What is up with Cyrus Kouandjio?

The wild swings of signing day

ESPNU televised Cyrus Kouandjio’s announcement of his intention to sign with Auburn. It was a dramatic moment as the young football player appeared nervous and happy to reach the moment of decision.

That settled the matter.



Internet chatter began about 12:15 p.m. central time that the coveted left tackle prospect had not yet signed with Auburn and the issue was not settled. Was Cyrus Kouandjio still in play?

The dramatic swing was first reported on twitter, and the message board explosion was a something to behold. Fans of one school went from happy to frantic; fans of the other school went from bummed to hopeful.

I think this is all a God Thing™. It is obviously the plan of the almighty to twist the knife into the back of Alabama fans and extend their misery. We all know God is on Auburn’s side—Gene Chizik has told us that, and Gene Chizik is God’s profit, errr prophet. So, Auburn fans should relax. Alabama fans should worry. God has chosen sides in college football.


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    You guys want to talk about smoke all the time… This would be two instances were players have indicated they want to go to Auburn, but someone else convinces them they have to go to bama. I wonder why these coaches and parents are so invested in their kids going to bama.

  2. 4

    Kind of like how that piece of crap Cecil Newton was slave tradin’ his son?

    We KNOW Cecil Newton was a freaking cheater who told his son to go to Auburn. That makes so much smoke you can’t see anything else.

    You know your team cheated. Just man up and admit it.

    But go ahead, accuse other people of cheating. It won’t make you or your school any less a piece of shit.

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    Update …

    Andrew Bone..
    Well guys I just spoke with Kristen. She said she does not expect Cyrus to sign his letter of intent today. He told her after the announcement he has “big doubts” about his decision and feels like he made the wrong choice.

    “feels like he made the wrong choice.” I could have told him that.

    That must sting a little AU…

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    She works for Fox Sports and has been following Cyrus recruting process. Apparently, she has more access to him than the other media members.

  7. 10

    Calloway and now Cyrus? Man, the Aubies are hating on us now! LOL

    BTW, where are all the Aubie? Here, kitty, kitty….

  8. 13

    agreed where there is smoke there is fire good parents hate au…

    asterisk u gives way to DECOMMIT U

  9. 15

    He may eventually sign with AU…

    But, now I’m sorta doubting that.

    Either way, its fun watching the Aubies get their panties in a wad !

  10. 16

    Like Cams dad didn’t ‘persuade’ his son in going to Auburn. With Calloway, maybe he realized Saban was being honest about his future, and Auburn was blowing smoke up his a$$. Who knows? Not me, and especially not any of you ignorant AU fans posting here.

    But congratulations to BOTH schools for having outstanding recruiting classes. Should be an interesting few years, but I think Bama still looks better in the near future than Auburn after losing 18 starters.

  11. 18

    From RBR..

    from helenatider on BOL…
    a guy that has connections in the bama offices Looks like he will take 24-48 hours to think about it and not make a big deal afterward but I 100% expect Bama to get his LOI soon. Just what I am hearing. The family was slack-jawed when he said Auburn. He has been told so much stuff by AU about Bama and our depth chart and they have made a ton of grandiose promises to him. He was Bama right up till the end…him saying AU sent off some red flags to his family.

  12. 20

    per insider via cyrus himself cyrus did not talk to bro or parents and (i kid u not) went with what ever pops out system

  13. 21

    Whoever gets this kid is getting one helluva football player. We all get caught up in this rivalry, And recruiting rankings. We forget these are still kids, And NONE of us know what they go through when it comes down to a decision that shapes the rest of their life. Then throw in all of the family members trying to push them in diff directions.. Good luck to BC at bama, and the same to CK if he chooses to take the same path.

  14. 22
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    But but but Auburn’s going on probation because I know this for fact because I’m some guy that googles football and I know everything that is going on!!! I love Alabama fans that’s why I googled this shitty website so I could talk shit to you dumbass fans that call the radio show and care more about Auburn then Alabama.

  15. 23

    Everybody knows AU isn’t going on probation because God is on Auburn’s side. He won’t allow it because God loves football that much and thinks everyone else is some type of heathen. I’m so glad your coach has explained the true faith to me. It isn’t about Jesus Christ, but Auburn football.

  16. 24

    24, dude, it is a shame that you are breathing up Bama fans good air. Props for Auburn getting a good class. Too bad the Auburn fanbase is populated by people like you with your inferiority complex. I don’t hate Auburn, just their dumbass fans. If Bama didn’t get under your skin so much, you wouldn’t even be here. I could care less what some Auburn site says about Bama, much less try and argue with the ignorance that permeates those sites. Why do you care? Because Bama is on YOUR mind.

