State Media Accountability: Don Kausler, Jr.

Usually, when you see the above title, this is where we expose our state mediots for their orange and blue slanted journalism.

However, today we take the rare occasion to congratulate the Birmingham News’ Don Kausler, Jr. on his “Hot Corner” piece: “On oversigning recruits, Alabama’s Nick Saban deserves to be cut some slack”

Within it Kausler rightly explains that Alabama head coach Nick Saban operates within the rules and doesn’t do anything illegal, so therefore the flack he takes on the subject of over signing is unwarranted. In truth, it’s downright lazy journalism to suggest it.

Speaking of lazy…

This piece could be in response to Kausler’s no-talent, hack co-worker Kevin Scarbinsky whining about Nick Saban not disclosing the number of players he has on scholarship. Scarbinsky is to writing as Rosanne Barr is to acting. How either found themselves employed in their profession is a miracle…I mean five loaves and two fish kind of miraculous.

Kausler is not Charles Goldberg. He doesn’t take the media release from the athletic department straight off the fax and rearrange the words for an article. He is a journalist, an objective observer not simply putting on the party hat to sing the company line.

So for Kausler to defend Coach Saban on anything speaks volumes.

There are reasons Saban takes hits from media critics, but seeing how years ago he wrote them off as not-to-be-trusted morons looking to contort the facts for a good story, I join him in not caring what they say.

There are also reasons why the media is so critical of Alabama’s athletic department. To its own fault, it is the least accommodating of any of the institutions in the state. Unlike Auburn, it doesn’t pander to media personnel, leaving them warm cookies to find at weekly press conferences. Alabama’s philosophy is: “We are Alabama, and we’ll operate however we want. If you want to stand close by (for as long as we decide) you may find a crumb or two for your stupid story.”

Therefore, there’s no wonder a slant in one direction over the other has emerged over time, especially when you have snot-nosed “reporters” on the job who think they are celebrities at best, entitled at worst.

But in short, great job by a good journalist. I still won’t buy a Birmingham News though.

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