Gators slap Bama back into reality

Well, it was a fun run while it lasted.

The University of Alabama basketball team did its best impression of the Michigan State Spartans last bowl season and got their you-know-what’s handed to them in Gainsville.

Luckily, not everyone has ESPNU and didn’t see it. Let’s hope the NCAA Tournament Committee doesn’t have it either.

The Tide and No. 14 Gators were deadlocked at 30 at the half, but that would quickly change as Florida would sprint out to an eleven point lead and never look back.

“They came out with great energy in the second half, got some shots to fall and it kind of snowballed on us from there,” UA head coach Anthony Grant said.

If by snowball Grant meant avalanche, he was dead on.

Bama’s lack of a perimeter shooter was never so apparent than on this night; Ray Charles would’ve had a similar shooting percentage beyond the arc.

Bama was 1 of 8 from three-point land, Releford having the lone success. But perhaps a better story is why they attempted eight in the first place.

We are talking division 1 basketball, and the Crimson Tide attempted only 8 three’s in a make-shift conference regular season championship game…most of which came late when they were trying to catch up.

By comparison, the Gators were 8 for 21 behind the arc, meaning, 21 times they felt they had a legitimate shot at a three-pointer. How Alabama has won 19 games without the ability to shoot is as amazing as it is depressing.

With the 78-51 trampling, Bama drops to 19-10 overall, and still a respectable 11-4 in league play. But its dance ticket was severely damaged with the loss, the West’s collective RPI a staggering 128 (compared to 31 in the East).

It may take a win over Georgia Saturday coupled with a stout run in the SEC Tournament the following week to make the Tournament. That and a committee who elected to watch their DVR recording of the Bachelor in favor of this beating.

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