  17. 25
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Btw number 1 and 3 OT, number 1 Center, number 2 guard. Reminds me a lot of the line that just graduated. ESPN still has us Number two Cannot beat us on or off the field WAR DAMN DYNASTY!

  18. 27

    Did you say #1 OT!!!!????

    I guess you haven’t heard the news!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG, you still think Cyrus K signed with AU !!!!!!!

    24, you just made my day. If I was you, I would check some current news. Then please, oh please, come back to this site and post…if you have the balls.

  19. 28

    Dynasty? Ha! Dude that Cammy Cam juice bottle you have been drinking on has been empty for a few weeks. I think 334 pissed in it and you can’t tell the difference. But anyways, can’t wait to watch the Chosen Team’s season next year. It will be like ‘Dynasty’, the soap opera. You think Auburn is the only team that has a top class? Aren’t you forgetting that big brother has been doing this for several years now? Your one class does not match the 4 that Bama has, and I understand that in Auburn math it somehow does. Check out Bama’s experienced and veteran O-line if you want to see what a road grating O-line will look like this coming season. I can’t wait until the iron bowl rematch. It’s coming, and you don’t have Cam coming back. Who is going to take his place?

  20. 29
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Yeah I saw that O-line get raped in the Iron Bowl I have to say I wasn’t to impressed. I also cant wait to see Alabama embarrass themselves on national tv in Auburn again this year! 24-0 = national tv embarrassment and 2010 BCS National Championship =) Face it you cant beat us on or off the field
    1 Auburn 25 SEC 4784 12 13 3.80 1
    2 Florida State 28 ACC 4596 14 14 3.71 2
    3 Ohio State 24 Big Ten 4403 10 13 3.71 3
    4 USC 30 Pac-12 4388 13 14 3.40 4
    5 Texas 22 Big 12 4355 12 10 3.86 5
    6 Georgia 25 SEC 4123 11 13 3.52 6
    7 Alabama 22 SEC 3936 9 13 3.77 7
    8 Notre Dame 23 Indep 3906 10 12 3.61 8
    9 LSU 23 SEC 3848 12 10 3.61 9
    10 Tennessee 27 SEC 3498 14 13 3.33 10

  21. 30
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Oh my bad I forgot that kid just signed with Bama right? Oh wait he didn’t guess you look like a dumb ass right now.

  22. 32
    24 points leads aren't what they use to be

    Oh and Bama Brando you are on an Auburn site just check out what all of the articles are all about dumb ass. 10 bucks says you didn’t go to Alabama any takers?

  23. 34

    Amazing Florida wins the BCS title, Florida wins in recruiting, Bam (13 depending on WHO’S counting) wins BCS title, AUBURN UNIVERSITY finishes ahead of them in recruiting and WINS THE BCS TITLE. Now, the day people should be praising Bam’s BCS title class, we blog about a player. AUBURN UNIVERSITY is not a ONE COACH, ONE PLAYER college, but WINNING it ON THE FIELD. WAR DAMN EAGLE!

  24. 35

    13 you’re a stupid Son Of A Beotch! Last year you finished 1 spot ahead of Bama in one poll and that was only after a 5* changed to California to play with his brother the day before signing. We kicked your ass in 3 other polls. In other words you didn’t beat Bama in shite, dumbass! And unless you’re so retarded that you think your baby sister is your girlfriend, then by now you know we kicked your arse even worse yesterday and it will get worse than that when CK and Clowney sign with us later! Phuckoff asshole! RTR!

  25. 36

    Struck a nerve, huh? Crimsonite did you say, AUBURN didn’t beat Beat in shite? Does your calendar still have the month of November on it, if so…revisit 11/26. Get caught up with all the rankings, numbers, or whatever, but remember 3 things about AUBURN…
    1. You don’t have to think you are the best team in the nation…but just the best team in the STADIUM!
    2. It doesn’t take but 60 minutes to beat BAM…THAT’S ALL!!!
    3. Seeing is believing…

  26. 37

    yup most kids weak want the money and women …good parents hell no – not au that skank cheats corrupt pos’s – i raised u to have class c’mon son get ur head out ur azz u belong at bama

  27. 39

    I think its funny how the Aub’s talk about winning on the field.

    Where is all that “moral victory” talk I heard about the previous year?

    It’s also hilarious how they call a 1 pt win an “ass whipping”. 36-0 is an ass whipping. See the difference? For all you Aub’s, it was on Blue’s Clues last week….

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