213 ziegler blvd mobile alabama


  24. 31
    C Hammah

    re – boise st coaches visit …boise off my doodoo list and even though bama was host the idea is to exchange info…

  25. 32

    Crimsonut, I don’t eat chitlins as you call them, nor did I attend McAdory, but if you want to cruise on down here, I will be more than happy to show you how I roll. Out of all the people on here, the last one to be calling somebody out is YOU. You bring nothing to the table other than typing your predictable BS. Why don’t you go boycott a newspaper or something, if you can break away from that reach around you have going on. Brando, didnt say it was going away. I said nothing will be vacated. And I’m aware that Bama is not under scrutiny right now. My point that I was making was that one time you were, arent you still on probation? I know that the charges against Auburn are the big topic, but you people act like nobody in this league ever got caught doing anything. I love the SEC as much as anyone, but the way the sport has changed and all the pressure to win is at an all time high, to think that everybody is playing by the rules is fooey. That isnt passing judgment, thats telling the truth.

  26. 33

    Finebaum Jubkie,

    the point that we are making is that the typical, hypocritical stupid Auburn fan fir years has been saying Auburn was as clean as a whistle. This is including the Tuberville years when he used to market that myth to the media. I would love to hear his response to Mcclover being paid. He wasn’t the only one being paid as you will soon find out. I’m sure Chette will say the money came from God, as will some Auburn fans.

    Point is, we are all tired of hearing the moral indignation from a football program built on cheating like Auburn. Third most probations in NCAA history. Pathetic. Maybe you are not doing it, but you’re hypocritical fanbase has been doing it for years. Btw, most Auburn fans DID NOT go to school at AU. Another absurd myth. The “connections” that non-alumni claim are as hollow as a typical “Bammer” claim at UA. Auburn ppl are hypocrites

  27. 34

    Hoopie: Yeah right, it is the Nazi REC out to get Auburn. NOT- the NCAA is investigating AUBURNS recruiting practices. They are investigating CAM NEWTON, which you know played at AUBURN. And if he is declared ineligible, it will affect AUBURN, not Miss. St. If Auburn was so innocent, the investigation would be over, and Auburn would be cleared. But, that isn’t the case. The longer this goes on, the worse it will be for AUBURN.

  28. 35

    FBJ, I dind’t say it was ok for Bama to be on probation, or that they never have been. I understand that. What does Bama being in trouble before have to do with what is going on at Auburn? Nothing. But now it is Auburn under the microscope, and it hasn’t stopped yet. And, just like the other teams in the league that got caught, Auburn will pay the price too. You don’t know what the punishment will be, so saying they wont have to vacate anything is pure speculation on your part. I have as much of a chance of guessing the punishment as you do. But the point is, Auburn is looking like they have to break the rules to compete with Bama now. We already know that they are willing to commit secondary violations without a thought. We know that they were willing to take a chance on a player, knowing he was being shopped around. We know Trooper Taylor is using ‘street agents’. We know the NCAA investigation is still going on. That being said, Auburn actually paying for a player isn’t that big of a stretch.

  29. 36
    C Hammah

    omg-funniest-best post of all time courtesy of tigerdroppings sec rant rolltide1987

    You realize that they are on probation right now? Yeah. Thanks.

    For text books. If Alabama were Kent State and not your main rival and you heard about them going on probation for kids lending their friends free text books you would think that was dumbest thing you had ever heard.

  30. 38
    If my rivial had the best player in college football history I would cry that they cheated to

    Auburn under the microscope? Please the story is as dead as Bear Bryant. The only time I even hear about it is when some cry baby Alabama fan brings it up. Face it you choked away a chance to ruin our season.

  31. 39
    If my rivial had the best player in college football history I would cry that they cheated to

    Btw I bet the person talking about Auburn fans not being alumni didn’t even go to Alabama.

  32. 40

    Actually, I did go to UA. However, I know more Auburn fans who never went to AU that claimed they did. Typical Auburn liar and hypocrite. CHEAT, AUBURN CHEAT

  33. 42
    If my rivial had the best player in college football history I would cry that they cheated to

    I guess if you do go to Alabama you were there for this!
    All the speculation and crying in the world cant take that sting away from you.
    War Eagle! still even after 4 months of “Speculation the 2010 BCS national champions! suck my balls losers

  34. 43
    If my rivial had the best player in college football history I would cry that they cheated to

    Not going to lie best part of that video is when Nick Fairley and Cam Newton cover their mouths telling all you redneck ass Alabama fans to shut the fuck up because yall just choked. Baw haw haw as crimsonite would say.

  35. 44

    Your name is so long that we can’t even view most of your comments, you pathetic, typical Auburn inbred. I just wiped my ass again on the Auburn Creed

  36. 45

    Keep your heads in the sand. Your fluke season is over, and now when this season starts, you will still be haunted by the ghosts of Cam Newton and speculation of corruption. Except you will be trying to replace 18 of the 22 starters. And every team in the SEC is out to get you this season. The fall of Auburn is going to be fun to watch.

