REPORT: Alabama doesn’t own Fox Sports

After vigorous investigation this morning, has concluded that the University of Alabama neither owns nor is affiliated in any way legally or professionally with Fox Sports television.

Therefore, the University of Alabama is not liable for what Fox Sports decided to air during their coverage of Saturday’s Alabama-Arkansas game.

Saturday night, during the broadcast, Fox Sports television briefly showed Alabama head coach Nick Saban seated with Barry Sanders and his son, a 2012 running back prospect for the Tide.

Saban was shown on the jumbo tron at the game, but as a tight shot, with no one else in view.

“Our compliance office is aware of this claim and has looked into it. Based on that inquiry, it was determined that no violation was committed,” said UA spokesperson Doug Walker.

NCAA rules prohibit institutions from introducing visiting prospects at functions attended by the media or the public. Therefore Alabama would only be liable if University owned and operated production equipment was used to display their image together on the University owned and operated jumbo tron at the game.

Since that didn’t happen, we can safely get back to hugging trees and determining the reason the University of Arkansas won’t touch the highest profile recruits from their state.

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  1. 3
    Indiana Vol

    ITK quoting NCAA rules, that is a laugh!

    ITK, where were you and your “NCAA quoting” when Bammer was buying players in Memphis????

  2. 4
    Fulmer's Used Douche

    Just like a Vol Fan to bring something that’s over 10 years old up because you are so butt hurt about being the laughing stock of the SEC. Even Vandy is better respected than you clowns.

  3. 9
    Indiana Vol Touches Boys

    Why don’t you just go worry about why Tennessee is the armpit of the SEC rather than show up here and prove to everyone how completely ignorant you are?

  4. 10
    Indiana Vol

    armpit of the SEC decribes Bammer and its followers to a “T”!!

    Bammer MORON Nation motto:


    What a lame excuse for a human you are!

  5. 11
    Indiana Vol


    No detective work needed where Bammer is concerned; whre there is smoke, thre is fire and Bammer is a HABITUAL CHEATER!!

    It’s only a matter of time before Bammer cheats again!!

  6. 12
    Indiana Vol Loves it up the butt

    You are the Moron “Indiana Vol”. Don’t you have your own violations to be worried about? Now go back and tell Vince’s son to stop contacting recruits on facebook.

  7. 13

    The Alabama-Arkansas basketball game was shown on a Fox Sports television broadcast, and the Crimson Tide’s video board showed Sanders and Alabama football coach Nick Saban together. Did you not see the FOX broadcast?

  8. 17
    RTR says my walmart shirt!

    Alabama would never cheat!!!!!!!!!!!! Auburn sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cam Newton is a SCAM!!!!! Auburn sucks!!! Talk more about Auburn!!! Auburn cheats!!! That is how we blew a 24 points lead because they cheated!!! Auburn sucks!!! Roll Tide!!! (poison Toomers)

  9. 19

    Please Lord Please!
    Let it be true! Let Saban get caught breaking the rules.
    And please overlook any accidental violations at AU.

  10. 22

    Sorry “Violated”, but wrong.

    Contrary to what you believe, the Fox Sports broadcast wasn’t streamed all night long to Bama’s video board.

    They kind of have two different source feeds for video. LOL

  11. 25
    Indiana Vol

    “Don’t you have your own violations to be worried about? Now go back and tell Vince’s son to stop contacting recruits on facebook.”

    Yet another glaring example of what makes up the BAMMER MORON NATION!!

  12. 26
    Indiana Vol is a pedo

    You come to an Alabama Blog Site and accuse someone Here of being a moron? That is rich. About as delusional as the barners. You’re orange buttcrack of a school is screwed thanks to ol Brucie, Dooley and Kiffin. Go home and finger your sister.

  13. 28

    Sorry ITK, I watched the game on Fox, and Fox showed the Video Board with the image of Saban and Sanders and Sanders. It doesn’t matter who owns FOX or who has what video feed Fox broadcasts. The big screen that is not controlled by Fox but by the University of Alabama is the feed that showed Saban and Sanders. Their image should have NEVER been on the big screen. We will see what happens now.

  14. 30
    Bama Great AU sucks

    so what about the feed the rule is introduced no introduction and it is pizzy anty crap at worst…

    17 players at least on au’s team paid with unmarked atm cards and rigged bingo machines

  15. 31
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Keep messing with T Boone Pickens and you will get the horns, Mullets. PBB Jr cannot save you from him, too powerful.

    Keep going after Barry Sanders, Jr. That is a timebomb waiting to go off. Little Nicky will learn the meaning of what happens when a billionaire does not like you and digs up all those skeletons in the closet.

    Whether you cheated or not, guess what you still are on probation, ITK (In the Keyster).

    BLOW TIDE, Losers with a capital L

  16. 32
    Bama Great AU sucks

    t boone pickens understands the greatness of the crimnson tide…

    they got a name for the winners in the world they call alabama the crimson tide
    utube it

    only a major violator gives a ratz azz about pizzy anty probations

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