What is up with Cyrus Kouandjio?

The wild swings of signing day

ESPNU televised Cyrus Kouandjio’s announcement of his intention to sign with Auburn. It was a dramatic moment as the young football player appeared nervous and happy to reach the moment of decision.

That settled the matter.



Internet chatter began about 12:15 p.m. central time that the coveted left tackle prospect had not yet signed with Auburn and the issue was not settled. Was Cyrus Kouandjio still in play?

The dramatic swing was first reported on twitter, and the message board explosion was a something to behold. Fans of one school went from happy to frantic; fans of the other school went from bummed to hopeful.

I think this is all a God Thing™. It is obviously the plan of the almighty to twist the knife into the back of Alabama fans and extend their misery. We all know God is on Auburn’s side—Gene Chizik has told us that, and Gene Chizik is God’s profit, errr prophet. So, Auburn fans should relax. Alabama fans should worry. God has chosen sides in college football.