  37. 46

    I get accused of speculation, but thats all thats on here. This is just knee slapping watching all these “detectives, journalists, and those who claim to be in the know”…ouch, fall all over themselves worried to death that Auburn is doing something wrong. If thats how you turds wanna roll, then have at it. Life is too short for me to stress over something so much that I have to include Just For Men dye in my monthly budget to cover up gray. I’m telling you right now, keep on and watch what happens. Just how dirty you all want to get? Am I overlooking photos of the Saban statue on here? I thought at least ITK would have sketched us a pic, even that wouldn’t improve on that polished turd.

  38. 48

    FBJ, you don’t have to cry all the time about what those mean ol Bammers think of Auburn. Look at what is NOT speculation:
    1. Cecil Newton tried to shop his son, and the investigation is STILL going on.
    2. Trooper Taylor has been using street agents.
    3. The NCAA is investigating Auburns recruiting practices.
    4. Auburn is losing a crapload of starters.
    5. Bama is still loaded and still relevant, no matter what happened last season.
    6. Bama will be ranked ahead of Auburn going into next season.
    7. FBJ is obsessed with Capstone Report.
    8. FBJ is in denial that Auburn would actually do something wrong.
    9. Those trees are gonna die.
    10. FBJ just can’t handle the truth.

  39. 49

    I just took another dump and the only thing I had to wipe @Toomers drug store was a crumpled up version of the Auburn Creed. I asked the manager where the toilet paper was and he told me after the Oaks died, they cancelled their contracts with P&G and other paper product companies. He said a lot of the football players just use the AU creed to wipe their asses on when they need to go! Some respect!

  40. 51

    BamaBrownNose, thats what I call a waste of typing there son. I believe you are obsessed with me. Everything you wrote is a joke. As far as the trees go, when they die, they die. Unlike some of you, I accept change and deal with it. Less drama that way. I am also aware we lose a lot of starters nor am I saying we will return to Atlanta this year. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll just sit back and watch you salivate all over yourself over every hack bloggers “Breaking News”. It has been, and continues to be, so much fun.

  41. 52

    FBJ, I just reply to your pompous ass. Everything I have written is the truth that you fail to recognize. Sorry you are so stupid, I should know better than to argue with an idiot troll. Get ready for the beatdowns coming this season, because we all know you will disappear when you realize that we were right and you were so wrong.

  42. 53

    All Truths? LMAO. Brandy, you are just a hack who responds to anything without knowing a damn thing. And for the record peter puffer, I’m not going anywhere. You better hope we are lousy this coming season. I’m not sure which is better, getting out coached and blowing a 24 point lead in your own house, or getting your asses handed to you by a down squad on the plains. Should be an interesting couple of months, as usual.

  43. 54

    Stay classy and in denial FBJ. Thats what you do best. That first loss is gonna sting ya. And blowing the 24 point lead says more about Bamas lack of depth last year than Auburns semi-pro team being very good. One player made the difference for Auburn, and now he is gone. Bama is loaded this season, and Auburn is the team having to rebuild after a championship. I will bet whatever amount that you want that Auburn can’t follow up better than 10-3. It will be closer to 3-10, wait and see. And Auburn being in trouble is a real possibility, and Auburn can’t afford to have any (more) setbacks at this point if they plan on hanging with Bama.

  44. 55

    Lack of depth? How many top classes have you had the past few years, and you still don’t have any depth? A loss won’t sting me. I get up and on with my life win or lose. I don’t let a game dictate my actions. However, if you want to bet on that 3-10 record, I’m in brother. How much?

  45. 56

    Yes FBJ, Bama had to deal with injuries to 13 starters throughout the season, and some of that young talent got thrown into the fire early. It will help them for this year for sure, but it did cause some instability throughout the season last year. Still, 10-3 aint bad. Sorry you can’t see the facts as they are. I am not complaining about Bamas season at all.

    But you don’t listen (or read) very well. I said Auburn would not do better than 10-3, probably closer to 3-10 than 10-3. That means 4-9, 5-8 possibly, maybe 6-7 and so on. My point is that losing 18 starters will affect Auburn to the point of not having a winning season next year. But like most Auburn fans, you see what you want to see, and hear what you want to hear. The bet is Auburn won’t do better than 10-3. Go back and read again, brother. If you want to take that bet, I will gladly take your money. I just forget sometimes that I am talking to someone who can’t understand the facts very well, so I have to explain things very slowly to you.

  46. 57

    Thats right FBJ. I didn’t think so. If you have a shred of intelligence, simple logic says Auburn will be struggling a bit next season while they rebuild. And a lot of negative publicity that keeps on coming is knocking the shine right off of that trophy. The fall of Auburn is going to be long and painful for you guys to watch.

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